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Year 1A



On Wednesday, Year 1 had a Highland Adventure when Alison from Caterpillar music whisked us away to explore our new topic ‘Brave’.  First we had to use our imaginations to travel to Scotland on our magic rollercoaster. We had a go at caber tossing, and some target practise, just like Princess Merida. We cast a spell, just like the witch did, and followed willow the wisps through the woods. We even created our own tapestry to mend the bond between Merida and her mother. We are really excited about our new topic, and can’t wait to start learning about the castle where Merida lives with her family.




KS1 Sports Day


The weather couldn’t dampen our spirits as we got ready to take part in our Sports Day! We had our races on the MUGA because the field was too sludgy – and what brilliant races they were! Everyone really tried their best, and had a great time.

Langold Library


We enjoyed our sunny walk to Langold library, where we shared stories together, and some of us even got to take a book home by using our library cards! Remember - Langold library is open Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 1:30-5:00 and Saturday mornings 9:30-12:30 for you to swap your books for more exciting literary adventures! We LOVE reading in Year 1!

Time Travelling at Southwell Minster


Year 1 had an amazing day at Southwell Minster – we were all in awe at such a beautiful building. We took part in lots of activities, such as talking about prayers and hearing Bible stories. We also did some dressing up – and there were some surprise celebrations! We took part in a Christening, and two members of our class even got married! A wonderful day was had by all.

Science Day


On Thursday we had a whole school science day! We began by watching an amazing science demonstration from Andy – a real life scientist! He showed us lots of fantastic chemical reactions, which included changing the colour of water, and making elephant toothpaste! It was amazing and we all loved it! Then we went back to our classroom, and carried out an investigation to find out which materials would make the best bubble wand. We tried 3 different materials, and then tested them. We found that the bottles which we cut in half made the biggest bubbles. We now have lots of prospective scientists in year 1!

Armed Forces Day

Today we celebrated Armed Forces Day by dressing in camouflage or red, white and blue, and donating to 'Help for Heroes'. We also took part in lots of brilliant activities. We started by marching, chanting and singing the National Anthem, and then we had a minute's silence to remember those who have been lost whilst serving our country. After that, we had a go on our own assault course!



Tour de Langold


To celebrate Tour de France coming to Yorkshire, we held our own Tour de Langold, where some of us brought our bikes into school and cycled a track of the school, being cheered on by our friends. We also looked at what the different coloured jerseys were for, and designed some of our own!

On the Farm

This half-term we will be learning all about farms, and how they work. We will be finding out about the Farmer’s job, and the animals that live on a farm.

We had an amazing visit to White Post Farm, where we were able to get very close to lots of different farm animals. We fed and stroked sheep, goats, chicks, geese and lamas. We even found some animals we didn’t expect to see on a farm – like meerkats, snakes and giant snails! We had a fantastic time with the animals, and learnt lots about them.


This half term, we will be learning all about China. We will be exploring the culture, and comparing it to the U.K.

Exploring China with Alison Noble


Today we had an amazing first day back finding out all about China! We travelled to China by rollercoaster, which had so many twists and turns we didn’t think we’d ever get there! When we arrived in China, we used ribbons to make patterns to Chinese music. Then we even had a go at Kung Fu and Thai Chi! We performed our very own ‘Dragon dance’ too, which was brilliant fun! Next, we built our own Great Wall of China, making it very long with lots of twists and turns. We found out some information about this too, as we walked along it. After that, we had fun with some games which included a relay race moving biscuits with chop sticks – this was tricky! Lastly, we had a go at writing our names using Chinese symbols, and Alison told us what our names mean in Chinese. What an amazing day!

A taste of China


Today we tasted some Chinese food, and we were able to vote on our favourites because everybody tried everything! Well done Year 1a! We tried spring rolls, prawn crackers, noodles, rice, bean sprouts and soda crackers. We liked noodles the best and bean sprouts the least.

World Book Day


To celebrate World Book Day, the whole school explored a book we had never read before – ‘The Wolves in the Walls’ by Neil Gaiman. It was a bit scary! We wrote our own alternate endings to the story – come and ask us what happened in OUR stories! We also created our own ‘Wolfy Words Wallpaper’ drawing wolves and writing adjectives to describe them. Using a template, we made our own pig puppets, and then decorated a wolf mask. What a brilliant book!

Reading for Pleasure

R.E. Day


Today we learnt all about Easter! First, we talked about what we thought of when we heard the word ‘Easter’, and we created a spider diagram in groups. Then we re-enacted the story of Jesus being crucified and rising from his tomb. We even had hot cross buns and blackcurrant at our own ‘Last Supper’. Then we moved around different activities which included researching ‘signs of Spring’ on the internet using laptops and iPads, and making a creative Easter card. We also had a foot washing ceremony, and discussed why Jesus washed the feet of others.

Year 1 and Year 1A Spring Detectives

Pirates and Princesses


This half term, we will be exploring the past and looking at what real Pirates were like, and how they lived their lives. We will also be using the topic of Pirates and Princesses to inspire our Literacy work.




Story Tents


Today we discovered a magical story tent, where we heard and joined in with some amazing stories!

Making It

We all had a fantastic time at the Making it Centre in Mansfield, where we investigated how ideas become reality, and the processes it takes to make products. We also made our own creations - Pirate hats, swords and eye patches, and Princess tiaras and bags!





Maths Investigation Day


Today, we had brilliant fun with lots of different maths activities. We had to apply our maths skills to solve lots of different problems. We are amazing mathematicians! Could you have solved these problems?

Read with Ted


Today we stayed after school to read with our teddy bears. We heard some amazing stories from our teachers, and shared our own stories with our teddies. They were brilliant at listening!

Pirates and Princesses Day


Ahoy me hearties! Today was our pirates and princess day – we had lots of fun! What do you think of our costumes?

Washing our hands


Do you know how to wash your hands? Year 1a do because the school nurse showed us how!

We’re going on a pirate hunt!


In our Literacy work, we have been exploring pattern and rhyme. We took a rhyme that we know really well, and added our ideas. We have also been practising our performing skills, using expression in our voices and actions too!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Silver Olympic Reading Challenge – part 1


To work towards our silver reading medals, we carefully followed a set of instructions to create our own pirate hats out of paper. Then we got creative and decorated them to make them look fantastic! How do you think we did?

Silver Olympic Reading Challenge – part 2


To continue with our Literacy work on non-fiction books, we had another look at instructions. This time, we were asked to follow a recipe to make some play-dough. When we had made it, we moulded the dough into a character from a story. Then we brought our play-dough characters into school to tell our friends the story. Can you tell who our characters are?

The Deep


Join us as we explore all about the amazing world beneath the sea!

Exploring ‘The Deep’


We had an amazing time visiting ‘The Deep’ in Hull, where we got close to lots of spectacular undersea creatures! We also explored pattern and texture of lots of things which can be found under the ocean.

Today is Anti-bullying day. We have been thinking about what makes a good friend. We have made a video about this.

Anti Bullying Video

Still image for this video

Do you like our song?

Anti Bullying Song

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Bronze Olympic Reading Challenge - Part 1



To work towards our Bronze Olympic Reading medals, we created our own undersea boxes which contained some fabulous characters. We then used our boxes as inspiration, to create our own fantasy stories.


Bronze Olympic Challenge - Part 2

Children were asked to create a story cube for their second reading challenge. On each side of the cube should be a different story, so that when the cube is rolled, it will land on a story for us to re-tell. Here are the ones which have been completed so far...


Reading Challenge 2 - Completed Story Cubes

Christmas Party!