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Trips and Visitors


Trips and Visitors


Here at Langold Dyscarr Community, we aim to take children out on school trips as often as possible or we invite visitors in to school to ensure we provide a creative and vibrant curriculum.


Here are some of the things we've been getting up to:

Wish You Were Here

FSU Walk to the Library

Science Day with theScientist, Andy

Time Travelling at Southwell Minster with Year 1 and Year 1A

FSU Treasure Hunt

Year 3 Explore Eureka

Pets at Home Visit FSU

Year 5 Nature Studies with Notts. wildlife Trust

Mr Hardy's 'Real Deal' Assembly

Dyscarr Wood Inspires Year 5 Art work

Year 1 and Year 1A Visit White Post Farm

Theatre Group Perform 'Little Princess'

Mr Hardy Works With Year 5

FSU Sing with Mr Hardy

We climbed a mountain!

Year 4  showed  resilience and determination as they climbed to the top of Stanage Edge in the Peak District. There were no complaints as we made the gradual ascent to the top, although some of us were fitter than others!                                                

As part of their topic on mountains, Year 4  studied the mountain environment  and learnt lots of new and interesting facts from our guides, Emily and Ted.  Our children were very knowledgeable and were able to answer many of the questions set by the guides.  We learnt some very important life-saving skills  -  did you know that the international                ‘I am lost ‘  sign is 6 long blows on a whistle?  Our guide also showed us what kind of equipment you need to take when out walking and climbing to help you stay safe.  Both groups were able to practise using  the Bothy Bag (an emergency waterproof and windproof make-shift shelter).  Using some Kung Fu’ moves, Year 4 acted out the formation cycle of mountains - they were very good movers!

After a very pleasant picnic in the glorious sunshine we all made our way down, looking out for wildlife and spotting all the features of the environment we had discussed with our guide and which we had learnt about at school.  One or two of us were struggling to keep up at the end, but we  showed true Langold Dyscarr spirit to carry on. There were several acts of kindness shown by children who slowed down to keep those of us, who were suffering from sore feet, company.                   

What a fantastic and educational day!




Year 3's Trip to Cresswell Crags

Chocolate by Design

Stop, Sit, Think - Mr Hardy's assembly

Child Line work with Year 5 and  Year 6

Child Line Workshop came into school this week and worked with Year 5 and Year 6. The children’s task was to develop a Buddy Kit saying who keeps them safe and where they feel safe.

Year 1 and Year 1A Visit China !

Year 6 visit SYAM

Year 5 visit the National Coal Mining Museum

As part of their topic on ‘Going Underground’, Year 5 have been interviewing Mr Tyson about his time working at Bevercotes  Colliery.  They used their note-taking skills to record Mr Tyson’s talk and later used them in their literacy work. Mr Tyson’s visit was followed by a very exciting trip to the National Coal Mining Museum.

A report on the visit by Rafal Szuba (Year 5)

When I first went out from the bus I felt so excited that I couldn't stop talking! I was in Marcus’ group with Seth, Hayden, Casey and Courtnie.  I really enjoyed when we went to different rooms like the pithead baths. The people that were plastic scared me because I thought they were real. We all had a booklet to answer questions in most of the rooms. It was really exciting when we saw Ernie and Eric, the pit ponies.  We learnt something about them, but then someone saw Fin. He was a massive horse and was black, different from the other brown ones. Then we went to a massive engine and a woman came.  First I thought it was a visitor, but then she started to talk to us! Then I saw that she was a leader. She told us all about the engine and we saw the other group through the window. The lady went out to the house with us, we needed to go down deep stairs and we saw a little house. We went inside it and sat on benches, we were squashed and the woman told us everything about being young in Victorian times. She needed volunteers to act as a family working down the mine. There was a ‘trapper’, ‘hurryer’, ‘picker’ and ‘getter’. I was the ‘getter’ and pretended to be a grown up. Then we had a look out around the house and we went through a tunnel. We picked up a bag of coal and it was heavy and we went outside, lined up and said goodbye and said thank you. We went back to the other group and went for lunch. When we all finished, the other group went underground and had a look around. After 10 minutes it was our time to go underground. We rushed there and I started to get scared. We all had a helmet and then we got a cap lamp.  We had a picture taken and we went to the freaky lift. Taz, who was the man that went around with us, told us to go out of the lift when we were ready. Now I started to be really scared. He opened the door and it wasn’t so scary. We went left and saw a tunnel. We went through it and we were then standing in a dark room. We saw a model of a five year old boy who was a ‘trapper’.  Jaz told us that wood is better because it ‘talks’ when the roof is coming down, however steel doesn’t. When we went through it, it was better. When we went to the lift it wasn’t scary anymore. Then I saw the sun. We gave the helmets and lights back and headed to the bus.  I was so happy. It was an amazing trip!



