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Super Sports

At Langold Dycsarr we love taking part in sporting activities. We have a variety of sport clubs including:


1. Football

2. Tag Rugby

3. Karate

4. Street Dance

5. Gymnastics

6. Hockey

7. Athletics






We also have an amazing school football team who won the league last year!

St Anne’s 2 – 1 Langold Dyscarr CP 


After a fretful 25 minutes, where children had finally removed themselves from a never-ending assembly, Langold arrived in the middle of Worksop to what can only be described as the Somme – after the puddles had dried! Holes left the surface looking more like the Moon than the field of a local primary school, and rumours quickly spread about the appearance of a dead frog somewhere as well!  

With the poorly Joel at home resting, the Langold team adjusted slightly, with Kurt stepping into the number 10 role just behind the usual three forwards of Harrison, Ziggi and Ronnie. The game kicked off and the first 10 minutes were as tight as Mrs Reynold’s new budget for the school! Not a chance worried either end as the midfield of both sides bossed the game. A strange new rule called “Offside” was being played which bamboozled the majority of players on the field, including Kurt who was clean through on goal, only to find that he was 5 miles offside. Throw-ins came and throw-ins went, as the tightly contested game continued to remain firmly situated in the centre of midfield. Then after some fancy footwork from Ziggi and a wise pass from Kieron, Langold found themselves with an attacking corner. Mr Hays rubbed his hands together at the prospect of this corner, as they had just been practising only the day before! The training came to fruition as Harrison’s high swinging delivery rebounded straight onto the boot of Kieron who slotted home to give the away side a lead with 5 minutes left in the first half.  

This goal seemed to wake the opponents up as they pressed the Langold defence with a number of throw-ins and a couple of corners. A long shot found its way over the top of every player and with a bog-standard bounce, almost found a way past Will in the net. But the green-clad keeper reached high into the sky to pluck it out of the air. Moments later, the whistle blew and half time arrived with the away side winning 1-0.  

Mr Hays was extremely happy with the performance so far, but could sense a possible surge from the home side. His words tried to steel the boys, but they need not have bothered; every player was focused and could almost taste the top spot in the table calling out to them. 

As the second half started, Logan replaced Will in the net as per usual, and Kieron tried a long shot to no avail. Then, the game changed… 

The defender for St Anne’s made a marauding run down the right wing, leaving Ronnie trailing in his wake. He looked up and saw no options in the box, so shot on Logan’s goal. The shot appeared to have been travelling well wide of the net, but in a blink of an eye it had found its way into the Langold net and the home team were reeling. How had it gone in? The answer was simple… it hit a crater…. No, seriously… it hit a crater at the edge of the 6 yard box. You still don’t believe me? Well…. After the St Anne’s player shot, the ball bounced inside the crater and caught the right edge of it. This then deflected the shot like a game of pinball, scuttling sanctimoniously between Logan’s bewildered legs leaving everybody (including their striker) scratching their heads. But…. It still counted!  

Langold were rattled; was there some kind of witchcraft in play? Had St Anne’s prayed to the gods before the match like a gladiator would have done in Rome? Whatever the answer was, the hosts smelt blood. They pressed their advantage home, and attacked in powerful waves that asked the Langoldian defence question after question. Eventually the got a corner, which pinged around the box like Harry Potter’s bewitched bludger (in the Chamber of Secrets) until finding a home on the end of Jayden’s knee…. Ricocheting straight past a hapless Logan and into the net. 2-1 St Anne’s, with two of the most random goals possible! 

Curtis had joined the fray by this time, replacing Kurt. The boys tried everything to get back into the game, including a free-kick which just missed the post from Jayden’s deflection. However, it was one of those days where nothing seemed to go right and everything seemed to be going against Langold. The ball seemed to have a mind of its own, and pootled off in all different kinds of directions without a player near to it. As the final whistle was blown, the boys looked confused, dejected and rather peeved to say the least! 


We now sit 3rd in the league after losing our last two games in a row. Mr Hays is expecting to see the supporters bring out the “Hays out!” banners next game, with maybe a few aeroplanes trailing the same message in the sky like at the recent Arsenal match! But we have a couple of friendly matches with Kingston coming up before a huge match against Tuxford!  

Onwards and upwards!  


Match Ratings: 

Will – 9/10 – A clean sheet for Wilbur where he looked at ease with the four shots that he faced. His kicking from hands impressed the most, with huge kicks that sailed far over the half-way line.  

Logan – 8/10 – Possibly the unluckiest player on the pitch, was deceived more than Mike Gatting was when Shane Warne bowled him out in the first Ashes test of the 1993 tour at Old Trafford…. (don’t ask, it’s a cricket thing!) 

Alec – 8/10 – Had the “No-nonsense” approach to defending in this game, if the ball presented any danger he cleared it out for a throw-in. I would love to see him head the ball more and get forward with the play next match.  

Jayden – 9/10 – Scored a goal! But sadly it was in the wrong net! Other than that, I thought he played one of his best games in school colours. Loses a mark for bring the wrong shirt back after the last match…. silly boy!  

Warren – 8/10 – Had the tough task of being up against their best player all match who had more tricks that Houdini’s autobiography! Managed himself well at corners and knew his positions at set pieces straight away.  

Kieron – 9/10 – Scored a goal! Luckily it was in the right net this time! He had quite a few shots in this match without finding the net again. Loses a mark for turning to me before taking a free-kick and saying “Its going in this….” Then scuffing the ball 5 miles wide of the net.  

Kurt – 8/10 – Was busy and found spaces well. Had to cope with the offside rule which was a new challenge that we didn’t expect! Had a good battle with their centre back which created lots of space for us in the first half. 

Curtis – 8/10 – Didn’t get as much game time as I would have wanted, but when he did come on the pitch he buzzed around like he always does and picked up the battle that Kurt had left behind. 

Ronnie – 8/10 – Was gritty, determined and full of effort as always. He was also the key man when it came to our set pieces and he won most the first balls. He is going to be a real weapon in future matches when we develop our set pieces more. 

Harrison – 9/10 – Was the first Langold player that I have seen try an over-head kick. For this alone I’ve got to give him 8/10 at least. For the other mark, he gets that for his endeavour and runs down the left wing. It just wasn’t his day today.  

