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“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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We are buzzing about bees!


Our topic this half term is minibeasts and we are starting off looking at bees and you'll never guess what? Winnie the Pooh came to visit and told us that he is running out of honey (or hunni as he spelt it!) and it is because there are no flowers for the bees to collect nectar. He asked for our help and we were straight on the case!

So we decided to make some seed bombs! These are made of cat litter (or clay), compost, water and seeds. We wrote instruction of how to make them using bossy verbs and we got busy and messy making them! 

On Monday we are going in Langold woods to throw them! The seeds will eventually grow which will encourage the bees to visit. Winnie will get his honey!

After we had made them, you will never guess what happened?! An actual bee came to visit and actually landed on Harley who was totally chilled about it all. Miss Frisby was so excited and said the bee had come to say thank you to us for helping!

Lottie has also bought us a bee hotel too that is up in our foundation garden. We are really lucky and so are the bees as it is five star luxury!

Next week we are learning more about bees and are writing some bee facts using our super sentences. We are also being involved in some bee crafts to make our display 3D and fabulous and you will be able to see it when you come and watch our class assembly! We can't wait to share our learning with you!


We have been busy Bees!

Our learning after reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.
 F2 have been reading the story Jack and the Beanstalk, and they had a visitor. It was the giant! He kicked down our door to get in and took the door off its hinges. Mr Tyson wasn't impressed!  We didn't know what he wanted. But the next day he left a letter and muddy footprints all over the classroom floor and he explained that he wanted his harp and hen back. So we wrote a letter back telling him that Jack had it (and it wasn't one of our two Jack's!) We were going to phone him but Miss Frisby only has the Toothfairy and Santa's number in her phone, but sadly , no giant.  The next day we had another letter from Jack himself telling us that he was at our school and he had the hen there. We eventually found it living with our very own chickens in the quad. Some of our friends went to investigate and they found two golden eggs! We couldn't believe our eyes! Miss Frisby is going to the golden egg shop to sell them to get some money to buy treats for us all! We deseve them after the week we've had. We've still got to make a trap incase the giant comes back and we need to decide how to get our letters to the giant. What do you think? F2 have decided that we could use ladders; will they reach his castle in the clouds? Or maybe a helicopter will be more successful. Has anyone got one to lend us? Look in the sky on Friday and see what we decide to use! The children have been so engaged and their learning has gone to new heights, just like our letters will!

Jack and the Beanstalk

Science week

Liquids and solids

In F2 we looked at chocolate; both when it is melted and is a liquid (and it can flow) and when it is a solid (cannot flow). Elliot held it in his hand to see what would happen and this did!

We then put some in the microwave and it melted into a liquid. We mixed cornflakes into the chocolate to make cakes and put them into the fridge. Guess what? The chocolate turned back into a solid and when we tasted it we decided that it was a tasty solid!

We put some chocolate chips on the radiator to see what would happen. The children predicted that they would melt. Some of our boys were fascinated with the process and decided to speed the melting up! They lifted up the blinds so that Mr. Sunshine could enter the classroom and the chocolate melted really quickly. What fabulous scientists you are!

Floating and sinking

We also explored floating and sinking. It was a fun scientific concept for the children to explore.

We discussed the weight, size and material the object was made of and how this influenced the floating ability.

We made predictions about which objects would float and sink and we were really good at it!


Learning opportunities

We have had such fun being scientists and the learning opportunities have been fabulous.

It has encouraged language development and the children have used descriptive words to express ideas and opinions.

They have made connections with real life experiences and it has promoted scientific thinking in the form of predictions, observations, comparison, reasoning, data gathering, experimentation and evaluation.

what a great week!


Regular readers!

Well done to our regular readers. I am very proud. Next week I willbe assessing reading so we can see the hard work you have putin start to pay off. Don't forget to look at your tricky words too!

In it to win it!

The lucky winners this week who have done work for the 'in it towin it' tray and received raffle tickets that got chosen are here with their prizes!
We start again next week with different challenges that they have to complete. I wonder who gets picked out the box!!

Our class trip to White Post Farm was a huge success. We learnt so much about where farm animals and reptiles live, what they eat and about their young. We got to feed and hold them and the birds even landed on us when we were in the avery. 

Thanks to all our helpers; we couldn't do it without you and the children, as aleays did us proud!

White Post Farm

World Book Day

What a great day we had dressing up as different characters from our favourite books. We had to choose a winner but our children decided that they were all amazing (they are kind like that!) So the winner was picked out of a hat and a prize of a book was awarded. Well done everyone!

World Book day

Next week we are looking forward to celebrating Pancake Day and finding out why we celebrate it. We will be cooking pancakes and I have already bought some delicious toppings. Then on Wednesday we are off to The White Post Farm to find out about the different animals that live there and how they are cared for.

