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F1 - Facing the Elements - Nothing Stops Us!

F1 - Facing the Elements - Nothing Stops Us!

What a cold a muddy Tree-mendous Tuesday this week! But that didn’t stop us because we like facing the elements and we wrapped up warm in our hats and gloves and off we went. When we arrived on the Yellow Brick Road, after stamping on every mole hill we could find, we stopped and Mrs Fenton positioned us in a line of pairs. We talked about what we had been learning about last week and Avah-Mae reminded everyone that is was The Chinese New Year and our friends remembered that it was the Year of the Rooster. Although we did make rooster biscuits on Friday, by the time they went home some of our friends had a different idea of what they were. ‘A chicken’ said Rylee and ‘a cockroach’ said Dylan! The Year of the Cockroach doesn’t have quite the same ring to it!

Dragons are of course legendary animals, but they are important to Chinese people who think of dragons as helpful, friendly creatures. They are linked to good luck, long life and wisdom. They are nothing like the fierce, fire-breathing Western dragons that carry off princesses and eat people. We had made a dragon’s head in nursery and Mrs Fenton had brought it into the woods with us so we could do the dragon dance like we had seen on YouTube. The children were covered in a parachute so that they looked like the body of the dragon. It was so much fun especially when the parachute was wafted up and down, much to our children’s delight!

After all that fun we went off for a rest, a biscuit and a drink. Thanks to our parents that have donated biscuits for our Tree-mendous Tuesday snack.

We had one last job to do and it involved numbers which we are getting really good at recognising now. We made them with play dough in the week and now we had to make them with sticks! Zuzanna made a number 4 and Poppy a number 5. Then it was back to the unit to get a lovely, warm drink of hot chocolate!

Next week we are going to be making more bird feeders but with a difference! Stay tuned to find out what they look like!