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The Happy Hub is a place in school where children work on their social, moral, and spiritual aspects of learning. Specific children are invited to take part in a range of exciting activities with a dedicated teaching assistant. It is also a place where all children are welcomed to visit for a chat or if they have a problem they wish to discuss. The Happy Hub is exactly what it says on the tin, a hub in a corner of our school where the main objective is to achieve happy children all of the time.



Here are some of the children's thoughts about The Hub:

"Happy Hub makes me feel calm and happy"


"I enjoy visiting the Happy Hub"


"The people that come with me have a smile on their face and that makes me feel happy"


"There are lots happy faces and there are toys I can play with"


"It's fun because we have funny games"


"The word happy really says it all for The Happy Hub"


" If I get upset I know where to come"





Happy Hub Create a New Board Game

Happy Hub  -  Staying Safe!

Children in the Happy Hub have been learning how to stay safe in lots of different circumstances. They have been using Year3/4’s E-Safety ‘Buddie’ page; looking at home safety and fire safety. They have been using videos, booklets, various activities and discussions to study the different messages.  Well done, everyone!


Happy Hub have a new bas

I Love the Skin I'm In!

Happy Hub Links

What Kind of Tease Monster are You?

Happy Hub Hearts

HAPPY HUB                         

What makes a Great Friend?

Mrs Mallaby and the children in the Happy Hub have produced some fantastic posters showing what makes a Great Friend. Friendship is a very important value we strive to develop in our school.



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