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Year 6 - Creative Kennings

Year 6 - Creative Kennings

Year 6 have been very creative this week in literacy. They have taken on the task of writing a Kenning poem.                            

“A Kenning is a two word phrase describing an object often using a metaphor. A Kennings poem is a riddle made up of several lines of kennings to describe something or someone. A Kennings poem consists of several stanzas of two describing words. It can be made up of any number of Kennings.”

Year 6 have written some beautiful Kennings. Here are just three examples from Grace and Christian:


A Firework

A beautiful sparkling spectrum glowing in the night sky.

Unbelievable explosions.

Ear deafner. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Ground vibrator. A face warmer.

A flame shooter.

A colour exploder.

A sparkling illuminator.            Grace Todd



A sky glider.                                                              

A morning sleeper.                                                   

A human hater.                                                     

A night lover.                                                                                        

A dark disguiser.                                                         

A shadow flyer.               Christian Lescombe



Cheese lover.                                                           

Cat hater.                                                                                 

Prey hunter.                                                          

Elephant scarer.                                                                       

Wall hider.                          Christian Lescombe