Ziggi – 8/10 – Wasn’t the pitch for the twinkle-toed winger. He showed some of his footwork off a couple of times but saw the ball run away from him after it hit a pot-hole. If we ever played a match on a 3G pitch, I’m pretty sure our players would dominate any opposition, with Ziggi leading the way.  

Mr Hays – 4/10 – Gains a mark for getting all the kits out prior to setting off. Gains another mark for managing to get to St Anne’s without getting lost. Gains a third mark for bringing two practice balls (which later became the match balls). His final mark comes from his scalding of the “Nasty man” who was shouting and cheering like he had won the World Cup after St Anne’s had scored. Sadly loses 6 marks for organising a game on the same day as D.A.R.E graduation, then moaning about it all day and then moaning further about it in this report…. Poor from Mr Hays

Ramsden Primary 2 - 1 Langold Dyscarr CS

A word of warning before reading this, I’m seriously depressed about this result (but not about the way the boys played!) – I don’t believe it is what we deserved and the effort the lads put in was incredible. On the flip-side, Ramsden honed their tactics to perfection and used the prodigious slope of their field very well indeed.

At 3:20 the team from Langold arrived at their near neighbours and trudged their way across the boggy field towards their base. Langold were wearing their brand new 3rd strip (available in all Sports Direct stores soon with a player’s name of your choice also available!) of white shirt, red shorts and blue socks. The patriotic-looking side lost the flip of the coin and with that, the match. Ramsden invited Langold to have the downhill advantage for the first half and the game began.

With the ground being as boggy as it was, the boys were instructed to cast aside their usual array of fancy footwork in favour of flowing, passing manoeuvres. This idea worked extremely well, the boys passed, moved and spent the first 10 minutes camped in their opponent’s half laying siege to their net. The passing game allowed pockets of space to open up for fractions of seconds which the boys exploited cunningly. Another benefit of kicking downhill was also the fact that when Ramsden got hold of the ball, their clearances could not find their way over the halfway line (something that both teams used with varying degrees of success!) Kieron shot over the bar from a free kick on the half way line, Ziggi had a shot that narrowly missed their goal and Harrison had several shots blocked. However, the stand-out performer was Ronnie. His desire to win the ball at all costs was phenomenal, he was also responsible for keeping one of Ramsden’s more talented players virtually silent. It was from one of these tireless Ronnie efforts that the first goal came, he won the ball back on his half way line and laid it off to Harrison in the middle of midfield. The striker then returned the favour back to Ronnie, who found Kieron. The captain then passed through to Ziggi who squared it back to Ronnie. The zig-zag passing mesmerised Ramsden’s defence as they retreated, back to their own goal, thus opening up space for Ronnie to slip in Kieron; whose shot fired into the top corner.

This goal seemed to wake up the hosts, as they in turn enjoyed their first burst of possession in the game. At this point, the Langoldian defence was guilty of looking nervous as the pressure was poured on them. However, the talented attacking force of Ramsden was felt not long after this period of play as a speculative shot forced Will into a save using his feet. This seemed to fire up the home side even more as they smelt blood. Shots rained in on the Langold net and in an entirely avoidable passage of play, the ball was prodded out for a throw-in, which led to a series of short passes, a cross and inevitably; a deflected goal. 1 – 1

Half time came and went with Langold looking tired but if I dare say it; slightly arrogant. The boys didn’t seem to have the same focus or drive that was normally seen in the half-time breaks in previous matches. This should have been an omen, but Mr Hays didn’t realise until he was part-way through his Chinese on Tuesday night.

Ramsden had the downhill advantage and a new desire. Logan came on for his customary half and the boys spent the first 9 minutes watching Ramsden do exactly the same as what they themselves had done in the previous half. The only difference was that the hosts had their game plan fine-tuned for this half. A long shot came in from their midfielder which Logan got his body behind, however the ball bounced off his shoulder and straight forward to the feet of the waiting striker. 2-1. It was a perfectly executed set piece from the home side and the Langold boys were looking shell-shocked.

The game could have been put out of reach for Langold if it wasn’t for the goalkeeping of Logan, he stopped shots which he had no right to even get close to. The defence were also responsible for some brave clearances too, making sure that any rebounds were cast aside before anymore danger could befall our net.

With 8 minutes left, tackles were now flying in from both sides as the game developed a vicious edge. Ronnie, Joel, Warren and Jayden all got stuck in, giving as good as they got but when the game needed some Langold possession and pressure, we were found wanting.
Mr Hays brought on Curtis for Joel and changed the formation to 2 – 2 – 4 as we began chasing the game. What followed was an exceptional advert for kid’s football. Attackers giving everything, defenders putting their bodies on the line, goalkeepers standing on their heads to stop the ball; the last five minutes had the lot!

Harrison had a one on one with their keeper but a last-ditch tackle from the chasing pack of defenders just got the ball to safety. Curtis came close to scoring for the second game running without getting lucky. With the time ticking away, the game had the feeling that it just wasn’t going to be our day and in the end… it wasn’t. Maybe another 5 minutes would have given us with a goal – but we will never know!

Overall, a disappointing loss; Ramsden have done the double over us this year and look to be a very strong side, but we could have and should have won both games against them. Ah well! Onwards and upwards!



Match Ratings:

Will – 7/10 – Made a cracking save with his feet on a low shot but wasn’t confident enough to pick the ball up at other times. However, his kicking from hands has improved immeasurably!

Logan – 9/10 – Some incredible saves from close range. Threw himself around the goal mouth and was brave right to the end. Loses a mark for some woeful kicking off the floor – needs more Weetabix in his diet!

Warren – 7/10 – Was always looking for a tackle and never gave their attackers a moments peace. However, he had the tendency to wander around the field and get sucked towards the ball. He needs to remain in his position to control the centre of defence.

Jayden – 7/10 – Provided some insightful through balls down the wing after dispossessing their attackers. Needs to use his long distance passing game more and look to switch the play to the far wings.

Alec – 7/10 – Similar to Jayden in how he played, he provided great passes to Ziggi without any issues. However, I would like to see Alec push himself up the field more, overlapping Ziggi and providing some attacking skill.

Joel – 7/10 – Had a hard task today against 3 very talented Ramsden midfielders, he managed to keep them at bay for the majority of the game but just ran out of steam towards the end of the game.

