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F2 - Pirate Fun

F2 - Pirate Fun

This has been another week of pirate fun in F2. F2 have been on the look out for pirate Scarface Billy. The children in F2 thought that they had caught a glimpse of him in the corridor so Mrs Parker went to investigate —the children kept a safe distance and promised Mrs Parker to seek help if she hadn’t returned after the count of 20. The children kept their word and rallied help when she did not return within 20 seconds. The staff were just about to send out a search party when Mrs Parker reappeared  she had only just  missed catching Scarface Billy. Four intrepid F2 children decided to investigate: Liam P, Archie, Riley P and Amber-Jade set off to look for clues and Liam confidently  interviewed some Year 4 children who were able to give us a description - Miss Lynam said she had heard pirate talk, too!!! Argh!!!!!!! We didn’t quite catch up with him, but the children did find an empty jelly pot which we thought he had left behind. We also left a letter for him at the office. Just before home time Mrs Hewlett delivered a letter from the pirate thanking us for clearing up after him! Perhaps he was looking for treasure. To help him F2 made some super treasure maps with an X Marks the Spot. We think he might sneak in and follow some of the maps. We are going to keep our eyes peeled!

On Thursday we had great fun building dens, using our problem solving skills and at the same time raising money for children less fortunate than ourselves. We have some super builders! Mrs P made some delicious hot chocolate to revive us after our hard work. In the afternoon we continued our pirate theme by making some pirate flags and some ship’s biscuits decorated with a chocolate X Marks the Spot—they were  yummy! We also had yummy pirate snacks and more hot chocolate, with marshmallows, to complete our pirate day. Wow!