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Week 1 (23.03.2020)

Welcome to Week 1 of Home Learning

Please see below for the timetable of activities. 

Week 1 (23.03.2020)

Reading CGP

Maths CGP

Writing –





Set C Test 1

Arithmetic book pg4-5

Maths books pg 5


Journey to school

Pg 20-21 sentences


  • Read a new book and write a review.
  • Create a presentation on The Mayans – what do you already know and what new facts have you found out.
  • Draw and write an explanation about your own invention/flying contraption.
  • Take a pencil for a walk on a piece of paper. Fill each area with something different e.g. dots, smiles, emoji, flowers… Take time to do this!


Set C test 2

Arithmetic book pg6-7

Maths book pg 2-3



Pg22-25 phrases and clauses



Set C test 3

Arithmetic book pg 8-9

Maths book pg 4


Hanging on

Pg 26-28 conjunctions and linking words


Set C test 4

Arithmetic book 10-11

Maths book pg 6


The hole in the fence

29-31 tenses



See pack provided

Cold Task

Arithmetic test

Superman’s dilemna

SPAG test


Don't forget how important taking breaks, eating well, drinking well and having some fresh air is!

Don't forget to take time for you too; try Take 5 at home, have a lay down, chat to a friend on the phone or lose yourself in a good book!


Any problems at all, feel free to message any of the Y6 staff on ClassDojo for advice or even just to celebrate how well you are doing laugh

Timetable for Wk1 and Wk2