Kieron – 7/10 – Managed to put his chance away with great skill and placement. However, I was left wanting more from him today, he needs to work now on his set piece routines and delivery especially on muddy ground!

Curtis – 9/10 – The best I’ve seen him play in Langold colours, he was one of the few players to show composure in the midfield – taking a touch and then passing to an open wing. Was unlucky on his shot as he could have been the hero with his first ever goal but sadly to no avail.

Ziggi – 7/10 – A very quiet game by Ziggi’s usually high standards, but made some good first time passes and linked up well with Harrison. Looking forward to next match, I am wanting Ziggi to unleash more shots and then look for rebounds.

Harrison – 7/10 – An emotionally challenging day for Harrison, as he had to compete against not only the rock solid Ramsden defence but also his usual very high standards. Frustration built up in the postman which may have clouded his thinking.

Ronnie – 10/10 – MAN OF MATCH – Was incredible today, he covered every blade of grass on the right wing, making tackles, passes and chances. In the second half he had an opportunity to score which he would have thoroughly deserved.

Mr Hays – 2/10 – Was found lacking when it came to finding suitable tactics for getting the equaliser, also failed to stir the team up into a frenzy at halftime. Gains a mark for bringing a decent ball to warm-up with, but that’s all.

Langold CP 4 – 1 Cuckney

“I’m going to start calling you ‘The Postman – because you always deliver!”

In 1915 the British forces (amongst others) were involved in a conflict in the muddy fields of France. The Battle of the Somme has since had the reputation for being two things: Bloody and MUDDY! You probably are wondering why Mr Hays has started off a football report with a history lesson… well it’s because today Langold and Cuckney had access to possibly the closest thing to the Somme’s conditions this side of the English Channel! At some points during the match Mr Hays had to make sure Curtis and Kurt had not drowned in the mud behind him!

Anyway, on with the Football! With the setting sun casting artistic reflections on the puddles in the Cuckney goal-mouth, Kieran kicked the game off and the match had begun.
Cuckney are a skilful and energetic side, so the prospect of watching two such evenly-matched teams had pulled a bumper crowd onto the school field – even Mrs Mallaby turned up (although her footwear endured the worst of the muddy conditions!)

The plan of action was simple, we would attack the opposition down the wings and look to pull the ball back into the middle of the pitch. This is something that Harrison and Ziggi did almost immediately. The Postman and Mr Stardust combined which resulted in Zigga-Zagga’s 2nd goal of the season from close range.

1 – 0 Langold.

3 minutes later and the Langoldians were on the attack again, with Ronnie steaming down the wing. His cut back to Joel had just missed its mark with a good piece of defending from the Cuckney centre back. The following throw-in was launched into the box by Captain Marvel, the ball bounced up and struck the Cuckney midfielder on the hand. The infraction was adjudged to be handball and a penalty was given.

“I’m having it!” shouted Kieran, the skipper sensing an opportunity to move ahead of the Postman in the scoring charts. The crowd went silent and El Capitano slotted home his 6th goal of the season and Langold’s 2nd of the game.

The rest of the half past by with plenty of stand-out features; Ronnie was incredible today, he defended from the front and didn’t let their powerful offense get started. Alec, Warren and Jayden, in particular, shut the door to their attackers time and time again with sensible clearances and insightful passes. However, the player who has been much maligned by Mr Hays in the past stepped up to the plate with an incredible free-kick save. The school field rumbled from the Wilburforce in net!

But with time in the half ticking down, Cuckney found themselves deep in the Langold half and applying some considerable pressure on the home team’s goal. With pot-shots being taken from left, right and centre the blue team’s defence was bewildered. One ball bounced up around chest height and struck the hand of Kieran to which a penalty was given.
Could Willbur dig the team out of trouble again?
He almost did… the keeper got 2 hands to the ball, but the power from the spot was such, that it just wasn’t enough to stop it from finding the roof of the net.

2 – 1 at half time.

“Listen, we should be winning this by a large margin, we need to up our game gentlemen! Use our pace down the wings and get me another goal!” these were the words of a team manager who felt that the game had the chance to sneak away from his team. Logano came on for Willbur in the nets. The young goalie had to strap on his gloves and armbands as he made his way to his net in amongst puddles galore!

The 2nd half kicked off with the Langold team chomping at the bit. Mr Hays had taken Joel to one side and instructed him to sit just in front of the back three and serve as protection for them. This was a difficult task for the goal-hungry midfielder, but throughout the game he performed his role manfully.

A midfield battle of attrition then took place for the next 10 minutes, with both teams finding gaps in their opposition’s defence, to find those same gaps quickly closed.

Something had to be done.

Mr Hays then pulled out the coaching manual and found a quote that he felt suited this moment perfectly…

“Harry, you’ve got 3 minutes left before I sub you off. Make me keep you on… get me a goal!”

I wish I could describe the look of disgust that I received from Harrison then, but honestly, it could have melted the fur off a cat!

The boy now named Pat (because of his postman-like prowess) turned around, looked up, found the ball at his feet. He took a glance at the net, saw the keeper slightly out of positon and delivered a laser beam into the corner of the net.

3 – 1

“Enjoy the rest of the match lad!” said the flame-haired manager as though he had just scored that goal himself!

“I bet that’s going into your match report isn’t it” said co-manager Mark…
…enough said!

Mr Hays then got carried away thinking that he was the next Paul Heckingbottom (he’s the Barnsley manager if you didn’t know and is a genius! You reds!) and tried the same thing with Ronnie. Only the keeper’s outstretched hands were the difference between Mr Hays being insufferably smug and not.

With time ticking down in the game, two substitutions were made; Kurt for Ronnie and Curtis for Alec. Langold were now in full flow, the 3rd goal had created a bit of breathing space which allowed the team to start playing flowing football. Mr Stardust danced down the wing and crossed in some truly delicious balls. One of which was greeted by the luminous orange boots of Kurt. The midfield sub made an excellent decision to work himself towards the back post just at the right time. The ball skidded across the muddy surface to be calmly slotted home for Langold’s 4th and Kurt’s first ever school goal.

