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Welcome to F2! Look at the butterflies and the frogs on their first week back to school.

Butterflies and frogs

This term our topic is Superheroes and we have been looking at what makes a superhero. We decided that it was someone who was kind  and used their special powers to help others. This week we have been making superhero cuffs in the batcave, labelling a superhero and making a superhero car outside with the crates and blocks. On November 6th we are having our superhero party after participating in lots of fun activities in Caterpillar Music!


On Wednesday we went to St. Luke's Church to learn about what happens at a baptism. We find out that one of friends had been baptised on Sunday and she told us all about it. Rev. Jane baptised our doll Anabelle and some of our friends were the mummy and daddy and some were the godparents.
We are ready for our Halloween disco! Do we look scary?

We are ready for our Halloween disco!

Our spooky walk in Langold Woods was amazing and the rain could not spoil our fun. We found witches, pumpkins and spiders hanging from the trees and we tried our hardest to count them all! When we got back to school we warmed up with hot chocolate and we ate Miss Frisby's delicious birthday cake that Mrs P had made for her. What a lovely day!

Spooky walk!

 F2 reall enjoyed their trip to Eureka and we were able to experience a range of opportunities but above all we had great fun as we explored and played in all the different galleries. We loved the All About Me gallery which had lots of multi sensory exhibits like a human tongue and a giant nose. We loved sliding down the tongue and looking up the nose. There was lots of nose hair! We loved working in the bank and getting money out of the ATM and then we went shopping and bought lots of bread and cheese in the shop. We could pretend to be shop assistants and scan the food items and pay! The garage was amazing! We could put petrol in and wash them in the car wash. We were very good mechanics cheeky


Today has been fantastic because we have had our superhero day. You might think that Langold Dyscarr was a normal school but today it was a superhero school! We all dressed as superheroes and we had a party and participated in a superhero caterpillar Music session.

Look at our amazing costumes!

In Caterpillar Music we had to dodge the fireballs that were being thrown by the evil villains. It was ok though because we could escape in our special car (made out of a hoola hoop!) We were captured in a huge spiders web and we had to walk over it very carefully so we did't get trapped and we also crawled under it. None of us were caught...phew!

We made special superhero masks and finally admired ourselves in the mirror.  Superheroes have to make sure they look good at all times!

One of the best things at Eureka! was the talking robot. The children can't stop talking about it so we made one today. Guess what? It even talks (although it does sound alot like Mrs P!)
Today we had two of our friends who achieved the next level in their reading. Mrs P and I were so proud and so were they!
We have had two fifth birthdays today and we celebrated with all our friends. One of our friends wanted five Incredible Hulk claps and the other wanted five fairy claps! We loved singing to them. Isn't it fab to be five?!

This week we have had two reading stars who both received the a reading stars trophy for reading for pleasure. They both love to read lots of different books at home and it inspires them to write. How amazing is that?!

The next reading stars assembly is on the 28th November so read lots of books and tell us about it in your reading diary. crying

We have another amazing reader who has read at home at least five times in a week over four weeks! well done!
Today has been fantastic! We have done some amazing writing and received some super writing medals to wear all day to show everyone jusy how amazing we are! Miss Frisby and Mrs P were very proud smiley
Today our superheroes went to the shop in the batcave and bought some masks, capes and cuffs. It is the best superhero shop in Langold and the prices are very cheap!
We've had another birthday! The cake was yummy smiley
We have more amazing writers today! Look how proud we are smiley
Some of our friends have completed their first reading challenge. They have brought in their favourite book and talked about it to all their friends. Mrs P or Miss Frisby has then read it to all the class. Now we are all hooked on the stories too. Isn't it lovely to share them with your friends?
Children in Need day was a fantastic success and we loved wearing our onesies and PJs to school!

Everyone has been trying extra hard in their writing this week... I think the writing medals have something to do with it!

Well done everyone and keep up the good work next week.

