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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Welcome to Black Bee Class!

Miss Curry, Miss Bradford and Mrs Silk

welcome you to Y6!


Our school day starts at 8.40 with lessons up until break at 10.15 until 10.30.

Class assembly everyday at 10.30 and then lunch at 12.15.

Lessons start again at 1pm and the school day ends at 3.10pm.


Our daily expectations:

  • Reading diary in school EVERY DAY with evidence of at least reading three times a week. 
  • Homework selected from Takeaway menu and handed in EVERY THURSDAY - on time!
  • Times tables and KIRFs practised every week ready for test on TUESDAY.
  • Spellings practised every week ready for tests on TUESDAY.
  • Full uniform worn everyday and correct PE kit worn on PE days (WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY).

Our Weekly Timetable

Our curriculum this term is based on Medieval Britain and will be a focused study of one of the most fascinating eras of British history. From replaying the Battle of Hastings to unpicking the Magna Carter, our Y6 pupils will be utterly absorbed in everything medieval!

In Art/DT, Y6 will create medieval shields with their own coats of arms as well as learning the skill of calligraphy. 

In English, we will focus on a book called 'The Watertower' and write a missing chapter, moving onto write a black death diary and then using our knowledge of the Battle of Hastings to compile a newspaper report. Our writing will then begin to focus on knights, writing stories as well as how to be a good knight. 

In Maths, we will focus on place value and the four rules of calculation.

In reading we will unpick the book 'Holes' and learn all about Stanley Yelnats and his unfortunate bad luck. 

Science will be 'electrifying' as we study everything to do with electricity and circuits.

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

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Recited by Y6 Black Bees