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Allez Langold - Le Tour de Langold

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Allez, Langold !


There has been a strong Gallic feel around school this week. We started with Le Tour de Langold which saw KS1 and KS2 children cycle around the gruelling course which took our cyclists past many landmarks, including the Yorkshire Dales, Langold Chip Shop, Big Ben, across La Manche (the English Channel—at the school field gate), into the green pastures of France and past La Tour Eiffel. All the landmarks (painted by our talented Year 6) added to the atmosphere. Mrs Wendon was the stylish trail-blazer of the course (her only worry—would her non-lycra outfit stand up to the course!). The rest of the ‘year peletons’ followed enthusiastically, cheered on and encouraged by a very vociferous crowd chanting Allez! Allez! Allez! Well done to everyone. We saw  lots of good sportsmanship, determination and resilience! Fantastique!! FSU also held their own exciting Tour de Langold. As in the Le Tour de France, our outstanding cyclists were awarded with their Maillot Jaune.