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F1 - Letter from the North Pole!

F1 -  Letter from the North Pole!

F1 received an amazing surprise this week when Miss Frisby showed them a letter that was addressed to them. Lexi-Jay said that it had a stamp on it and you know what? It had come all the way from the North Pole! Miss Frisby opened it and it was only from Mr Clause himself! We couldn’t believe it! He said that it was snowy where he lived and the elves had been really busy making and wrapping all their toys. In response to this comment, Miss Frisby was bombarded with lots of little voices shouting out, ‘I’ve been good!’ Let’s hope so! He also asked us to leave some carrots or apples out for the reindeers that have a very strenuous job of pulling the sleigh through the night sky. I’m sure you will all remember Santa asked us to write our Christmas lists so he knew what we would like. There were lots of suggestions including some requests for bikes, dolls and a couple of Doggy doo games! Lovely!

This week’s job is to write our lists and send them in the post box in Langold to reach Santa in plenty of time!

Our continuous provision has a very Christmassy theme but we had challenges too, because Miss Frisby likes to make us work! In the water we had to fish for Christmas baubles, count them and match the amount to a numeral that was also hidden in the glittery water! The home corner was a very Christmassy place to live with a little tree, stockings and lots of costumes to dress up in. Freya loved the star costume and Joshua and Aurora dressed as Santa. In the shed was a Santa’s grotto complete with presents that were only pretend, but I wonder if they remain intact, empty or not - something all wrapped up is far too tempting to ignore!

The children also used their cutting skills to cut out lots of delights from the Christmas catalogue and stick them in a stocking but they had to put their name on too, or how else would Santa know which house to visit in Langold!

Tree-mendous Tuesday was a delicious frosty affair and our children were able to mark make in the sparkle that Jack Frost had left behind! I do hope we get some snow before we break up so we can make footprints and snow angels for everyone to see! Keep your fingers crossed!