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Rio, Our Sponsor Puppy, Inspire Year/34

Rio, Our Sponsor Puppy, Inspires Year 3/4

Mrs Bellingham has kindly sponsored a guide dog for class 3/4A. His name is Rio and he is a golden Labrador. We have received our latest update from him.                                                                         Julia is the name of his puppy walker. Rio is the first puppy that Julia has puppy walked, and they've been hard at work learning all the basics together. "Rio has already learnt 'sit', 'stay', 'down' and 'wait' which he picked up really quickly," Julia explained. This is fantastic! Rio will have lots of commands to learn as he trains to become a guide dog, so seeing that he's a fast learner is a really positive sign.   Please look on our class blog to read what adventures our teddy, ‘Rio the blogging dog’, has been up to with our ‘Stars of the Week’. Rio would love you to leave a comment!