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F1 - Chinese New Year!

F1 - Chinese New Year!

This week, we have been learning about the Chinese New Year, finding out about what happens when it is this time of year and the traditions that follow in China. In Merida, our chatterbox, there were lots of different clues to help us work out what we could be learning about. There was some traditional Chinese clothing that Sophie tried on, a rice bowl, some chopsticks and lots of food. Halle saw the egg fried rice and knew the food was Chinese. We got to eat lots of it and our friends were really adventurous, especially Theo and Jack who both loved it! On Friday we are making rooster biscuits because it’s the Year of the Rooster. They will only be shaped like a rooster, but the taste will be delicious, so don’t worry!

In numeracy we have been looking at numbers on a number a line and Miss Frisby and Mrs Fenton hung their clean (!) socks on the line and we had to count them and find the number to match. We have also used Numicon in our maths in another fun way. One of our friends had a Numicon shape taped onto their back and their friends on the carpet had to count the circles (some of our friends could recognise the shape without even counting!) When our friend turned around they looked at their friends on the carpet, who were holding the correct amount of fingers in the air, and they had to say the number and then check the shape to see if it was right! We have some clever children in F1!

Phonics is amazing and the children in Miss Frisby and Mrs P’s group are working on a new sound each week and they are applying it in their Tree-mendous Tuesday books and in their independent writing. Avah-Mae and Evie labelled the food on the plate with the initial sounds all by themselves! They even got to splat a sound with a fly splatter which is huge fun and stir the alphabet soup and pick out a sound, say it and match it on Miss Frisby’s board. Mrs Fenton’s group concentrated on voice sounds as well as recognising and writing their name.

What a busy week but that’s F1 for you!