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“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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F1 - Enjoying the Sunshine

F1 - Enjoying the Sunshine

This week, we walked into the woods covered in sun cream and wearing our hats because the weather was beautiful and not only were we going to enjoy the sunshine but we had another treat lined up! It was a celebration Tree-mendous Tuesday and we were having a picnic and parachute games in the farmer’s field.

Our friends had all brought lots of tasty food including smelly egg sandwiches, cakes baked by Sienna-Rose, tuna sandwiches (his favourite) from Mitchell and blueberries from Kayden as well as lots of crisps and biscuits that will keep us going for weeks.

We walked up to the farmer’s field spotting monsters, The Gruffalo and hearing the Big Bad Wolf lurking in the trees but we weren’t scared because we know it’s only in our imagination. Jack could even see sharks swimming in the long grass! Be careful next time you are there!

Mrs Fenton led the parachute game and there was lots of singing too and you know what? It didn’t scare the sunshine away! We sat on our picnic mats and tucked into our delicious food enjoying lots of lovely conversations with our friends about our pets, families and where we are going on holiday!

It was indeed a very Treemendous Tuesday. Well, aren’t they always?!