FSU Travel to BUILD a BEAR - Trip 2

Year 1 visit Making It Discovery Centre

FSU Travel to Build a Bear - Visit 1

Year 3 'visit' the Taj Mahal

FSU visit Firestation Garage  

The children in FSU were very excited  about their visit to the garage where they met the mechanic and found out about some of the work that        happens there.  The children have been using their mechanical skills back at school in the FSU ‘garage’ to fix and tune some of the bikes. 

The photos we took have helped us to learn some new technical words which the children have used in their literacy and role play.                                           

Well done, children.

Angelic Voices

Panto Time

40 children enjoyed Cinderella at Mansfield Palace theatre. They enjoyed the funny show which    featured two mice being turned into real ponies!  Oh no they didn't , oh yes they did!


FSU visit Brackenhurst

Year 4 visit Gamston Woods

A Very Busy Week for FSU!

FSU  have been so busy this week!  As well as all the usual fun learning they performed a beautiful Nativity Play, had a long healthy walk to the post box where they  posted their Christmas letters to Santa that they had written, then carried on to the library where Mrs Fenton and Miss Frisby read some lovely Christmas stories to them.  I hope they are not too tired because they have an even busier week , next week.  They will be going on a trip to Brackenhurst, having their Christmas party and fitting in lots of other fun and learning.





Invite from Worksop Tigers

Worksop Tigers’ manager, Mark Shaw, joined our assembly and invited all the children to  the match on Saturday.  Each chid received a free ticket to the match, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.  So, go along, support our local team!


Year 4 Shoot the Hoops at the Basketball Festival

Year four represented the school in a basketball festival of sport at Portland. They gave a brilliant account of themselves;          behaving brilliantly and hugely impressing the coaches that worked with them. We look forward with great optimism to the inter school games which should be organised in the New Year.

Well done, Year 4!

FSU Take To The Woods


Foundation has had a wonderful experience this week with the Notts Wildlife Trust.  We read the Gruffalo story and went  into the woods to build our own habitat for one  of the animals from the story.  The owl looked really snug in his nook in the tree!                

We also made a Gruffalo head using a piece of clay and lots of natural objects from the wood.  They all looked fantastic and very fierce.                       

Finally the rangers showed us  leaves from different trees and in our teams we hunted in the woods to see if we could find them.  It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon learning about our environment.                   



Never Too Old To Play!                                                                                   


On Monday 40 children from across the school had a fantastic time when they took part in a project, ‘Never Too Old To Play’. This is a project that Alison Noble (Caterpillar   Music) is hoping she can deliver into schools and communities so that  children will leave their computer screens, get active and learn some games from yesteryear.                                                                          

In order to receive funding, a vote will take place on Calendar News where there will be several projects to choose from.  It would be fantastic if we could support Alison by voting for her project which will be broadcast on Calendar News on Tuesday 26th November at 6pm. 



School Council visits the Houses of Parliament and London

The School Council went to London with Miss Coupe, Mrs Silk, Mrs Wood, Mrs Merrils and Marcus, from NOW Church last Wednesday. They had a fantastic day touring the Houses of Parliament, where they bumped into John Mann MP who talked to them about the    history of the Houses of Parliament. After lunch, with lots of other Worksop children, they exited the Houses of Parliament via the ‘James Bond’ exit and walked over Westminster Bridge for a fantastic flight on the London Eye. 

