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A taste of India

A Taste ofIndia—     Year 3


Year 3 have been using many skills across the curriculum in their topic on India.  They have performed and filmed ‘Jollywood’: Bollywood dancing, in costume.  In science they have made shadow puppets whilst studying light and shadow; they studied the story of Rama and Sita (Diwali) in RE and made some beautiful clay lamps in art; they used their numeracy skills to use nets to make 3D shapes and boxes for their lamps.  In literacy they were able to use their fantastic note-taking when writing up non-fiction and finally, in geography, they located India on the map and compared every day life in India with theirs. We love to explore the world through our learning.

On Wednesday afternoon, Year 3 parents and carers were invited to come and sample a flavour of their children’s work, at the same time being entertained with the shadow puppets and ‘Jollywood’ dancing. They arrived at the departure lounge where they were greeted and given their boarding tickets by our ‘Indian hostesses’ who escorted them to board the Jumbo jet. The pilots, Jonas and Tyler, introduced themselves to the passengers and the air hostesses completed a safety talk. There were 2  in-flight films, Jollywood dancing and a puppet show of Rama and Sita. Parents and carers were able to buy items from the duty-free trolley, poppadum and mango chutney and their child’s Diwali lamps. Of course, everyone was encouraged to join in