Thursday is World Book day and we are excited to get dressed up as our favourite book character. I wonder who we will meet! 

Spring 2

Next half term is going to be jammed packed of fun and learning! Nothing new there I hear you say! 

Our topic is Traditional Tales and the children wll be sequencing stories, acting them out and hot seating characters (I wonder if Daddy Bear was reallty so cross with Goldilocks and could forgive her for breaking into his house!) They will be putting their phonics skills to the test as they write sentences about the stories, create wanted posters for some of the more unsavoury characters and write speech bubbles explaining how the characters feel.

In maths we will be carrying on with counting, number formation and adding but we will be introducing the concept of 'one less than' and taking away. Measure will be looked at and Miss Frisby has some new measuring worms to help measure different objects with non-standard measures.

Then we have our trip to look forward to on Wednesday 6th March! Miss Frisby went to do a risk assessment yesterday and it's going to be so good! There were some stinky pigs, greedy goats and lots of cute chicks! Pancake day is the 5th March so expect some yummy treats and World Book day is on 7th March. What a busy week! We have Science week from 11th March and there will be some amazing experiments to look forward to. We will also be learning about Easter and why we celebrate it. So I'm sure we will have an Easter Egg hunt! Egg donations appreciated (Cream egg sized ones to hide in the woods).

Are you ready for six weeks of fun and learning?!



Reading Stars

Well done to our regular readers! I’m so proud of you for reading at least five times a week over a four week period. The successes are amazing as children are climbing the reading levels because they can identify the tricky words in the text and blend unknown words to be able to read them. Children learn to ‘read’ in nursery from looking at the pictures and telling their own story. In F2 the progression is about actual reading of words and comprehension of what they have read. We encourage children to track the words with their fingers to stop them adding words that aren’t evident in the text. Some children are beyond that stage now. I will tell you more at the phonics workshop. I hope you can come. Happy holiday reading! I’ve read a book too (for pleasure! ❤️📘)

Box Modelling

What an amazing day box modelling, creating masterpieces and generally having fun making a right old mess! They had designedtheir ideas in the week and we showed them loads of exciting resources they could use (lots courtesy of Val- our amazing founding member of the Granny Squad!) then they got to work. Miss White was amazing, cutting our skull and cross bones and helping with tricky cutting! I’ve never seen so much masking tape being wound around boxes to hold them secure! The skills they displayed are skills that will be able to use throughout their lives.Team work, determination, focus, the ability to adapt ideas when things don’t go to plan, resilience, a belief that they can achieve anything and a desire to complete and succeed in what they set out to do. I was so proud of them all and admittedly, I had reservations because I’m not great in messy situations but their enthusiasm was infectious and I still can’t stop smiling.
The best class ever and one of the best days we’ve had.Foundation rocks x

Our chickens have only gone and laid an egg! We were the first class to have a look and we had to crack it to check what was inside. It was very exciting!

Regular Readers!

What a fabulous week with lots of our class receiving their reading certificates for reading at home at least five times a week over a four week period. I'm so proud of you all!



In PE we have carried on learnin g the skill of skipping. We grouped into threes and two moved the rope and the other one jumped over it. Then Miss Frisby stood in the middle of a circle and spun the rope around slowly and the children had to attempt to jump it.

Finally Miss White and Miss Frisby turned the rope and the children had a go at skipping. Shi was amazing and jumped lots of times as the rope went over her head and under her feet.

Regular Readers!

Well done to our regular readers that have read at least five times a week at home and have done this consistantly for 4 weeks.

I am so proud and so were you!

Reading books aloud to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word.

Even after children learn to read by themselves, it's still important for you to read aloud together.

It's amazing how their phonics knowledge is now being shown in their reading as they decode words and sight read the tricky words that they have been learning at school and with you at home.

Keeeeeep reading!!!

Regular Readers

Rainbow Rewards

Another day and another Rainbow Reward! Well done Daisy for independently accessing a learning challenge that Miss Frisby had left out in the continuous provision! Then you went home and Mummy emailed me a picture of a sentence that you had decided to write independently. The lightbulbs are really starting to come on! You are a super star!

Street dance

Today in street dance we performed our solo tricks and then found a partner and performed tricks together. We danced to 'Shotgun' which is their favourite song and they sing their hearts out. Finally was the train song where we had to go under the bridge that was getting lower and lower. We all made it, but only just!

Rainbow Rewards

Wow! I have had my socks knocked off today by some of my children. Evie wrote a fabulous sentence independently about the chickens we visited at Mrs Hewlett's house. Eliana also wrote amazing sentences independently that contained tricky words and Heidi showed great resiliance when making a 3D shape. She made a pyramid and took her time to construct it and was so focused!

