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F1 - A Privilege To Teach Your Children!

This year is coming to an end and it has been such a privilege to be part of our children’s educational journey.

Our big children are leaving us to embark on their new chapter in F2 and they are more than ready, although I’m not sure all the parents are! We get to keep our N1s for another year and will be joined by another three intakes throughout the course of the year. No wonder Mrs Fenton and I are grey!

This year has been filled with thousands of milestones that have been achieved by our wonderful children and these are not just in reading and writing but in the prime areas, that are so important for our children to develop into rounded individuals. They learn to share, make friends, have conversations and LISTEN to others. They learn about themselves and what they like and also what they don’t like (with many of them, that usually involves tomatoes!) They can talk about themselves and their family and share all the things that go on at home. Nothing is sacred! They learn to concentrate on activities that previously they wouldn’t have had the patience for, and they make connections and links with their learning and if imaginary light bulbs existed, we would see lots of these flashing around our unit. These children are all amazing individuals and are unique in their own way. They learn and develop at different rates and as I often say, it’s not about the race to the finish line but the journey itself.

Many children enter nursery unsure of what lies ahead, scared to leave Mummy or Daddy because three hours is such a long time in a little person’s life. But with reassurance and lots of love, they find their feet and in no time at all begin to flourish because they are amazing!

This year has been full of moments that make Mrs Fenton and I realise why we are in such a fabulous job working with little people that provide us with dollops of joy on a daily basis. We have made so many memories that are not only documented in the thousands of photos I have and many blogs, but also in our hearts.

Carry on being amazing and growing into the wonderful grown-ups that I know you’ll become.

Enjoy your holiday and come back ready for the challenges that next year will bring because you are more than ready to meet them head on!

We had our final Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure and this week we visited Langold Lake and looked at our local environment. But as it’s nursery we decided to have snack breaks to keep our energy levels up because it’s a long way around that lake! We had ice pops, apples and picnic food. Thanks to our amazing parents for their donations. Then there was more fun as the bubbles came out and our friends chased around trying to catch them with lots of giggles and excited screams and it wasn’t just Dylan!

Thanks to all our helpers, not just today but with all the support you give us to ensure that our children have fabulous experiences and make lasting memories. We know you love them as much as we do and they know it too.

See you next year everyone for another action packed 12 months in nursery after Mrs Fenton and I have slept for a few weeks!

F1 - Splish, Splosh!

It was a very wet Tree-mendous Tuesday , but no one was put off with a little bit of rain. We know that as soon as we get into the woods we are protected by the trees anyway. So we put our hoods up and off we went to hunt for minibeasts, armed with our magnifying glasses so we could get a closer look.

We took a detour and had a look in the farmer’s field to see what was growing and Mrs Fenton opened one of the pods to find broad beans inside. They were a bit like the sugar snap peas that we eat in Foundation.

Mitchell spotted a leaf on the floor that had a hole in it. He told us that the caterpillar had eaten it because he had tummy ache, which is exactly what happened in our story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We made our way into the woods and turned over a few logs to see what we could find lurking underneath and to our delight we spotted a few minibeasts. I don’t know what they thought when they saw our big faces looking down on them! The spider scurried away, but the slug just sat on the tree trunk very patiently whilst we all had a close look. We made sure that we put the log back so that our new friends could go back to sleep.

On our way back to Foundation, we found a huge puddle and there is only one thing to do when you find a puddle - and that’s exactly what we did! Splish, slosh!

Both of our assemblies were fabulous and the children did us proud with their story telling, counting, singing and dancing skills. We would like to say thank you to the kitchen team for making us a yummy cake. We ate it after our award winning performances; it was much needed!

Next Tuesday, we are spending our last Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure visiting Langold Lake and having a picnic. What a way to end a fabulous year!

F1 - Aston Springs Farm

What an amazing trip we have had to Aston Springs Farm. We had such a busy day and participated in lots of lovely activities.

First, there was the pottery studio where we made clay mini beasts. Poppy put lots of detail on hers and Aurora really tried hard when rolling the clay. I think it must have been all the practise she has had on baking day with Mrs P! The lady, Sarah, and the man, Will, were really helpful and told us exactly what we had to do. Our creations will be baked in the kiln and picked up in a few weeks ready to take home.

We walked around the farm yard meeting all the animals and also got to feed them. The sheep were so greedy and popped their heads through the gate to get as much food as they could! We had to cup our hands and Sam, the lady who was our guide, poured some food into our hands. Isabella had a go with Miss Frisby helping, but she wasn’t very impressed and neither was the poor sheep when she screamed! We went inside the field to meet the hens and saw where their eggs were collected to be sold in the shops. We got to feed them too and had to sprinkle the food on the floor. They were very quick to gobble it up! We also saw some peacocks that showed their gorgeous tails to some of our friends. They are such show offs! We loved the pigs and their piglets that were very lazy and the Daddy pig came up to us to say hello with his muddy snout. We didn’t stay around too long because they were very smelly! The goats were also very eager to say hello when we greeted them with food and Kayden really made friends with them.

