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F2 - Where’s Our Popcorn Mystery?

F2 - Where’s Our Popcorn Mystery? 

F2 turned detectives on Thursday afternoon and  attempted to solve the mystery of the missing popcorn! F2 have been enjoying their own cinema in the role play area of their classroom where they used cartons of pretend popcorn for props. On Thursday afternoon the children left their cartons of popcorn on the table, intending to use them after their assembly. However, on their return the popcorn was missing!!! The children were baffled, so we decided to turn detectives. The children came up with a list of questions they could ask staff and children, using who, what, why and how questions.  Armed with clipboards, magnifying glasses and binoculars we set out to track down the culprit. We soon discovered a trail of popcorn throughout the school and the quad - whoever, or whatever, had taken the popcorn was certainly messy! The children interviewed Mrs Tomlinson, Mrs Mallaby, Mrs Hewlett, Mrs Fearnley and some Year 6 children. Many of our witnesses said they had heard a strange rustling, or had seen a shadow disappearing down the corridor, or had heard a loud bang. Some Year 6 children pointed our F2 children towards Mr Pullin’s office, convinced that they had seen someone, or something, heading in that direction… Daniella said she didn’t think it could be Mr Pullin because “he is too nice” but the trail certainly led to his office…

Gingerly, one of our brave F2 children knocked on his door - “Come in”. Who would be brave enough to go in? We decided that safety in numbers was the best option and all 32 of us piled in. Mr Pullin!!!! Caught red-handed? No - Mr Pullin was certainly surrounded by our cartons of popcorn but he had taken them only to replace them with real popcorn because he thought our children would enjoy their cinema experience more with the real thing! Daniella was right - Mr Pullin “is too nice” to take our popcorn! Mystery solved and with a huge sigh of relief, we all headed back to F2, retracing our steps and picking up the  evidence that had been dropped (taking care of our environment!). Rhianna, Daniella and Amber-Jade reported back to our witnesses, explaining very clearly, the outcome of our investigations - they wanted to put everyone’s mind at rest.

If this was not enough excitement, our F2 gymnasts have been wowing us , yet again! Seren, Nic, Daniella and Cheri all achieved their Level 8 Proficiency Certificate and Badge - how amazing is that?  We are so proud of you!

In phonics Miss Hopkinson, Mrs Parker and Mrs Neal were amazed  at how the children sorted 100 words, real and made up, into 2 groups; they could read and sort everyone correctly! Such clever children!