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Good behaviour management always stems from secure and positive relationships.

Good behaviour management always stems from secure and positive relationships.

…so says the first line of our new behaviour policy. This policy is the foundation of all we seek to achieve and as such has received an extensive and thorough review. The policy is now available on the website to read but I thought I’d pull out some key bits here for everyone.

The school’s Golden Values are the bedrock of the policy and everything is geared towards helping our children live by them. Rewards and sanctions are employed to support this. The rewards include lollipop sticks, Golden Time, Marvellous Me, Special Mentions assembly and Always certificates. Sanctions include being given towers.

Children have the opportunity to collect lollipop sticks in class for good behaviour. These can be exchanged for prizes for themselves or added to the class pot for a bigger joint prize! Always certificates will be awarded every half-term for those children who have received no towers in that half-term. To be an Always child also includes such things as completing homework and reading, as well as wearing proper school uniform so the children really need your support in this too. If you haven’t yet signed up to Marvellous Me, please do as it’s a great opportunity to receive praise for your child for the positive things they do in school.

Towers of five multi-link cubes are given to individuals as a result of poorer behaviour. The giving of the tower is the warning and opportunity to reflect on and improve their behaviour. If poor behaviour continues then cubes start to be removed. Each cube means a loss of five minutes from that week’s Golden Time, as represented on the weather charts in the classrooms (Early Years children just have the weather charts but it’s the same system). Further cube loss will mean having to work in another class or elsewhere for a period of time. If a child loses all of their Golden Time in a week, a meeting with parents/carers will be requested to look at how we can improve the situation.

I appreciate that this is a lot of information but managing behaviour is a complex thing and it’s impossible to cover every eventuality in such a document. We have sought to keep the policy as simple as possible. We really appreciate the support we are given in this matter and if you do have any questions, please feel free to speak to a member of staff.

Mr Andy Pullin