This was the last meaningful piece of action in the match but for something that Mr Hays and Mark both agreed would’ve completed the season totally… Curtis had the chance to collect his first ever school goal but was just denied by a goal-line clearance.

Overall, a 4 -1 victory in difficult conditions was extremely impressive and I couldn’t be prouder of how far this team of lads has come. Every one of the boys performed their jobs manfully and deserved every bit of credit that they get.

Onwards and upwards!

Match Ratings:

Will – 8/10 – Stopped a laser beam to the top corner with ease to keep the game at 1 – 0. It was a crucial stop and came just at the right time! Didn’t have much chance on the penalty as the child who scored had a cannon on the end of his leg instead of a foot!

Logan – 8/10 – “Make sure you get yourself mucky Logan!” were the instructions given to him at half time. The boy sure did that! He was caked in mud after he dealt with everything Cuckney threw at him for his 2nd clean sheet of the season.

Warren – 7/10 – Committed himself whole-heartedly into every challenge as is expected of him now. He has really started to read the game now, knowing when to tackle and when to pull back. Brilliant.

Alec – 7/10 – Made some bold clearances to set our speedy wingers on their way. Has also developed a good knack of reading the game, his positioning today was superb with excellent choices being made.

Jayden – 9/10 – Fantastic match today, won every header that came his way. He destroyed their attackers in tackles and didn’t give them a second’s peace. Would have got Man of the Match if it wasn’t for Joel.

Joel – 10/10 – MAN OF THE MATCH – The best I have seen this lad play all year. He didn’t like the position that he was put in, but instead of moaning and moping about it, he adapted fantastically. He provided a perfect veil of protection in front of the defence but could also join the attack at will. A cracking game.

Kurt – 9/10 – Deserved his goal by being in the right place at the right time. This was a skill that can’t be taught and Kurt knew exactly when to make the move into the box. Fantastic work!

Curtis – 8/10 – If he could have finished his shot to provide himself with a goal he would have seen his manager run around the pitch like a hooligan. Sadly, we all have to carry on waiting for that to happen!

Kieran – 8/10 – Cracking game again from El Capitano, he bossed the midfield and put the penalty away with ease. Loses 1 mark for handballing it in our box like a plant-pot and another mark for the number of times he shouted “I can’t throw it that far!” before launching it way over everyone’s heads!

Ronnie – 10/10 – Superb match from this lad, I cannot praise him enough for his grit and determination in the midfield. He never gives up on the ball and it earns him so much ground up the field where he then knows where his teammates are. Fantastic!

Ziggi – 9/10 – Mr Stardust danced himself into the ground today, he was a constant threat moving down the Cuckney wing. He took his goal well and looked a class above their defence. On a drier pitch he would have had 3 or 4 goals today.

Harrison – 9/10 – The Postman delivered again. He seems to take pleasure in making his manager look like a fool. Every time something is said to him he pulls it out of the bag and scores a blinder! Loses a mark for the look of disgust that he gave me when I told him he had 3 minutes left.



Scoring Tables:

Kieran – 6 goals

Harrison – 6 goals

Ziggi – 2 goals

Ronnie – 1 goal

Kurt – 1 goal





Langold Dyscarr CS   1 – 1   St Anne’s

On a bitterly cold and rapidly darkening Monday, the top of the table clash between St Anne’s (1st) and Langold (2nd) got underway. Langold were hit with some (very!) last minute team selection issues with centre back Jayden and midfielder Joel failing a late fitness test (and forgetting their kit). With Mr Hays pulling out his hair, the team warmed up by moving the nets from the MUGA onto the boggy field.

A handshake between the teams preceded the kick off and with both squads playing in light blue and with the moon providing the only light it was going to be a close-run affair!

The whistle blew and the ball was kicked, immediately working its way back to the Langold defence. The formation was slightly altered with Logano forfeiting his usual position in the goal for a defensive midfield spot. The early minutes were dominated by Langold; with Ronnie, Ziggi and Harrison all coming close. St Anne’s had the style of play that was best suited for the counter-attack with their defence enjoying playing the ball out from the back. This led to a thoroughly entertaining end-to-end game, with Langold attacking in waves and St Anne’s grabbing the initiative on the counter. On one such attack, Kieran forced their keeper to push the ball out for a corner. This allowed Ronnie to dish up a tasty cross to be met by Ziggi’s head… which sailed over the bar.

With over 13 minutes played, the game was balancing on a knife edge when Harrison came to the party. The teeny-tiny striker picked up the ball on the wing, twisted the defender inside out and shot into the corner of the net from 25 yards out. Miniature Pogba then performed possibly the worst celebration ever seen on a football field, he attempted a ‘dab’ to be like his Man Utd hero. However, he didn’t commit to it fully, the result being an awkward wiping of his fringe… this was poor from Harrison and he knew it!

With time ticking down ‘til half time, Mr Hays knew that a second goal here would put Langold in the driver’s seat. However, the visitors must have psychic powers because they pushed and pushed the Langoldians up the pitch towards their own net, looking for the equaliser. If it wasn’t for Warren and Alec at the back, the score would have been completely different. Alec dealt with any threats from the air with great confidence and if the speedy St Anne’s wingers got past him, Warren dived into tackles with great gusto to put the attack to a stop.

Sadly, it was one attack too many as Warren made a crunching tackle, to see the ball ricochet off his legs into the path of the St Anne’s striker. The following shot was a tame effort which trickled harmlessly towards Will in the net. However, to the defence and Will’s surprise the speedy winger from the tackle had gotten to his feet and sprinted towards Will. He nipped in front of the green-shirted keeper and slotted the ball home into the net. As always with Langold, the whistle blew seconds after they scored and it was half time.

An in-depth discussion took place as the sun finally set. The team decided that the best way forward was to attack and really put their excitable defence under pressure. The formation changed again; Harrison was chosen to lead the line with Ronnie and Ziggi on either wing. Kurt and Kieran bossed the middle of the park with Alec and Warren sitting at the back accompanied by Logano in front of them. With Curtis on the bench; it was going to be all out attack for Langold as they tried to press home an advantage over the league leaders.

