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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Y56 JE

This half term is all about SURVIVAL! We will be looking at making rafts out of random materials, how to survive on an uninhabited island and what you'd need in a survival pack. We will be reading Kensuke's Kingdom and writing from the perceptive of a person washed up on an island. 

Testing which materials float

DARE 2019

Congratulations to Year 6 on graduating from the DARE program. During their assembly, they shared their knowledge of illegal and legal drugs, tobacco and alcohol as well as bullying and peer pressure.  


Testing how volts affect lights, buzzers and motors

Today, we have tested how altering the voltage affect lights, motors and buzzers.

We made predictions and then tested to see if we were correct.

We found out the following:

* Using the 6v battery, we could make a buzzer and a motor work at the same time.

* The higher the voltage, the brighter the bulb glows.

* The more power the buzzer receives, the louder the sound.

* The more power the motor receives, the faster it rotates.

* With a 6v battery, we could power 3 bulbs. The brightness diminished the further away from the power pack.

Mother's Day

Making Viking helmets

Constructing and interpreting line graphs

Investigating shadows

Harry found out that where he cut a hole and covered it with purple cellophane, it changes the colour of the shadow. The card's shadow stays dark but the hole is purple.

Scarlett found that the holes in her card let so much light through, it cast no shadow at all. 

Kaidi found that the closer the object was to the light source, the darker the shadow.

Ellie found out that when you test for shadows on the IWB, it shows the reflection of the light rather than a shadow.

Katie says "When you shine the torch close to your hand, you can see through your flesh. This is because the light is travelling through the skin, so skin must be opaque."

Logan says "The shadow from paper was darker than the shadow from card."

Investigating angles

To investigate how colours change depending on the colour of filter

Adam says, " When I put a black cube under a green filter, the cube looked brown."

Rosie says, " When I put an orange cube under a red filter, it looks red."

Rudi says, "When I put a blue cube under a green filter, it turns green."

Katie found, "When you have 2 primary colours, for example blue and red, it makes a secondary colour which in this case was purple."


Harry says, "This is like mixing paint. When you add 2 colours, it makes a new colour."


When the red filter is placed over the writing, you can see the secret message!

Dragon Eyes


Over the last few weeks, we have been designing and creating our own dragon eyes. To begin, we sketched several different designs. We learnt how to use clay tools to create texture and then painted to create an overall dramatic effect.

Viking Shields


As part of our topic, we have made Viking shield. Please enjoy the photos.


Year 5/6 JE have been learning how light travels and how water creates refraction. We completed 2 experiments which showed pictures flipping and disappearing. This is one secret that many magicians use!  

Refraction experiment

Ashleigh says: " With the arrow experiment, the arrow became deformed because the glass is concave and the light beams bounce."


Jack says: " With the stick man experiment, we started pouring water into a glass with a picture under the glass. We realised that when we looked above the glass we could see the picture but if we looked sideways, we couldn't see the picture. This was because the light beams did not bend enough for us to see sideways."


Rudi says: "With the stick man experiment we looked above the glass when the water was poured and we could see the picture but when we looked from the side, we couldn't see anything."


Stephen says: "In the arrow experiment, the arrow head changed direction."


Spring 1

Welcome back, hope you’ve all had a fantastic break and are ready for another exciting term.

This term, our topic is VIKINGS. 

I love this topic and can’t wait to share it with you all. 

In English we’ll be using “How to train your dragon” as our text. We’ll be learning all about the Vikings, their way of life and invasion. We might even become modern day beserkers! 


This term, children will be given  homework; this could be maths, comprehension or grammar. All subjects will have been covered in class and should be a refresher. If your child is struggling, please let me know and I'll go through it with them. Please encourage your child to complete all tasks and hand them in on time. 

Times tables will be tested on a Tuesday, Spellings on a Friday.


TT Rockstars is available for all children, please encourage your child to use this fun, game-like learning tool.


Family challenge: Create a Viking shield. To be handed in by Friday 25th January


SATs parents evening:


An information evening will take place for all Year 6 parents in February/ March. A letter with exact dates will follow. This meeting will allow you to ask any questions you may have, but will also give you information about how we're helping your child within school and how you can support them at home.


Year 5 will be swimming on Friday morning for another 5 weeks. Please ensure they have suitable swim wear. ( No bikinis or baggy trunks.)

Indoor PE will take place on a Thursday afternoon, this term is gymnastics. All children need black/blue shorts and a white T shirt.




All 5/6 classes will be going to Perlethorpe on 3rd April for a Viking experience day. The children will be dressing as, living as and fighting as Vikings.

More information will be sent home shortly.

Autumn 2

It's been a busy few weeks for 5/6JE since half term and the children are learning so much. 

In English, we have covered:

* Persuasive writing

* Non chronological reports

*Spooky stories.

On top of this, we are working hard to use:

*Expanded noun phrases

*Commas between clauses 

* Colons and semi colons in lists

*Active and passive voice.


In maths we have covered:

*Adding and subtracting fractions

*Finding fractions of amounts

*Multiplying and dividing using the formal method.

We have also spent the month of November completing "Barvember". Every morning we have been solving reasoning problems using bar model.


In Topic, we have continued around the world and are visiting Mexico, Australia and New York! This has involved eating Mexican food, recreating the Sydney Opera House and soon we'll be making our very own Macey's Christmas window display.


The end of this term is always busy with Xmas show rehearsals, the children are already working hard to make this a success and we can't wait for you to see it!


Can you please ensure that your child has their outdoor PE kit in school all week. This will ensure that if we miss a session due to rehearsals, we can reschedule it easily.


Mexican cooking

Music with Adam

Music with Adam

Over the last 6 weeks, we've been learning to perform "Don't stop believing". The children have created movements, composed their own musical parts and played the ukulele alongside the original. We've had a blast, thanks Adam

Story time with Mrs Silk- The Wonky Donkey