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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Year 6A

Year 6/6A - The World is My Oyster

We are into our final stage of Year 6 and the children are beginning to reflect upon their experiences and their fond memories of Langold Dyscarr Community School.

As teachers, we could not be prouder of our children, they have upheld the Golden Values that are at the core of our Community School and have represented their school with pride.

The Year 6 children are about to begin the next stage of their 'journey'.

Alec M summed this up beautifully, when he wrote in his poem "The world is my oyster".

We are so proud of you all!


A new school brings:-

New year,

New friends,

New teachers,

New experiences,

New stuff to learn,

New uniform,

New books,

New challenges,

New mountains to climb,

New pen, pencils,

New tasks,

New possibilities...The world is my oyster

By Alec M

Year 6




Year 6/6A - Super Artistic Team Work

Year 6/6A have been working extremely hard on our production of Hook’s Revenge. Miss Lynam and Mrs Emery are so proud of each and every one of them; their acting skills, singing and confidence have been seen in abundance.

We can't wait to share our new skills with you and look forward to seeing you at the Village Hall on the 11th and 12th July.

If you could support your child by helping them to make or add to their costume; that would be great. We all want the children to shine and home made costumes always add that extra 'something'. Any props would also be very helpful. (If you feel that you can help, please let myself - Miss Lynam or Mrs Emery know). Thanks again to our amazing parents, grandparents and carers, we really do appreciate all of your kind help and support.

There are some children who will be away for our performance and so are not taking part in the play, but are instead making props and scenery. We recognise that these are as big a part of our production as any acting role, it is important that we recognise these children for their amazing contributions. Well done to these children.

We will be selling photographs of your child in costume before the performances - you will be able to order these on the night and they will be ready by the end of performance week.

Just take a look at some of the wonderful scenery Year6/6A have made so far:

Year 6/6A -


Education isn’t just about


School, classes and grades.


It is about knowledge


That with time, doesn’t fade.


The true essence of studying


Lies in being passionate,


It’s about a zealous urge to be


In charge of one’s own fate.


Mrs Emery is very proud of the determination and resilience you’ve shown during the count down. Remember, SATs DO NOT define you, do your best and your best is good enough.


Year 6A - Descriptive Writing

Everyone has been working really hard on their descriptive writing of the jar wizard; some of the extracts can be found here, but if you’d like to read them in their entirety and read a comment from a famous author, please visit our class blog at

In an unknown cave of darkness and gloom, a jar wizard, who was sorrowful, stood in nothing but the light of his jars (that cover him like a blanket). Aimee

Over the years he has collected many, many magical objects such as eyeballs, snot and even ocean burp which turns you blue. Codey

He is down-hearted, he tries to help people, but it always goes wrong, that’s why he has no friends. Keenan

Every time he tries to help the world, something terrible happens. He is quite lonely, only because he is unpleasant and dull. Would you like to be powerful like him? Keira B

He makes potions- one of them is fire red dragon’s blood which sets everything on fire. Abigail

The jar wizard can easily get furious, but he’s a really nice guy when you get to know him. Warren

His infuriated face glared down at me as the leather armour he wore ruffled as he stomped in my direction. The melancholy tone of his voice echoed around the dark and gloomy cave… Alex


6A’s Chocolate Hamper Raffle:

Year 6A will be selling raffle tickets to win a chocolate hamper just in time for Easter! Tickets will cost £1 per strip and will be for sale on Tuesday 28th March at play and lunch, Wednesday 29th March during play, lunch and after school and Thursday 30th play and lunch time. The winner will be drawn and contacted Thursday afternoon.



Year 6A - What a Week for Year 6A!


Since our last update, 6A have had a week of celebrations. It started last Wednesday with a class lunch cooked by Codey and Mrs Rogan. It was lovely to have all the children and several staff eat lunch together and celebrate.

Tuesday 7th of February, we celebrated Safer Internet Day. I think we’ll all agree that the internet is an amazing piece of technology, but it’s vital that ALL children know how to use it safely. We looked at the “bigger picture” and things not always being what they seem. We also investigated the meaning behind emojis.

On Wednesday, 6A celebrated their amazing work, which they have consistently been producing, by sharing it in their assembly with the rest of the school and parents and carers. I would like to take this opportunity to express how proud I am of the class and how sensible they have become with regards to their own learning.

They showed their “Laura Warhol” pictures and caravans, read stories and biographies and took part in gypsy dancing.


Well done, Year 6A! We were all impressed with your assembly and the quality of your work, and dancing!


Year 6/6A - Visit to St Luke’s Church

On Monday, the Year 6 children spent the afternoon finding Christian signs and symbols at St Luke’s church. They were fortunate to take part in an unblessed communion, have a look around and ask lots of probing questions. The highlight for many children was reading the Book of Baptisms and were overjoyed when they found their own names, or names of loved ones in the book. The children were told about the symbols that represented the body and blood of Jesus and why pictures of lambs were so important.

As always, the children were impeccably behaved throughout the afternoon and did us proud! Well done, Year 6/6A!


Year 6A - Gypsy Splendour

YEAR 6A’s very own Gypsy Splendours

After spending weeks learning about Laura Knight, the time came for year 6 to get building. To link with our “Take One Picture” campaign, the children researched traditional Romany Gypsy horse - drawn carts and the end result was incredible. During the process, the children measured, used saws, made axis and chassis.


Year 6A Research and Biographies

Using the picture “Gypsy Splendour”, the children in 6A have been researching and learning all about Derbyshire born artist, Laura Knight. The children are now in the process of drafting and editing their biographies based on this life-loving, rule breaker. Here are some examples of the children’s work so far:

It’s a very close race at the moment with only 4 points difference between the first 7 children. Keep learning those speedy tables and WELL DONE!

Year 6A  -  Angles, angles, angles everywhere!

This week, Year 6A have been learning about angles (acute, right, obtuse and reflex). The children were intrigued on Monday morning to find tape all over their tables. Little did they know that this would be their maths work for the next week. The children have found features of angles, practised measuring them and have also investigated angles of full turns, straight lines and triangles.

During their investigations, the children came across intersecting and missing angles. The children had to use the knowledge to find the missing information. All in all, the children have taken on board a huge amount of information in a fun andengaging way. Well done 6A!