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Take 5

Take some time for yourself. Controlled breathing can work wonders for stress and anxiety, helping to give us a sense of calm and reassurance. 

Alternatively, you may wish to go on a Cosmic Kids yoga adventure. Yoga helps us to understand how to use our breathing to reduce stress and feel in control when we feel anxious. And it is incredibly fun!


Expressive Arts and Design 

Have a go at some of these craft activities with your family at home.

Positivity Rainbow

Design a positivity rainbow to display in your window. During this time of social distancing, families can go for a walk and children can look for rainbows. When you go for a walk see how many you can spot!
Send us a photo! 🌈

Transient Art 

Provide a selection of loose parts for your child to manipulate. When putting these materials together, consider the creative potential the parts have. Your child will invariably come up with ideas you have not considered, but aim to include different textures, sizes and shapes.

Learning you may see: 

  • Maths – patterns, sometimes symmetry, lines, tessellation, size, positional language, counting, sorting and classifying, combining and separating, one-to-one correspondence, space, shape, measure

  • Language – stories are often told as the materials are arranged

  • Scientific concepts – material description, physical properties, developing wonder and curiosity

  • Physical development – fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

  • Creativity

  • Imagination

  • Decision making


Each sheet contains a selection of fun, practical maths activities based on a different part of the number early learning goal. Parents can choose an activity from the sheet to complete to help their child practise their maths skills. These early years maths activities focus on skills, such as counting, addition, subtraction, doubling, halving and sharing. 

Understanding The World 

Have a go at ones of these science experiments. Send us a photo!

More Activity Ideas