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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Year 1

Tour De Langold

Today was the day when we could bring our bikes to school and our helmets and take part in the exciting Tour De Langold. We had lots of fun and excitement cycling the course whilst all of our friends cheered us on along the course.

We designed some fantastic bikes that we thought would win and we also did some very careful observational drawings of Chastity's bike. Next time you are in school look out for our work!

Time Travelling at Southwell Minster


Year 1 had an amazing day at Southwell Minster – we were all in awe at such a beautiful building. We took part in lots of activities, such as talking about prayers and hearing Bible stories. We also did some dressing up – and there were some surprise celebrations! We took part in a Christening, and two members of our class even got married! A wonderful day was had by all.

On The FarmO

This half term we will be learning about 'On the Farm'.

We will be finding out what animals are reared on farms and what crops farmers grow and why?

We will be visiting a working farm and asking lots of questions.

Today we have achieved our level 7 badge in gymnastics.
In topic we have been finding out about and matching animals to their products.
On Friday we went to Outwood Academy Portland and took part in the Pegs challenge with lots of other primary schools. We had lots of fun.
On Thursday 1st May we had a very busy day at visit White Post Farm. We had lots of fun and found out lots of facts about farming and farm animals.
Today we were presented with our reading challenge medals.
We have completed 4 reading challenges and achieved our silver medals.

Silver medalists

We have completed 2 reading challenges and achieved our bronze medals.

Bronze medalists

We have completed our fourth reading challenge. We had to follow a recipe to make salt dough and then make our favourite story book character.
In topic we have been on an animal hunt. Who hid the goat? We couldn't find it! Well done Ronnie you spotted it camouflaged in the tree bark.
First day back at school and look who has achieved their level 8 badge in gymnastics.

Year 1 and Year 1A Spring Detectives

Reading for Pleasure

Spring Term 2



This term we are finding out about China.
Today we had our Gymnastics session with Emma. Look at the slide show to see that we are nearly as good as the Chinese Olympic Team.

Spring Term


Pirates and Princesses

Making It.

Today we went to Making It in Mansfield. We had a great time designing and making Pirate and Princess things.

Take a look at the photos to see our amazing work.



Amazing Maths Morning.

Today was amazing!!!

We had lots of math problems to solve.

We are amazing mathematicians in Year 1.

Could you have solved the problems?

We had to find out how many different ways we could arrange the squares.

Did you come to our class assembly this week?

If you did you will already know lots about pirates. If you were unable to make it take a look at the photos. We hope that you enjoyed it!

Have you passed your level 8 gymnastics badge?

We have.


This week we achieved 100% attendance.

Well Done to everyone in Year 1.

Thank-you parents and carers for getting us to school every day.


Tonight we stayed after school to 'Read with Ted'.

We had lots of fun reading to our teddies and guess what they were really good listeners!

We have completed our first challenge towards our silver medal in the reading challenge.
Ahoy there shipmates! Today was our Pirate and Princess day. We had lots of fun.

Do You Know how to wash your hands?

Year 1 do because the School Nurse showed us how.

The Deep

The Deep

 Under the sea! 
Come with year 1 as they explore under the sea.

This term our first topic in Numeracy was data handling. We have been completing lots of tally charts and then transferring the information into block graphs.



using Data handling in the classroom

In Literacy we have been focussing on Fantasy settings and we have been looking at the Story Rainbow Fish.

This week we have been retelling the story using the phrases from the book.

puppet show

On Wednesday 6th November we went on an expedition to The Deep. We got very close to lots of spectacular under the sea creatures.It was amazing! We also explored  pattern and texture of different objects that could be found under the sea.


Let's explore The Deep

Happy Halloween!
Today is Anti-bullying day. We have been thinking about what makes a good friend. We have made a video about this.

Anti Bullying Video

Still image for this video
Year 1 and 2 Anti Bullying Film

Do you like our song?

Year 1 Anti Bullying Song

Still image for this video

We have successfully completed our first reading challenge.

Do you like our story boxes? Come into Year 1 and listen to a story. Keep checking this page to see if we have posted one.

Reading Challenge 1

More reading challenges

It's Christmas!

This week we have learned about the symbolism of a Christingle. Do you know what the candle represent a Christingle?

Can you remember what the red tape represents?

Let's decorate the tree!

Christmas Party time

We have successfully completed our second reading challenge. We cant wait to receive our bronze medals.