“Attack…. Attack…. Attack…. Attack!” yelled Curtis, his bright pink gloves flashing in the moonlight! Sadly, his chants were encouraging St Anne’s as Langold looked over at him very confused! St Anne’s had a free-kick which was taken by their very own Cristiano Ronaldo! He ran up, put an excellent shot just over the wall onto Will’s net. The crowd held its breath…. The ball dipped…. The striker began to celebrate…. BUT WILL HAD OTHER PLANS! He tipped the ball over the crossbar to produce a breath-taking save! The crowd cheered and Langold lived to fight another day.

The 2nd half then carried onwards in the same fashion as the first. Curtis came on for Kurt; removing his pink gloves and taking his place as a striker! The boys from School Road really pressed hard, having a large percentage of possession and with corner after corner they looked certain to grab the winner in the dying seconds. However, it was to no avail as the whistle blew for full time and the boys shook their opponent’s hands. It really was the best advert for school football that anyone could have asked for.

Match Ratings:

Will - 8/10 – He took his first full game in the nets with a fresh confidence, making excellent saves in the second half. He really is coming on as goalkeeper and needs to believe it himself!

Warren – 7/10 – A quiet game by his usual high standards, he seemed to thoroughly commit himself to every tackle but that sometimes led him into trouble!

Alec – 7/10 – A fairly solid game for Alec, he supported the defence well and proved crucial in the midfield. His ability to head the ball has really improved as well throughout the season.

Logan – 8/10 – After being asked to play in a completely alien position, he responded brilliantly by making excellent tackles and insightful passes.

Kieran – 7/10 – A dominant game in the midfield today for Captain Kieran, he was closely marked throughout the match which led to some frustration. However, when he got the chance to unleash his powerful shot, he looked a real threat!

Kurt – 7/10 – Ran around the midfield well and tried his hardest to cut out the short passes from their defence. Showed great energy and positional awareness in their box.

Curtis – 9/10 – Wore a most excellent pair of pink gloves throughout the first half and when asked to play a crucial role up front did it with impressive effects!

Ronnie – 8/10 – In a close game, that spent the majority of play in the midfield, he jumped into tackles and looked impressive on the attack. He has the ability to always look a threat.

Ziggi – 8/10 – Thoroughly expressive performance, he showed off his tricks and flicks. The finishing touch was just missing from Ziggi this match, he just had to find himself a yard of space to unleash his shot.

Harrison – 10/10 – MAN OF THE MATCH - He bagged his 5th goal of the campaign and looked very threatening as well. He enjoyed the freedom given to him from the floating position in front of their defence.




Langold Dyscarr CS 3 – 1 Kingston Academy - 15th November 2016

It was on a rapidly darkening Tuesday night that the boys of LDCS set off to their nearest rival’s ground. In the absence of floodlights, the game was hastily started at 3:20 with the boys donning luminescent orange bibs (just so Mr Hays could see them in the gloom!)

As per usual, Langold got off to a shaky start, mainly due to many of our players becoming confused with the different white lines on the pitch. Kingston played the ball right out on the wings of their adult sized pitch, working their way down the orange men’s flanks time and again. However, as the season has progressed, one thing has become clear more than any other: the quality of Warren Fagan has improved no end! He met every single challenge with great gusto, making sure he got the ball and that there was no danger to be seen behind him. This confidence in his actions led to Jayden matching his ability, also having his best match in Langold colours. Nevertheless, it was the boys in orange that struck first just after the 12-minute mark. The Langoldians attacked relentlessly with efforts from Ziggi, Alec and (most surprisingly) Curtis! However, Captain Fantastic stepped up (yet again) to net his 5th goal of this year’s campaign with a scrappy ping-pong effort that beat the Kingston keeper. The goal seemed to relax Langold significantly, as they allowed Kingston back onto the attack time and again. The pressure put on the back was personified in Warren and Jayden chasing the speedy Kingston winger back towards their own net. After several tackles the danger was yet again dealt with. However, from the resulting corner, disaster struck. Langold suffered from their ‘set-piece-itus’, allowing the ball to travel into their box easily to leave a bewildered Will stranded. 3 seconds later, the half time whistle blew at 1 - 1.

Half way through the match and the boys were looking down, every one of them feeling that they should have gone into the final half leading. Mr Hays made 2 substitutions, bringing Logan on for Will and Kurt on for Curtis. The now famous Langold fire was stoked, as the ginger teacher told the boys to ‘remember Tuxford’ and their famous comeback victory.

The whistle blew and was met with Kieron leading the charge into the opposition half. He galvanised the rest of the team and set the example exactly how a good captain should. Both Kurt and Ronnie followed their captain’s lead by instantly rushing the Kingston defence. Langold had shot after shot but none found their mark; Ziggi played incredibly well on the right wing, causing a constant headache for his defender time and time again. Harrison was very streetwise with his play down the opposite wing, jinking in and out of tackles and working his way further into the attacking territory. At last though, the 2nd Langold goal came from an unfortunate mistake in their opposition’s defence. A goal kick found its way to the feet of Kurt, who played in Ziggi who’s shot riffled through the air and into the corner of the net. 2 – 1 Langold.

The Kingstonians were rattled, and their play became more and more rushed as Langold smelt blood. Kieron to Ronnie, to Harrison, to Kurt, to Ziggi as flowing passing moves lit up the dusky night. More shots rained on the Kingston net as the screw was turned. Kieron then picked up the ball on the right wing, he looked up to find both Ziggi and Harrison unmarked in the box. His early cross in found its mark, travelling down the corridor of uncertainty straight onto Harrison’s waiting boot to volley home. 3 - 1.

With 7-minutes left, the game looked done and dusted. But the home side had other ideas, they proceeded to play an     attacking formation to try and force some pressure on Langold themselves. The result ended in a one on one with Logan; the striker looked to place the ball inside the far post, but Logano stretched and cleared the danger with a well-judged arm.  This save immediately set Ziggi away, he out-sprinted the defence to leave himself one on one with the Kingston keeper. His first shot was saved with the leg; the rebound was saved with her arm! The game could have ended 7 or 8 -1 if it was not for this outstanding keeping! The final play of the match summed up the Langold style perfectly, a quick throw-in from Kieron to Harrison built into a quick 1:2 which ended in a first-time cross in to Ziggi who’s effort was saved!

It was a marvellous effort from the boys, who yet again showed that they can take their game to the next level when needed. However, the next match is against St Anne’s who are in the league above, so they need to be on their ‘A-game’ straight away!

