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Allan the Alien

Extra Terrestrial Communications with ‘Allan the Alien’!

Year 2 extend Langold Dyscarr’s ‘Hand of Friendship’ across space.

Year 2 have had a magical ‘out-of-this-world’ experience this week! Firstly they discovered that the evil Voldermort had stolen their Spell Book. However, their friendly alien pen-pal, Allan, has paid them a secret visit and is trying to help them.  In return Year 2 have tried to teach Allan how to make a sandwich.  Alexis  telephoned  him with the  instructions, using imperative verbs and time connectives, on how to make a sandwich.  The telephone line connection was remarkably clear! Allan said he would  go back to Zogg and follow the very clear instructions on how to make a sandwich.  However, he said he did not like coleslaw and would not include it in his sandwich.  Did you know aliens don’t like coleslaw?                                                                                                                             Year 2 have been so inspired to talk and write about their telephone call to Allan and are producing some fantastic work.  Watch this space for more news from ‘Allan the Alien’.