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Year 3

This week we have been busy with our main topic - Early Man

The children have been sharing what they already know and looking at

evidence that tells us how early man used to live.

Here are some of our incredible cave paintings. These were created by Sam, Benjamin and Jade.


Samuel's Cave Paintin.


We have been sharing some of the amazing picture books by Michael Foreman increasing our level of understanding with the help of The Fantastic Four


Ask your children to tell you all about them.

Sammy is a particular favourite!


The highlight of last week has to be International Languages Day.

The children were able discover many exciting things about different parts of the world. They got 

 to sample foods, try on traditional costumes, create magnificent art work,

learn different styles of dance as well as to sing in many languages too - from Swahili to French.


This was a very successful and exciting day.


This week the children have been very busy doing lots and lots of lovely tests.

They have all worked extremely hard and I am very proud of their efforts

Well done year 3


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