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Up and away!

This half-term, we are learning about the history of flight, and why air travel was invented - to explore new and undiscovered places! We will be learning about hot air balloons and the first successful aeroplane flight. In science, we will be learning about seasonal changes and identifying how our environment changes in each season.




This half-term we will be exploring the theme of 'getting lost' by following Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. We will take a detailed look at the main characters in the story, before creating our own Wonderland setting and writing our own stories. We will also be investigating plants, including what types of plants we can spot and the names of the different parts of the plant.


This half-term we are going to be exploring the People's Republic of China. We will learn about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated, as well as comparing both the countryside and the cities to the U.K. Do you think the wild animals will be different?

Arctic Adventure!


This half-term we will be learning about the coldest places on the planet – the Arctic and the Antarctic! We will explore how these places are different to where we live, thinking about the weather and the wild animals – focussing on the polar bear. We will also explore the Inuit people and how their way of life differs from ours.

Year 1 Went On A 3D Shape Hunt

Fire, Fire!


This half-term, we will be learning all about fire! We will explore why we celebrate Bonfire Night and learn all about the Gunpowder Plot. We will also learn about the Great Fire of London and how it changed London forever, and taught us better ways to build houses.

Year 1 Diariasts

Budding Builders

Welcome to Year One!


I hope you have all had a lovely Summer holiday, and are ready to become super-learners in Year One!


This half-term we are learning about Shrek, and the castle he lives in with Fiona. We will also be exploring the stories some of the characters are from, like The Gingerbread Man and The Three Little Pigs.

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