Match Ratings:

Will – 6/10 – Didn’t have much to do today, he made sure that his defence was positioned correctly from all the set pieces faced. Was sadly left stranded with their goal. (Loses a mark for practising his catching of a football at 8pm inside his living room leaving a broken vase and an angry mum behind!)

Logan – 8/10 – Had two shots against him, one was tipped around the post and the other was the one on one which he showed his class in stopping. He looked very calm in goal as he always does; a very impressive  performance.

Jayden – 7/10 – Showed excellent composure under pressure when he was being pressed, making the  correct decision to either pass down the line or put the ball out of play. Solid performance.

Warren – 10/10 – Man of the Match – An outstanding performance from Warren, he won tackles all over the field and looked so calm even when the attackers were running at him, or when he had the ball at his feet. This was easily the most impressive match that Warren has had.

Alec – 7/10 – A quiet game by his usual standards, he looked impressive going forwards and seemed to enjoy his new freedom in the  midfield as well. He always seemed to find his way to the edge of their box just at the right time.

Curtis – 7/10 – Showed excellent technical ability on the edge of the opponent’s box, taking the ball down on his chest but just shooting wide. Seems to have found a new position up front causing mischief with their defence.

Kurt – 8/10 – Great effort and enthusiasm from Kurt today, he hounded the Kingston defence and didn’t give them a moment’s rest. His hard work created the 2nd goal for the team. Very impressive.

Kieron – 9/10 – What has become a customary standard of performance from the captain. The stand out moment was the fight and                                encouragement he put into his teammates at the start of the 2nd half. His actions made the others wake up and follow him, a true leader!

Ronnie – 8/10 – A quiet game for Ronnie who drifted between striker and right midfielder, he provided plenty of opportunities for his team with his ingenious flicks and tricks. He always looked a threat when attacking and found Ziggi with some excellent passing.

Harrison – 8/10 – A smart game from Harrison, his defensive side came out today more than anything else. He looked relaxed and assured with his movements and decisions, but he still managed to bag his 4th goal of the season with a well-placed volley!

Ziggi – 10/10 – Would have been the Man of the Match but was just pipped by Warren. He looked a class above the rest today, creating chances out of nothing and causing headaches for every one of the Kingston defenders. Deserved his goal and should have scored at least 2 more!


Tuxford 2 vs 5 Langold

The nerves inside Mr Hays’ car were palpable - we had 11 miles still to go, the fuel gauge said 0 miles left.

“We’re not going to make it!” worried Jayden, as he looked out of the window,

“Don’t be silly! Mr Hays is a teacher; he wouldn’t be stupid enough to set off on a long journey without any fuel!” replied Harrison. However, in Mr Hays’ head, the faith shown in him by the bespectacled striker was unfounded. After 18 minutes of crawling through the back of beyond the magic motor finally made it to a petrol station on the outskirts of Retford.

Anyway, nothing else went wrong after that apart from Mr Hays missed the junction for Tuxford, they couldn’t find the football pitch, and Ziggi and Logan were still somewhere else in Bassetlaw looking for the ground… oh and it was raining… HEAVILY!

However, the match started only 25 minutes late and it was Tuxford to kick off in the middle of the Somme battlefield.


Harrison had broken through their defence and slotted home Langold’s first goal of the day in 7 seconds! What followed however was another game of header tennis (the second game in so many days!) where the taller Tuxford boys took advantage of their height difference and bossed the midfield. However, the solid defensive pair of Alec and Jayden managed to negate any attacks with minimal difficulty. The newly introduced midfielder Curtis buzzed around and got himself well and truly stuck into any of the Tuxford players.

But on the stroke of the 9th minute a Tuxfordian goal kick travelled the length of the field to meet Ziggi’s heel. Sadly for Langold, the heel went behind the Y4 and beat his classmate in goal as well to give Tuxford a cheap goal. The sadness was then compounded when the home side struck again; this time from a corner, which evaded Will in the net and nestled into the corner.

Only a minute later, the referee blew the whistle for half time and Langold were trailing 2 – 1 going into the break.

A few inspiring words from Mr Hays and the appearance of the Tuxford cheerleaders inspired the boys into action and the second half began.

The lads in the orange bibs were out of the blocks like a shot, led by their captain Kieran and manfully supported by Ronnie and Ziggi… the press was on.

Joel won every loose ball, shipping the spoils out wide to Ziggi and Harrison to put the Langoldians on the front foot. However, no matter how hard we banged on the door, the Tuxford defence stood firm. With each long ball that sailed over the top of midfield, the Langold defence replied with gusto; Alec, Jayden and the newly introduced Warren looked to be calm at the back. Warren in particular played some fantastic through balls to our speedy wingers.

But no matter how much possession we had, the score remained 2 – 1 to Tuxford.

Enter Harrison.

A corner to Langold gave the chance that all the travelling supporters wished for. A goal-mouth scramble gave way to a volleyed effort from Harry, which found a home in the bottom corner of the Tuxford goal.

The comeback was on... 2 – 2

Somebody had to stand up in the team, somebody had to drag the team over the line… that somebody was Kieran. The skipper danced through the midfield, dodging tackles and opponents like Ronaldo crossed with Anton Du Bec! His shot was more of a toe-poke than he wanted, but nevertheless it found its way home and the score was now 3 – 2!

1 minute later…  a corner to Langold. Ronnie whipped in a delicious ball to be met by Kieran’s head and the score was now 4 – 2!

2 minutes after that… the cross from Ziggi shot across the outside of the box to Harrison who shimmied into space and let loose a curling beauty into the top corner of the net. 5 - 2

“You owe me a McDonalds Mr Hays!!” he screamed as he ran past the celebrating manager.

1 minute later… the final whistle was blown.

An incredible come back from the boys, probably the best performance that I’ve seen yet and a perfect way to answer their critics from yesterday’s match.


Match Ratings:

Will – 7/10 – Gathered any loose balls up without an issue. Was caught out on the corner because he was too busy looking over at his Mum!!!! But I’m sure that’s Mum’s fault not Will’s!

Alec – 7/10 – Yet another solid performance by one of the most consistent performers. He dealt with trouble well and looked strong when faced by bigger, stronger attackers.

