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Year 5A - Super Work from Bonnie McKay-Smith

Miss Lynam ahs been very impressed with Bonnie’s work on The Highway Man. Wow, Bonnie, it makes me want to read the poem! What do you think to it?

Assessment for Learning

Poisoned love

You might be asking why the mysterious highwayman road to his death or why Bess warned him not to come back to the house? Well this is the heart breaking story of: Bess, Tim and the Highwayman.

While the roaring swiped itself into the highlighted, glimmering sky like an invisible eagle souring ,a mysterious rider came riding-riding up to the old in-door .to who answered the door, but jaw-dropping , wonderful Bess (the land lord black eyed daughter)As lucky as that was Tim the  stable boy was slyly cleaning the barn at that exact moment in time! Cautious Tim hurried anxiously behind the ragged door spying up at the window on the cream wall.

I will come in the early darning with yellow-golden coins by my side, oh for just one kiss my pretty sweet heart! Implied the highwayman. Tim was so seriously furious. He was hopefully going to get cold-revenge …

As 5.00 went, no-sight of him, but as 5.15 came something or someone was here ‘creak’ the well-used door slowly opened! Mortified Bess hid in a small empty closet. Did they know she was there?  Her cold cell was exposed .The cold hard door closed. There was no escape! Suddenly light peered through  the closet door began to opened with a gust of wind blowing through like ghostly water.  Lifeless -less like Bess sat still a moment…  Silence.

By Bonnie McKay-Smith


Year 5A Tanka Poems - 短歌の詩

Year 5A have been very busy this week writing some fantastic Tanka poems. What is a Tanka poemTanka is a classic form of Japanese poetry related to the haiku with five unrhymed lines of five, seven, five, seven, and seven syllables   A Tanka poem is similar to a haiku but has two additional lines.               

What do you think to them?


The calm waves flow by                                                                            

Drifting away into dark                                                                       

Approaching rapids                                                                                                                      

As it gets close to the mouth                                                                                             

As sundown goes to meet night.                                                              

By Blythe and Patrick


Sounds of the Sea

The angelic sounds                                                                               

Are so beautiful and calm                                                                                                              

As the gentle waves                                                                            

Flow over the shining sea                                                                            

A beautiful sight it is                                                                              

By Molly McKay-Smith and Alex Shaw


The moon’s reflection,  5

Shines brightly on the ocean,  7

Creatures lurk below,  5

The waves roar like a lion,  7

What a magnificent sight. 7                                                                 

By Ryan C



Disappearing by                                                                               

Journey to the afterlife                                                                            

Calm transparent waves                                                                                                     

Peacefully floating away                                                                         

Splashing in the ocean blue.                                                                    

By Carter and Kaitlin







Year 5A—Inspired by The River Singers Year 5a have produced some lovely work based on The River Singers by Tom Moorhouse. What do think to Kacey, Ruby, Ethan and Kyle’s work? Why not let them know ?

Alaskan Adventures


Year 5 will be finding out all about Alaska in their learning this half term. They will be studying the geography of the state of America and will study Classic literature of the area in Literacy. They will also create non-fiction pieces of writing and will design and make a patchwork quilt with a specific design brief.  





Welcome to our Class page smiley


Our topic this half term is called 

'The Mystery of the Maya'

The Mayans were an ancient civilisation dating back thousands of years.

Nobody knows where they came from, but about 2,400 years ago, a new tribe appeared in Central America. They settled in the rainforests of the Yucatan Peninsula. They were very clever people. They set about making cities in the rainforest, many beautiful cities. They did not use metal tools. They built huge cities using stone tools and wood tools, and tools made from shells. Before very long, the Maya had built hundreds of cities. The cities were connected with well built roads that run through the rainforests and jungles on the Yucatan Peninsula.


The Mayans were very interested in the stars, moon and planets so our science topic is centred around 'earth and space' and finding out about the earth's orbit. We are even going on a visit to the National Space Centre!


Frederick Catherwood was an artist who drew meticulous drawings on the ancient Mayan cities. he will form the basis of our work in art and we will be sketching and painting based on his original works of art.


For more information about what's happening in Year 5a please see our attached newsletter and also catch up with us on the weekly whole school newsletter.

Year 5A Tackle the Mayan Number System