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End of 3 Week Reading Challeng

Reading Stars October 2014

F1 Parents' Reading Workshop

F2 Parents' Reading Workshop September 2014

Reading Challenge - Medallists

F2 Read with Ted

Reading Stars Assembly

Reading Zone Poster Winners

Reading Zone Poster competition Update

Reading Zone

Year 2 Come and Read With Ted  - After School Activity

 Monday 16th June from 3.15 to 4.15


Bring your teddy bear or bedtime toy to school on Monday 16th June for a super after school activity of reading and listening to stories.

We will have our usual fun filled day of learning on Monday 16th June.

Drinks and cookies at 3.15 will be followed by an hour of sharing stories with your teddy.

You can show your teddy how we read and listen to super stories.


Reading Zone Poster Competition


All children in Key Stage 2 are invited to design a poster advertising our New Reading Zone in the Library.


Make it informative, saying


Where the Reading Zone is


When the Reading Zone will be on


What you can read in there


Who can go to the Reading  Zone


There will be 2 prize winners

A winner from Yr 3/4

A winner from Yr 5/6


Prize winners can choose a book from                                     The Red Reading Stars Chest


Hurry the competition closes next Tuesday 17th June


FSU Love Reading

Reading Stars May

Reading Challenges

F1 Parents' Reading Workshop - May 2014

Reading Challenge Medals awarded

Year 1 Reading for Pleasure





Look out for Year 6’s fantastic Extreme Reading photos

coming to a display board near you!

Year 6 love reading anytime, anywhere!

Can you spot the photos around school?


Je m'habille et je te croque!


We loved reading this book in French and acting out the actions, especially howling at the moon!


Reading Challenges - Bronze Medal Award

Reading with Ted

Year 1, 1a Come and Read With Ted  - After School Activity

 Tuesday 11th February from 3.15 to 4.30



Bring your teddy bear or bedtime toy to school on Tuesday 11th February  for a super after school activity of reading and listening to stories.


  • We will have our usual fun filled day of learning on Tuesday 11th February.
  • Drinks and cookies at 3.15 will be followed by an hour of sharing stories with your teddy.
  • You can show your teddy how we read and listen to super stories.


Please sign and return the reply slip as soon as possible so we know how many teddies to expect.  


F1 Parents' Reading Workshop

Reading Stars

Our latest 'author'

FSU Fully-fledged Members of Langold Library

Year 1 Reading Challenge

Reading Stars 6th December 2013

Reading Stars 6th Deacember 2013

Well Done, Year 1

Well done to all the children who have completed their 1st Olympic Reading Challenge!

Keep up the good reading!

F2 Superstar Readers and Writers


This  week we have been doing lots of amazing writing about the Gruffalo.  Miss Frisby was so proud she gave us gold medals that we wore all day.  The boys have been making Transformers from Mobilo and they labelled them for Miss Frisby because she isn’t sure what they are!                                         

We have lots of Reading Stars this week!  Well done for reading at least five times a week over a four week period.  You are Superstars!                               





The Bear And The Hare                                                                                                                         


As part of their Reading Challenge, Year 2 have  used the story of the Bear and the Hare, featured in the John Lewis Christmas advert, for inspiration. They have acted out and filmed their own scenes from the film, described the characters and the setting and they are going to continue the story in their own words.

Could your videos, art and writing end up on TV? We can’t wait to see your work!





Reading Recovery              

Morgan Marsh in  class 1A had a very special trip, to Bluebell Primary School in Nottingham, last week. Morgan was selected to travel with his mum and dad to have  a Reading Recovery Lesson with Mrs Harrison at the R.R. training venue.  All the children having Reading Recovery lessons work very hard and are doing well!


Reading For Pleasure

Come and lose yourself in a good book — 12.15—12.45pm in the School Library                                     

Mon— Year 6           

Tues  - Year 5

Wed — Year 4          

Thurs  -  Year 3

Fri  -  Year 4A


Year 1 Create Fantastic Story Boxes

Year 1 are well on their way to completing their Bronze Medal Olympic Reading Challenge.  They have made some splendid story boxes which they are using for inspiration in their reading and writing. 

We have so many budding authors!  We look forward to reading your work.                                                                  



Year 1 create some FANTASTIC Story Boxes!

Library Lunchtimes—Reading for Pleasure

Starting next week KS2 children will have the      opportunity to spend their lunchtime reading in the school library, after they have eaten their lunch.  There will be a different day for each class so come along and lose yourself in a good book.




Reading Stars

This week F2 has 7 Reading Stars who have all read at least 5 times a week, at home, for 4 weeks.                                                                   Well done! We are so proud of you!                                                                                                                                                                        Reading Every Day Leads To Success - Books are Brilliant!




Parent’s Reading Workshop

On Friday morning F2 held their second Parent’s Reading Workshop in the library.  Parents heard about how they can help their child with tricky words, not to sound them out as they are tricky! And lots of other helpful reading strategies.  Magnetic letters will be on everyone’s Santa List—they are  wonderful!





Early Reading and Writing Workshops

Two interesting Early Reading and Writing workshops were held in the library for F1 parents.  There is so much that you can do to help your child make a good start using free resources.  Magnetic letters are wonderful.  I wonder if Santa has any left?

Reading Every day Leads to success - Books are Brilliant!


F2 Parent’s Reading Workshop, October 2nd

The library was full of F2 parents and two students participating in an informative and we hope, fun session about how we teach children to read.  Miss Frisby and Mrs Harrison played My pile/Your pile word reading game and everyone went home with the word cards and a “How to” booklet.  Thank you to all those who joined us.

Reading Every Day Leads To Success -  Books Are Brilliant!

Coming Soon…

Look out for KS2 Reading Objective slips in your child’s reading diary.  These are tailored to your child’s reading level and will help to explain what they should be doing in their      reading.

Reading Every Day Leads To Success - Books Are Brilliant!



To encourage your child to read we will be presenting 2 children from each class with a ‘Reading Star’ trophy which they will be able to keep for 2 weeks until the next Reading Stars assembly.

Reading Every Day Leads to Success  -  Books are Brilliant!

Watch this space for news of more exciting ‘Reading Challenges’!