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F1 - Fire Starter!

F1 - Fire Starter!

This week in our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventures, our friends from the Children’s Centre made a fire in their fire pit so they could pop some corn to make popcorn for the afternoon children to see, but unfortunately the heavens opened at the same time as the corn started popping so we didn’t get many completed but it was fun to see. The rape seed crop in the farmer’s field has crown taller than us now as we discovered when we sent Evie H and Dylan into the field. We couldn’t see where they were, but we could hear Dylan laughing!

The morning children made bracelets and decorated them with natural things they could find in the woods like leaves, fallen flowers and grass. They looked so beautiful and the children were very bling walking through the woods showing off their jewellery!

In our literacy lesson, we looked at what was in our Merida box and there was a figure of a lady, a boy called Jack, a cow, a giant and some magic beans. Can you guess what story we are reading this week? Well we went outside and found a beanstalk going up through some clouds and climbing down it were two huge feet belonging to a giant!! We were scared though, well maybe a little bit as Miss Frisby shouted, ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum’ in a very loud giant sounding voice!

In Suretots, we have been moving along the apparatus in different ways. We’ve travelled through the tunnel, balanced on the beam and climbed over and under the poles. Then we followed different rhythms with our tap sticks which are quite tricky, but we tried really hard and were soon getting the hang of it.

In baking on Friday, we made Easter bunny biscuits with Mrs P and she had the great idea of putting little bunny tails on with icing. They looked and tasted amazing, although no one seemed to be sharing this week! I wonder if they can bear to share this week?