Another reading superstar who has read at least five times in a week over a four week period. Fantastic!
This week we have been looking at our friends work and we have been giving it two stars which means saying two things that are really good about it. Then we have decided on a wish which is a way to make it even more brilliant. This has sparked our interest in being teachers and lots of us have been taking the register in Miss Frisby's chair and writing lots of words and numbers on the white board. Miss Frisby and Mrs P think you will make fabulous teachers!

Tomorrow (Wednesday 20th November) F2 are going into the woods in the afternoon with some volunteers from The Notts Wildlife Trust to participate in some activities. We will be looking and building habitats for the animals that are featured in the Gruffalo story and decorating clay balls with natural objects.

Please wrap up warmly and bring your wellies. smiley

The activities in the wood with the Notts Wildlife Trust were fantastic! We all had so much fun making our Gruffalo heads, identifying different leaves and building a habitat for one of the animals from the story. Look at the pictures and you can see how fantastic it was.
One of our friends brought in his wormery to show us. We were very excited to see the worms wiggling into the soil. 'There's a worm at the bottom of the garden and his name is wiggly woo!'
The boys in F2 love Transformers and love to make them out of mobilo. So Miss Frisby said that they had to label them because she didn't know all the names. So they did!
Well done to our superstar readers who all received certificates for reading at least five times a week at home over a four week period. We are super proud of you!
This week we have been learning about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah.We read a lovely book called Sammy Spider's First Hanukkah by Sylvia Rouss and it helped us understand what happens during Hanukah and introduced us to words such as dreidel. These are toys that Jewish children play with during hanukkah which are similar to a spinning top. We got to play with one on the carpet and we played with raisins. The player who has all the raisins in the end is the winner. We also tasted fried foods which are traditional at Hanukkah, in remembrance of the sacred oil. We tried Latkes (potato pancakes) and Sufganiyot which are doughnuts. We had a lovely afternoon and learnt so much.
This week two of our friends received golden tickets for good behaviour at lunch times. They were put into the draw and both had the privilege of sitting on the golden table! They were super excited!
well what a busy week we have had! We made our Christingles on Monday and had our service on Tuesday.Then we had dress rehearsals for our nativity on Wednesday and the real thing on Friday. Miss Frisby and Mrs P were so proud of us all. It was amazing!smiley
We love our gymnastics lesson on a Tuesday and this week Emma had the parachute out. We had so much fun!
The nativity went really well and Miss Frisby and Mrs P thought we were amazing! We acted our socks off and sang our hearts out. cheeky
We have had some birthdays over the last couple of weeks and we all enjoyed celebrating with our friends.
Well we have posted our Christmas lists to Santa. We all closed our eyes and made a wish before we posted them to Santa. We are so excited because we have been really good.smiley
On Tuesday we went to Langold Library to read some Christmas stories. Next term we are going again to choose our own books if we have a library card. If you don't have one then Miss Frisby and Mrs P have some forms for you to fill in at home with your Mummy or Daddy. We had a lovely time and can't wait to choose our own books to share at home.
Foundation had an amazing time at Brackenhurst. We split into two groups and performed a nativity in one session and made Christmas crafts in the other. smiley

Here are the rest of the photos from our trip to Brackenhurst featuring Mrs Fenton and her lovely group of F1s and F2s!

Our party day was fantastic and we all had so much fun! Thank you everyone for donating party food, it was yummy!

Two of our F1 friends had their fourth birthday today. It was fantastic to celebrate their special day on our party day!

I hope everyone has remembered to sprinkle their magic dust tonight.

Merry Christmas!cheeky


We had a birthday to celebrate on our last day. It was a lovely end to our half term.
Our new topic is 'Getting Around' and we are going to the garage tomorrow to see what they do. Today we have made transport models, fixed and cleaned an old bike, painted pictures of cars and labelled a car. Phew! It's only our first day back. We also talked about the lovely things that Santa had brought us. His sleigh must have been overflowing!
Lots of birthdays to celebrate today which could only mean one thing.... lots of birthday cake!
On Tuesday we went to the garage to see what a mechanic did. We saw a car high up on a ramp being fixed and we were shown what tools they used to mend the cars.