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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Row row row your boat!


This half term year 5's topic is rivers! They will be learning about how rivers are formed, how the water cycle works and the wildlife in and around water. Through this topic they will be having a trip to Perlethorpe!


In Science the children will be learning about living things and habitats. Through this half term they will be learning about animals, the life cycles of flowers and the food chain.


This half term year 5 are learning about mining and their local history. 

In Literacy we are reading Ponty the Pit Pony, learning what it was like to work down the mines. In D.T. the children will be creating different parts of a mine in groups.


Some of the children have already spoke to family members and friends about what it was like to work down the mine and have brought in objects for us to look at.


In Science the children are learning about forces and magnets. 




Smashing Saxons

Smashing Saxons!

This half term year 5 will be learning about the Anglo Saxons!


In History we will be learning about their settlements, religion, village life and Kings! In Literacy we have begun to learn about myths, legends and fables and our focus will be the Legend of Beowulf! 



This half term we will be learning about Alaska! In Geography we will learning about the state of Alaska and where it is in the world. In our Literacy lessons we will be learning about stories from other cultures; we have been reading The Eskimo Twins. In our D.T. lessons we are learning to weave and sew and will be creating our own class blanket!

Welcome to Year 5!


The Mystery of the Maya


Our topic for this half term is the 'Mystery of the Maya'. Year 5 will be learning about the Mayan civilisation, which is well known for its art, architecture and mathematical and astronomical systems. Through some of our Literacy lessons we will explore an adventure book written about the Mayans. We will make decisions to explore different parts of their civilisation, while finding out for ourselves what it would have been like for us to be a Mayan.


Our science topic is earth and space. The Mayans were very interested in stars, moon and planets, and this half term the year 5's will be visiting the National Space Museum!


Frederick Catherwood is famous for his paintings of the Mayan civilisation and in our art lessons we will be sketching and painting based on his work. 


P.E will be on Wednesdays and Karate will be on Thursdays. Don't forget to bring your P.E. kit!

Year 5 Art

Fantastic Acrostic !

As part of their work on the Mayans, Year 5 were given the task of writing an acrostic poem. Joshua Constantine wowed us with his:

Mean, cruel people

Angry, powerful and magic

Young and old

Among gods, Itzamna, the most powerful

No gods have water powers

Sacrificing people to go to heaven straight away

Well done, Joshua!