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World Book Day March 6th 2014


 An Amazing Day of BOOK activities!


Last week we had a super World Book day when we worked on wolf activities all day in KS1 and KS2.  At lunchtime, children who had brought a book to swap chose a ‘new’ book from the swap table to take home to read. 

‘The Wolves in the Walls’, by Neil Gaiman, provided so much inspiration throughout the school! The activities included: Year 1 making pig puppets, story masks and using brilliant adjectives to describe the wolves; Year 2 went on a ‘wolf’ walk, making a clay wolf head with things collected on the walk; Year 3 used their letter writing skills to inform their grandparents of the wolves in the walls and in the afternoon they also read a story in French about a werewolf and enjoyed acting it out, including howling at the moon; Year 4 made some fantastic wolf masks; Year 5 used co-ordinates to design a game where they could hide and then attempt to find the wolves; Year 6 listened to the story, made notes and then summarised it and used this to develop the concept of ‘fear of the unknown’ and produce some ‘power statements’ and  FSU read Little Red Riding Hood. Wow!