Jayden – 7/10 – There’s a strong relationship building between the two boys at the back. They have a fantastic chemistry and Jayden’s reading of the game is something which he is developing more and more with each game.

Curtis – 7/10 – Tried out a new position in midfield and really gave it his all. He buzzed around like an angry bee and really got stuck in!

Kieran – 9/10 – Dragged the team by the scruff of the neck back into the game. His two goals were perfectly timed and much needed. He bossed the midfield today.

Joel – 8/10 – Was the first to every loose ball and never shirked out of the way of a tough challenge. Showed fantastic commitment.

Ziggi – 8/10 – Yet again showed his class, he always put their defenders on the back foot with his dribbling and speed. Was impressive even on a muddy surface which didn’t lend itself to his style of play.

Ronnie – 9/10 – Stood toe to toe with bigger, stronger year 6’s from Tuxford and came off better on the majority of occasions. His tenacity was superb and he never let a ball go.

Harrison – 10/10 – MAN OF THE MATCH – Stood out massively, he showed speed, skill and the ability to finish. He had the knack of finding space and putting a shot on goal to challenge their keeper.

Logan – 9/10 – Pulled off a stunning spinning save to keep the score at 2 – 2. His kicking from hands was also very impressive as it took all the pressure off the team.

Warren – 9/10 – Narrowly missed out on the man of the match award. He wanted every ball at his feet and when he had it, he distributed the ball brilliantly. Very encouraging performance from him.

Mr Hays

Langold Dyscarr 1 – 2 Ramsden


On a showery October afternoon, the boys football team assembled in their blue tracksuits ready to rumble with local rivals; Ramsden. Mr Hays had sent out emergency messages to all parents to beg for someone to come and referee, and to his relief Tom popped up from Portland and lent his services very well.

After a stirring team talk from Mr Hays, Mark and Alan, the team began to warm up as final preparations were made to the nets (someone had to fix the size of the holes!) Ramsden had arrived with a short bench and a team that looked ready to compete. However, the Langoldians were keen to impress the vast number of home supporters who had flocked to see the team after word of their 2 – 1 victory over Cuckney had spread.

The match kicked off with what seemed to be a 20 minute game of header-tennis! Alec, Ziggi, Harrison and Kieran all challenged manfully and won their battles in the air, but the game never seemed to settle down. Some excellently timed challenges from Jayden and Warren at the back prevented Ramsden from getting too close to Will’s goal.

But it was Langold who struck the first attempt on goal as Joel picked up the ball from outside the box and let a hard shot go onto the Ramsden keeper, who mishandled at first but then recovered. A second promising attack was then stopped by the impressive Ramsden defence and they broke quickly on the counter. However, Ronnie tracked back (as he did all game long) and ushered the ball into Will’s grateful grasp! A nervy kick almost led to Ramsden’s first shot on goal but Warren recovered and sent the ball the full distance of the pitch for Harrison to try and link onto. The diminutive striker got the better of the defender in a rare slip-up and was one on one with the keeper. But just as the home supporters were about to start celebrating, his shot was again stopped by the excellent keeper in the opposition net.

As the half time whistle was blown (and plenty of jaffa cakes were munched) the score stood at honours even…

0 – 0

The second half started with Mr Hays making a substitution by bringing off Will and replacing him with Logan. Ramsden set the ball rolling and the game restarted. It wasn’t long however until Langold had their first corner of the match. Ziggi had broke down the wing and his attempted cross was blocked. The same man then took the corner, swinging in a delicious ball over the keepers head and straight onto the forehead of Captain Kieran who….

…just headed over the bar!

But the second half was all Langold, Ronnie had swapped with Harrison and had taken root up front with great success. A pass from Jayden at the back to Joel allowed time for a tasty looking through ball for Ronnie who slotted home the shot off the post to bring the blues their first goal!

A change was then made to bring off Jayden and replace him with Curtis in defence, and then Joel was substituted for Kurt (a player making his school team debut). The blues then showed great energy without finding that killer second goal. Ramsden replied with a breakaway chance, but Logan stopped them in their tracks by challenging bravely and clearing the ball. However, a scramble on the edge of the box from the ensuing throw-in lead to Ramsden finding the back of the net.

The bad news was then made worse when, with only 4 minutes to go, the impressive centre back took a long range shot for Ramsden and found the top corner (of the full sized nets!) just out of reach of Logan. The game then fizzled away with Langold having just one chance at the very end of the game, where the ball was shot wide.

The game ended with Langold falling just short at 2 – 1.

Player Ratings:

Will – 7/10 – Collected the ball very well when a dangerous attack looked on the cards. Also attempted to kick the ball out of his hands quickly to move Langold onto the attack.

Warren – 7/10 – Got rid of the ball and any consequent danger with his long range clearances. Also jumped up to head the ball at any given opportunity and won the majority of challenges.

Jayden – 8/10 – Read the game very well, he saw the danger coming before the pass was played and made sure it didn’t come to anything. Looked composed at the back and very confident.

Alec – 7/10 – A quiet game overall, but he played the ball into good areas and was keen to show off his throw-in skills! Wasn’t afraid to get stuck into a tackle.

Kieran – 7/10 – Made several surging runs forward, but found a dead-end each time. Had a good effort on goal with his head but just missed out.

Joel – 8/10 – Looked to play the striker in at all times, which created lots of space for him to play. His long shooting also looked very threatening and he was unlucky not to get a goal.

Ziggi – 8/10 – Won every header he went for and looked strong on the wing. His crossing ability provided a constant threat on the Ramsden net as well.

Ronnie – 9/10 – MAN OF THE MATCH – Constantly ran backwards and forwards into his own half to help out at the back. He challenged hard and won the majority of his tackles and when his time came to shoot on the Ramsden net, he did so with deadly accuracy.

Harrison – 8/10 – Looked busy on the ball as always and especially strong when in the midfield. May have just found himself a new position on the pitch, especially if he plays as well as that!

Logan – 8/10 – Was brave and controlled when dealing with the one on one, missed out on his clean sheet with two goals, one of them an unstoppable shot into the top corner of the net.

Curtis – 7/10 – Showed excellent sportsmanship in helping the opposition to their feet when they were down. Looked busy in defence and wasn’t afraid to throw his body around.

