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F1 - Amazing Experience at Perlethorpe

F1 -  Amazing Experience at Perlethorpe

What an amazing experience we had on our trip to Perlethorpe Education Centre where we learnt about the Christmas story and made Christmas crafts. When we arrived, we ate our fruit and drank our milk to prepare us for the adventure that was about to unfold in which we were to be the stars of the show!

Evie was chosen to be the donkey and had to lead Mary (Poppy) and Joseph (Jacob) to Bethlehem where they had to be counted. It took us weeks to get to Bethlehem and on the way we encountered some grumpy Roman soldiers (Dylan and Kayden) who made us pay our taxes and say our names. If we forgot to say our names, they got very cross!

We needed to find somewhere for Mary and Joseph to stay because her baby was due to be born, but every inn was full. Eventually, we met a very grumpy inn keeper who let us stay in the stable that was at the back of his inn. There were lots of animals in there too and that is where baby Jesus was born. Shepherds and Kings came to visit bearing gifts, which was very kind and F1, who were dressed as the characters, even sang a song from their Nativity ‘Whoops–A-Daisy-Angel’. We had a fabulous time and the children were great at saying their lines. Keith the education officer was so funny and kept all the children and adults thoroughly engaged and entertained. After all our hard work, we headed back to have lunch. In the afternoon, we made Christmas crafts out of pine cones and we used our creative juices to transform them into Christmas trees, snowmen and even fairies. We are so talented!

Thank you to all our helpers who were enthusiastic and eager to be involved.  Miss Frisby will write your name down for the next trip!

In other news, we had a very muddylicious Tree-mendous Tuesday when we got mud on our wellies, trousers and tights and even on Dylan’s hands as he fell in it! We loved squelching in all the muddy puddles and then attempting to clean (not very well!) our boots in the long grass and puddles. We also had a job to do which was to collect foliage, to make a leaf wreath. We are such busy bees and the fun isn’t over as we still have two Christmas parties to attend and a bird feeder to make. We will be ready for a holiday!