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F2 - Maths Whizzes!

F2 - Maths Whizzes!

Thank you to the parents who attended our maths workshop! We love talking to parents and spending time discussing your children’s successes. The efforts you put in at home reflect so much in school and in your child’s progress. There was a lot of laughter during the Maths Workshop and we were able to share lots of lovely, practical ways you can help your child at home with their maths.

We love sharing in F2 and our focus this week has been halving. We are very good at halving objects. Maybe you could play at home with folding paper in half? Experiment with different shapes - can you fold it in more than one way?

We love reading words in our red books in the mornings and practising our writing. We read real and ‘alien’ words eg lub, chet - it challenges our phonics skills and shows our ability to blend sounds.

Our beanstalk has finally been moved in to a bigger pot! We love checking it each morning and can’t wait until it is big enough for Jake to climb!