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Dinosaur Hunting in Dyscarr Wood

Dinosaur Hunting in Dyscarr Woods!

This week the foundation children went on a dinosaur hunt.  They put on their backpacks filled with the necessary equipment: magnifying glass, binoculars, and a notepad and pen. We were a bit worried, but Oliver reassured Mrs Fenton and told her not to worry because he would look after her..ok after                                                                                                           

When we entered the woods we discovered a huge dinosaur footprint! Miss Frisby checked it with her magnifying glass and it had 3 toes! Next, we found a huge egg nestled in the leaves and branches—we looked for the mummy dinosaur, but we could not find her. We carried on and  saw some poo like the one we found in foundation. Finally, we found the dinosaur asleep in the trees!  When Lente saw it she said, “I’m going back to school now!” Brooke Leigh made lots of notes about what we saw: she had written ‘river’, dinosaur’ and ‘tree fallen down’.  Archie and Tyler were quite worried that Mrs Stacey had been eaten by the dinosaur because she went missing for a while. However, she appeared from out of the wood all safe and sound.  What a fantastic adventure we had!