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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

This half term our topic is - Vicious Vikings!

Lots of exiting learning is going to take place this half term.

We are going to learn about who were the Vikings and where they came from.

In Art we are going to make some Viking artefacts and longboats.  

In science we will learn about Teeth and Healthy Eating.  We are planning to visit EURECA! in Halifax to learn about the Science of Sport.
Children will discover how speed, precision, stamina and balance are crucial elements for many sports and how forces can affect them. They will also learn how advances in science have changed what we wear and the impact on some of the equipment which we use. The workshop creates great links to the Tour de France, Commonwealth Games and the World Cup.


Year 3 Last few days

The end of the school year is fast approaching. To celebrate all the wonderful hard work that your child has shown this year, Y3 will be taking part in various activities next week.

Monday- Field Fun: Children will take part in various activities on the school field including a square bubble competition. And in the afternoon we will have  popcorn and a movie.

Tuesday- baking buns : decorating and eating them afterwards

Wednesday- fun day: drawing competition, building challenge, bingo and other games.

Le Tour de Langold


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Year 3 Henna Designs

Year 3 Explore Eureka

Science day fun

Ukulele practice

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I love it

Le RAP Francais

Je m’habille et...  je te croque!

Year 3 were able to read this story together in French. They read brilliantly with a fantastic French accent.  Mrs Parker, Mrs Moore and Mrs Leemand were very impressed.                        

Magnifique Classe 3!


Jollywood journey

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Polar Bear by Ruby

Year 3 Antibullying poem


Bullying is very mean

Unkind words scar my heart

Leaving me out makes me sad

Lonely people need friends

YOU can put a stop to this!


Antibullying poem

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French alphabet

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In Literacy we are working on Instructions - as part of this unit of work we have followed a recipe for Chocolate Fridge Cake and guess what? It was delicious!

Making of Chocolate Rocky Road

Using our skills of following instructions we made some 3D polar bears. Don't they look realistic?

Making of Polar Bears