Well done everyone! Mrs Watkinson was very impressed too!

Everyone Smiles In The Same Language!

Today we put up our new display and it looks amazing. I talked to the children about how people in different countries speak different languages and tried to remember some basic French, German and Spanish from my school days and say a few sentences much to their delight! However I pointed out that when we smile, it is the same way that everyone smiles!

We also talked about feelings today and how sometimes those feelings feel good and sometimes they feel nasty. We talked about how we know what feeling it is and thought about some ideas about what to do with that feeling. Today we talked about the happy feeling and how it is a nice feeling and it makes you smile and feel like the world is a wonderful place. We gave each other a compliment that lead to some blushes and shy feelings as well as happy feelings!


Today we have been building pictograms to show what our favourite sweets are. The choice was midget gems, skittles, lollipops, chewits and cola bottles and the runaway winner was lollipops. I think maybe because they were bigger! Unforunately for my friends they didn't get to eat them although there were many hints! They also worked out which sweet was the least popular which was midget gems! In Miss White's group they had different results altogether. Tomorrow we will be looking at farm animals and choosing our favourite one and building a new pictogram.

I wonder what the most popular farm animal will be?!



The Chickens

Today we visited Mrs Hewlett's chickens where our school chicken's have been staying too on their holiday! They were a little bit shy but we learnt lots about them and why they weren't laying their eggs at the moment and where they liked to sleep and what they enjoyed eating. In fact we all gave them some food which they were very pleased about!

We then went into the woods exploring and discovered that lots of trees had been cut down so there were lots of logs for us to sit on.

We had some juice and a biscuit before heading back to school for hot chocolate after we had change out of our wellies.

What a fabulous afternoon!

The woods

This week we have began our new topic 'Down on the Farm.' We talked about what we already knew about a farm and what animals live on it. We learnt about the lifecycle of a chicken and next week we are visiting some on Monday.We have read lots of stories about farms and have enjoyed them all.

We have written some super sentences about the farm and labelled some pictures.

In numeracy we have been learning about 3D shapes and we have sorted them into categories of which would roll and which would not.

We have participated in our Street dance lesson with Miss Courtney and we had a PE lesson learning the skill of skipping. This is tricky so we are building up over the next few weeks.

All the children have had a fabulous week and have come back really eager to learn and ready for the fun challenges ahead!

Spring 1


Hello and welcome back to school! This half term is going to be action packed and full of fun learning!

Our topic is 'Down on the Farm' and we will be visiting White Post Farm later on in the term and details will follow.

We will be learning about different animals and their young and what they provide us with and we will go and meet our very own chickens in the quad.

In maths we are carrying on with number recognition and formation and saying what number is one more and one less than a given number.

We will have weekly challenges in the provision to embed our learning and extend those who are ready for a challenge! Are you?

Street dance will carry on being a weekly feature as will our Muddy Monday adventures and there will be a library visit too.

I hope you are raring to go!


A very busy week!

These week we have been very busy as we successfully performed two nativities! The children were amazing and I'm sure we will see some of our children on the West End one day! We also made our Christingles and took part in a service led by Rev. Mark and to top it off we wrote our Christmas lists to Santa and headed off to post them in the post box. I do hope Santa has a big sleigh!

Our learning this week

This week we have been very busy starting our Christmas festivities. Our home corner has been converted into Santa's grotto and the children have used lots of imagination and descriptive language as they have become Mr and Mrs Claus. They also decided to write lists of who santa will be visiting this year! I wonder who is on it!


This week we are going to be completing an independent write and the children will write their Christmas list to Santa. They have eagerly been discussing the toys they would like and have been using their phonic knowledge to sound out the words.


The children watched the pantomine this week which was 'Pinocchio' and parents had written on the blog about the excited conversations the children had when they got home! It really was fabulous!


The children have been challenged to make shapes in the continuous provision using lolly sticks and they had to describe the properties of each shape too. Some of the children decided to use the lolly sticks to make the initial letter of their name. 


Next week are our Nativities on Tuesday morning and afternoon. The children have been working really hard perfecting their lines and acting skills. We can't wait for you to see it!

Regular readers

Wow! Look at our regular readers this week that have read at least five times this week and have done this over the last four weeks.

You are amazing!  Reading with your children gives them the skills needed for when they start to read themselves. It is important that children learn to follow words across the page from left to right, and turn pages which are pre-reading skills that benefit children and help them to become better readers later on.

Some of our children are sounding out the phonemes and blending them together. They are so proud of themselves and so are we!

Keep it up!