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Never Too Old To Play

              Never Too Old To Play!                                        This week we have been working with Bassetlaw Play Forum on the 'Never Too Old To Play' project.
12 eager children took part, in the first challenge of 3, to become play ambassadors.
As part of the project, play workers came to school at lunchtime to work with selected children to complete these exciting challenges. They then have to share these with their friends. There are 3 levels to complete and star pin badges and certificates are to be awarded.
Seth and Finley had already taught three of their friends how to play the

'cat's cradle' game in which you use string to weave patterns representing familiar objects. Cat's cradle is an ancient form of amusement originating from Asia. It is still played all over the world today. And by the end of lunch their friends could also do the 'cradle' and the 'candle'! Why not have a go at home?