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This Week in Year 4…

We have been beavering away with preparations for our independent recounts which we wrote today! We watched the final part of "The Ocean Maker" and put ourselves in the shoes of the brave pilot. Some of the language used has been sublime with similes such as:


"the plane sliced through the cloud like a knife through butter"




"the remaining pieces of water vapour were torn apart as though a pack of hyenas had struck.”


It is safe to say that the writing ability of each member of the class has shot through the roof this year and I am so proud!


We have also had a new addition to our class in the form of James Day - a very polite young man who has come to us from Prospect Hill. I think I speak for all of Year 4, as we say that he has settled extremely well since Wednesday and we welcome him officially to Team Hays!


This Week in Year 4…

It has a been a week of ups and downs this week especially in English as the class have been writing their independent explanation text on: How to look after a dog, for beginners. This was followed by Mr Hays giving them all a SPaG test to really see how much they have learned throughout the year! It is safe to say, now that they've been marked, that they have retained so much information!


In Maths we have been looking into the relationships of factor pairs and weedling out the numbers that only have themselves and 1 as a factor... I wonder if any of my class know the name of this kind of number?


During topic lessons we have discovered the delightfully cruel nature of King John in the middle ages. The children were amazed at how utterly selfish and single-minded he was. But they were equally amazed that the Magna Carta that he signed still has some uses for our society to this day!


But the highlight of the week was in their music - Brazilian Fever was much in evidence. Year 4 were given the opportunity to learn Brazilian Drumming - and boy did they enjoy it! Some of our children will be performing at the Canch on Saturday morning at 10:00am, in association with the KURB (Kindness and Understanding Beats Racism and Bullying) project. Other schools will be taking part and performing, too. Please go along and show your support, if you can. I can certainly recommend the performance!

Hayllaby’s Diner Delivers Delicious Delicacies Yet Again!

Last Friday, as a reward for earning 100 Team Hays Points, Year 4 enjoyed the best morning in school history! We managed to chow down on a range of foods from a full English breakfast to bacon and sausage sarnies! The incredible kitchen staff helped myself and Mrs Mallaby out tremendously, cooking all the food from fresh and providing excellent service! However, one of the biggest shout outs needs to go to Mrs Pridmore, who created a café vibe in the small hall through her creation of menus, table decorations and the café sign! The whole place looked spectacular and pulled in “world-class” reviews!

The main point that stood out to the members of staff who visited the café and myself, was the conversation and maturity shown by each child. We had children who are normally as quiet as mice serving others and discussing everything from what they were going to eat, to the décor! It really was an eye-opening experience that as a teacher I am desperate to repeat, partly because of the incredible writing that the morning stimulated. The class reviewed their experiences and gave different quotes to their peers, all because they wanted to share their opinions. There was a consistent buzz that transcended the whole of Friday and even into Monday by children who had never “been to a posh restaurant before”. These children loved the fact that Mrs Mallaby and I served them and referred to them as ‘sir’ and ‘madam’! But what really took the biscuit for me, was when it came round to the children serving me. I had children queuing up to call me ‘sir’ and bring me my order (making sure they all served from the right!)

Overall, I would repeat such a simple, yet effective, treat with my class time and time again. For a mere £23.20, every child ordered what they wanted, had a full stomach and had the buzz for wanting to earn more Team Hays Points in order to earn their next reward! If that doesn’t scream positive behaviour, then I honestly don’t know what will!

I can’t wait until the next reward, just to see what else we can create! Mr Hays


Year 4/4A - Fun Learning in Sherwood Forest!


Year 4 had a fantastic day at Sherwood Forest on Tuesday. We learnt lots of new (and some gruesome!) facts about the life and death of Robin Hood and about interesting events that happened in Sherwood Forest many years ago. We got the chance to hold a real sword!

As well as looking at many other artefacts, we examined bows and arrows. In the afternoon we had an amazing time den building. We had to draw on many skills such as: problem solving, listening, team work, co-operation, resilience and designing - to name a few. Our guide tested our dens by throwing water at them - as you can imagine some of us got quite wet! But we can always find ways to reflect and improve on our building and design.

It was a brilliant day full of fun learning activities. Our children were a credit to our school. Well done, Year 4!

This Week in Year 4…

This week in Year 4… We have been turning our hands to the art of script writing! Taking the story of the three little pigs and turning it into a masterpiece! In maths we have been working with fractions, from converting them to decimals through to changing mixed numbers into improper fractions!! Overall our work on Robin Hood has also gone up a gear, where we have been completing pencil sketches of the Major Oak and putting Robin's achievements into a time line to name but a few! Our trip to Sherwood Forest is next week and we cannot wait!



Sophie H made a fantastic start to her Three Little Pigs script. Take a look at a snippet of Sophie’s work:



Scene 1: On the stage are Pig 1 and Pig 2. One Pig 1 makes his house out of straw and the Pig 2 makes his house out of sticks. They start singing and dancing happily.

Pig 3 enters pushing a wheel barrow, because he is building his house out of bricks.


Pig 1: (happy) Let’s dance!


Pig 2: (cries out) Are we ready?


Pig 1: (confused) Oh yes we are!


Pig 3: (sighing) What do you think you are doing?


Pig 2 : I am dancing.


Pig 1 : Do you want to join us?


Pig 3: No thank you!


Wolf enters


Wolf : (smirking) Yum, yum! What juicy tender meals they’ll make!!                  


(Wolf sneaks up on Pig 1)…



Why not ask Year 4 if you can read some more scripts - Maybe those scripts might turn into plays?


Watch this space...



Year 4 - Super Spelling Stars