Year 6 visit SYAM

Heads In The Sky - Reporter: Holly Bierton (Year 6)

Year 2 Visit  The Fire  and Police Museum

Year 2 had a GREAT day learning about The Great Fire of London. They enjoyed dressing up in fire-fighter uniforms from the past to the present, putting the great fire out using buckets and looking around and inside old and new police and fire vehicles from all over the world. The children’s behaviour was exceptional but the same couldn’t be said for Miss Marsh, Mrs Norman, Mrs Wood and Mrs Merrills as Year 2 locked them in a police riot van!                                                                                                            

Shall we let them out?

Year 3 Explore RE Through Drama

Year 3 Explore RE Through Drama.

With the help of their visitor, Vicki, Year 3 were able to act out some Bible stories. Everyone enjoyed the acting and was able to use their speaking skills to bring the stories to life. 

Thank you to our visitor, Vicki.

Well done, Year 3!




Year 1 Trip to The Deep

Year 1 went on a wonderful trip of discovery to The Deep this week. They learned so much while they were there. They attended a workshop where they made an under-water scene, identified different types of fish and looked at the textures, shapes and patterns under the sea.

We were all amazed at how ENORMOUS the sharks were. WOW, what a day—we love to feed our chil-dren’s imagination and stimulate fantastic speaking skills.


to top it all, our children’s behaviour was exemplary — a credit to us all! Well done, Year 1!


Eureka !

This week F2 have visited Eureka and were able to experience a range of activities, but above all they had great fun learning as they explored and played. We loved the All About Me which had lots of multi-sensory exhibits—like a human tongue that we could slide down, and we loved looking up the huge nose! We were looking for bogeys!!! In the Health Centre we were fascinated by the role of the midwife and we could scan the mummy’s tummy. One of our friends’ mummy is having a baby so she has already seen her baby on a monitor! We also met a robot that could answer any questions we had. We found out that he doesn’t eat or drink and he loves to answer our questions.

Dyscarr Wood Inspires Year 5 !

Year 5 have done some amazing writing this week.  After a trip into the woods the children have been doing some SUPER work on the mysterious happenings going on in there.   Special praise goes to Georgie Brennan and Rafal Szuba for their OUTSTANDING work.  Well done Year 5 !


Year 3 'Fly' to Greece

As part of their Greek topic, Class 3 'flew' to Greece to taste some of the local cuisine. They were able to taste sixteen different foods in all and the most popular was anchovies! Year 3 have been able to follow this up with some lovely literacy work. What did you think would be the most popular food, Year 3?



Year 1 search for Shrek in the Swamp !

Year 1 were enthralled by their ‘virtual’ visit to the swamp in search of  Shrek.  They donned their high      visibility  jackets to keep them safe and made sure that they  kept their hands safely in the ’air boat’.  They used their geographical skills to study the habitat, weather and climate and were able to discuss these with the rest of the class.  They then returned  to sequence the story in literacy.

What a busy and productive time you must have had! How was the swamp different to our school?  Did you find Shrek?        


F1 visit Sundown Adventure Park              

F1 had such a fantastic day at Sundown Adventure Park! Their behaviour was exemplary and credit to us all. They interacted well with all the exhibits and were able to sing some fantastic nursery rhymes. On their return to the classroom they were able to sing the nursery rhymes into the microphone, sequence the rhymes in literacy,  recount their adventures to their partner and then we recorded it together on the  whiteboard. The children were really inspired by the trip to produce some exciting work.  Well done, F1.  Thanks to all our helpers, too!





On Wednesday afternoon Y3 had the opportunity to be involved with the wonderful Partake Theatre and recreate the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece using costumes and music. This opportunity has increased the children’s confidence in drama and inspired them to bring the story alive in their writing. 

Well done, Year 3  -   we look forward to seeing your work.


Super Story Tents

This week, Year 1 stepped inside a magical tent which transported them to a fantastical story world! The children were simply  enchanted by wonderful active storytelling. A wonderful experience was had by all.



Year 6 at Kingswood 2013 - 3 Year 6 reports!

Reports on KIngswood 2013 - by Year 6

Reverend Jane working with Year 4

Reverend Jane talking to Year 4 about prayer