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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Y56 AD

Spring Term


The Vikings


This term our topic will be The Vikings.  We will be going on a school trip on Wednesday 3rd April to  Pearlthorpe.


Spring 1

English - The work we have done this term has been based around the book 'How to Train a Dragon' which the children seem to have enjoyed.  We have worked on describing characters and setting and have produced stories about defeating dragons and we have written our own broadcasts on Dragons invading Langold Dyscarr Community School.  We have displayed examples of these in the classroom and in the corridor.



We have covered a whole range of Maths topics this term including: long multiplication, long division, angles, factors and multiples, fractions and percentages.



Our main focus was light.  We looked at how light travelled, how shadows were formed, how we see and what light is made up of.  We looked at these aspects by being detectives who tried to solve the culprit who stole Mr Lilley's laptop.  Stay tuned to find out.



We have looked at the Vikings this term and will continue to do so next term.  We have looked at when they came to Britain, how they came to Britain, Rune stones and more.  We will continue with this next term.



We have designed and created our own dragon eyes using clay!


Autumn Term


During the Autumn Term, our main topic has been 'Around the World in Eighty Days'.  We have focused on countries from around the world.  The countries and places we have focused on are:




USA - New York.


When we looked at these countries, we concentrated upon the subjects of: Geography, Art and D.T.  We also used these countries to base our writing around that we focused on in English.


When we focused on Mexico, we looked at some of the foods that are traditional in Mexico.  So as part of our D.T. we prepared and tasted the dishes of Salsa and Guacomole.  Look at the pictures below, showing our class preparing these dishes.