Kurt – 7/10 – A good debut, he showed lots of energy and rushed the Ramsden defence into mistakes on a few occasions. Looked to play the vital flick into Ziggi’s path which could have tied the match.

All in all, a good effort from the boys today, they played hard and probably deserved a draw against a team which was built on a very strong defence. We have the chance to rectify the result tomorrow against Tuxford,

Mr Hays


Langold Dyscarr Community School 2 – 1 Cuckney C of E Primary

On a surprisingly hot first day of Autumn, the newly kitted out Langold Dyscarr Community School Boys FC travelled to Cuckney in convoy for their first match of the 2016/17 season. Mr Hays had picked an attacking team which seemed to favour the heavy conditions of the Cuckney pitch. Within the first 8 minutes, Langold had plenty of opportunities on their opposition’s net with Harrison, Ziggi and Ronnie coming close. However, it was the Captain himself who stepped just inside of the halfway line to deliver a thunderbolt to the corner of the net. Cuckney then attempted to work their way back into the fixture but with the hard-tackling duo of Alec and Joel in the midfield, the ball couldn’t find its way through to their strikers. On the rare occasion that it did, the calming influence of Warren and Jayden in defence smothered the attack and set Langold on the break time and time again! Ziggi broke down the line past Cuckney’s defence and sent a pin-point cross straight onto the head of Harrison who just put his chance wide. The diminutive striker then broke clear of the defence but fell fowl of a molehill and missed his chance. The following attack on the Langold net ended up in Warren defending manfully and clearing out the goal mouth scramble that followed.

At half time Langold had the lead but sadly they had to kick uphill for the second part of the game. Mr Hays made a substitution, taking the impressive Warren off and replacing him with Curtis. After a few promising attacks, including a long shot from Ronnie the score remained 1 – 0. Cuckney (now with the downhill advantage) attacked time and time again forcing Logan into several saves in the Langold net. With 10 minutes left in the game Mr Hays made his 2nd and 3rd substitutions bringing on Will for Logan and Rhys for Harrison.

Only seconds after coming on, Will was forced into making his first ever save for Langold. When an opposition free kick sent a long ball into our box, a flick on made Will use his head… literally! The ball hit the keeper flush on the forehead to many cheers from the rest of his team as a corner was given the other way. From the resulting corner, a breakaway, started by Ronnie, Ziggi, Alec and Rhys, was calmly finished by the Captain Kieron for his second goal of the match.

A few minutes passed by and Cuckney attacked again, this time finding their way into the Langold box. A tackle came in from Joel and their striker was adjudged to be brought down illegally and a penalty was awarded and converted to bring the scores back to 2 – 1.

4 nervy minutes followed, but through pure force of will the Blues managed to withstand the attack. The final whistle was blown and the Langoldians celebrated and commiserated with their opponents.

A great start to the season and plenty of positives to take from it!

Match Ratings:

Logan – 7/10 – Didn’t have many chances on his net but looked calm, cool and collected when called upon.

Warren – 8/10 – Recognised danger well and put in some vital tackles at the last minute to save a goal.

Jayden – 8/10 – Solid at the back, whenever danger reared its head he put the ball down the field or out of play. Very impressive performance.

Joel – 9/10 – Just missed out on a Man of the Match award this week. He tackled well in the midfield and passed the ball nicely around the park. Looked very calm under pressure.

Kieron – 10/10 – Given the Captain’s Arm Band before the match and was told to lead by example. 2 goals, constant encouragement for his teammates showed that he deserves the role given to him. Man of the Match.

Alec – 8/10 – Looked nervous to start off with, but grew into the game very well. Put in a lot of crucial tackles to stop the Cuckney break in its tracks.

Ronnie – 9/10 – Put in 110% effort all through the match, and looked a constant threat to the Cuckney defence. Came back on the defence and helped out in the end resulting in him setting up the break for our 2nd goal.

Ziggi – 9/10 – Ran up and down the wing time and time again, showed off his fancy footwork in beating several defenders and had the quality to produce very good crosses in the box.

Harrison – 8/10 – Always had their defenders looking over their shoulders, and never let them have time on the ball. Great energy and enthusiasm to get himself around the back four and look for some shots on their goal.

Will – 8/10 – Had a short but action packed time on the field, resulting in being hit in the head and facing a penalty.  He barked instructions out to his defence and managed to earn the win.

Curtis – 7/10 – Looked solid and withstood a huge amount of pressure from their attackers. Knew his game plan and stuck to it.

Rhys – 7/10 – Tried a new position out and showed bags full of energy to buzz around their defenders giving Ziggi and Ronnie plenty of room to run into.

Mr Hays                                                        

Well done, boys!





















Girls' Football

Super Sports

Year 3/4 Basketball

Well done, Year 6

Year 3/4 Practise Basketball Skills

Boules Finalists 2014

Well done to our fantastic Gymnastics team who competed in their first competition (29.06.14). 

Gymnasts Galore!

Year 1 and Year 2 Participate in PEGS

More Year 1 Gymnasts

Well done to our latest                      

Year 1 Gymnasts!

Well done to Charlotte for passing her Level 7 Gymnastics Proficiency and Cameron for passing his level 8 Proficiency!


OurLlatest Year 1 Gymnasts

Year 4 Rugby Tournament

All of Year 4 took part in a tournament to show our tag rugby skills learnt last half term. We were very competitive, but showed good sportsmanship!        

Well  done, everyone!

Another Year 1 gymnast

Year 1 Gymnasts

Year 2 hockey

Brilliant Basketball Team Work

F1 Gymnasts

We were very pound to welcome Henna Shah, a European Kumate Champion, who demonstrated some of her skills to our own karate students.  She gave us  an insight into how determination and hard work paid off in her quest to be the best.  We are very       fortunate to be one of only two schools, in our area, who offer karate as part of the curriculum.      


Well done to all our karate pupils who received  their Red Belts and certificates.  Perhaps with determination and resilience some of our children will be as successful as Henna and stand amongst




Karate- A European Champion visits Langold


Welcome to our new gymnastics teacher Emma, who will be with us for the year and teaching children up to  Year 3.  She will also be running an after school gymnastics club (limited to 12 places).  As you can see Year 2 had a fantastic first lesson.