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F1 - Exciting Experiences!

F1 - Exciting Experiences!

This week F1 have been outdoors lots, which suits us down to the ground, because we love to explore and have many experiences as they all help us learn new words and develop our vocabulary and give us much to talk about!

We went on a trip to Southwell which our good friends West Bassetlaw Children’s Centre funded along with donations from Southwell Minster.

We took lots of dads with us to help and some of our mummies, that love to help out too! When we got there we explored Southwell Minster and Kayden was really interested in the music playing inside. We had to look for faces situated around the Minster and Rylee was dressed up to look just like one, by Diana,  our guide who supported us on the day. We made clay faces outside in The Educational Garden and stuck lots of natural objects on them. When we had finished our masterpieces, we stuck them to the trees so they could watch us in all our other activities. These included: making pictures using ketchup, mustard and spaghetti hoops; most of it landed on our clothes! Oh well! We made perfume from petals, herbs and water- eat your heart out Chanel! Our nature pictures looked fabulous and the competition really hotted up when we started making dens. The dads were quite competitive!

It was a fabulous day filled with lots of fun. On the bus home there were many tired little people and one daddy even had 40 winks!

Our first Tree-mendous Tuesday of the school year happened on the hottest day on the year, so the woods were the best place to be, under the shade of the trees.  Logan, Annalise and Freya made friends with a slug and Delilah even stroked it! We found lots of nuts that had fallen from the trees and we had heaps of fun collecting them and counting them as we did. We saw the farmer when we were having a snack, but he didn’t stop to join in. We think he was too busy that day, but the biscuits and juice did taste good! We ambled back to school for chocolate milk on very tired legs. F1 certainly keeps us busy and fit!