We loved pond dipping and found lots of insects in the pond that we scooped out with our net and had a good look at through our magnifying glasses before putting them back in their home. The insects moved very quick so we had to be fast to spot them.

Lunch was an exciting part of the day as we ate our sandwiches in the barn with all our friends. There was lots of tasty food but our friends had to be reminded to eat their sandwiches first before tucking into their cakes!

We had a snack and a drink at the stone circle and some of the girls decided to do some singing on top of the large stone. It became quite competitive as to who could sing (shout) the loudest! Evie thought she was in the film Frozen and belted out the songs to anyone who was listening! Simon Cowell, she’s coming to get you!

Thanks to the many parents and carers that came along to support us and who were so engaged with the activities too, ensuring all children were having lots of fun.

The children were fabulous and such a credit to our school. They were polite and well-mannered and made us all super proud!

Thank you for all your generous sponsors for our Den Day. We raised a grand total of £197.54 to be split between school funds and the Save the Children charity.



F1 - Yoga

Our friend, Miss Mace, has introduced us to yoga and here is what she has to say about it:

Exercising our body and keeping healthy is very important here in F1, so much so that we have tried a new relaxing form of exercise - yoga!

Yoga is a great way to exercise our mind and body. It promotes physical strength as we get to move our muscles in new and exciting ways; it refines our balancing and coordination skills and develops our focus and concentration.

Along with help from a ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga’ video, we used our bodies to represent all the different stages of the butterfly life cycle, influenced by one of our favourite stories ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Jamie, our virtual yoga teacher, told us the story while describing and modelling the yoga positions, as we transformed from a tiny egg on a leaf to a beautiful butterfly. We tried really hard to move, stretch and balance our bodies into different shapes! Lexi-Jay used clear communication to help her friends create the correct poses. While Tommy showed concentration focusing on the instructions in order to succeed. Also Evie A and Joshua did a fantastic mouse pose. However, Rylee appeared to be a yoga expert; he listened carefully to Jamie’s instructions and executed them with such determination!

We worked our way through the story turning our bodies into different animals, including a dog, a horse and a lion who delivered the food to the ever so hungry caterpillar. We particularly loved the camel pose; blowing a raspberry before giving the hungry caterpillar four strawberries! Each time the caterpillar ate we had to pat our head while rubbing our tummy, Poppy and Ava said this was really hard! When the hungry caterpillar got a stomach-ache from eating all that food, we used our feet as a telephone to call a doctor asking for some advice. But we didn’t need the doctor’s help, we already knew what the caterpillar had to do to feel better…. eat a green leaf!

We also discovered a new secret yoga code word, ‘Namaste’. We said this, whilst putting our hands together at our heart, at the start and end of our yoga session as way to thank and show respect to each other, celebrating all that is good and unique about us. Although some yoga positions were a little tricky, we didn’t give up! Mrs Fenton helped us to practise some moves after we had finished the story. I think she secretly enjoyed our yoga adventure more than we did!

Personally, I was really impressed by the amount of self-belief and the sense of achievement illustrated by the children’s beaming smiles when the children had mastered a move. I even found Jordii practising balancing in road runner position while waiting for milk and fruit!

We are all looking forward to lots more exciting ‘Cosmic Kids’ adventures in the future. Who knows what yoga world we will find ourselves in next?

It sounds fabulous doesn’t it? I wonder if they could show you the moves at home!

F1 - Olympian Athletes in the Making!

Sports day was a huge success and the children were all amazing! Thanks for your support and encouragement. I think you'll agree that they all tried really hard and deserved their ice pops, stickers and sweets that they received!

Thank you to our volunteers that helped keep all the children entertained, fed and watered and ready for the start line.

There were so many amazing moments and I'm sure we have a few Olympian athletes in the making as soon as bean bag and bucket, and egg and spoon, make it as one of the chosen Olympic sports!

In other news, our caterpillars have cocooned and so we had to carefully take them out of the pot and put them in the net. They will take about 2 weeks before they turn into butterflies and we can release them into our foundation garden. We can’t wait!!

On Tree-mendous Tuesday we visited the allotments and met lots of chickens which were all colours, shapes and sizes and we also met a few horses. Mrs Fenton gave them an apple and one of them showed his gratitude by showing his big teeth to us which we thought was so funny. He kept doing it and the children were mesmerized. It also prompted Delilah to tell us that Mummy had been to the dentist to have some of her teeth out! It’s so funny how they make links with their learning when you least expect it!

We have learnt so much about our local environment this week and we can talk about the natural world. We are asking lots of questions because we understand about growth and changes over time due to our amazing stimulus of the caterpillars which came to live with us. It is so much easier to learn when we are involved in it and this sums up our nursery life as we are absorbed in so many experiences. How lucky are we?!


F1 - Lifecycles

This term we are looking at lifecycles and minibeasts and we have had some new friends delivered to our unit; five tiny caterpillars arrived in a little jar which contained their food and now they are very busy eating it and getting very fat. We were all extremely excited and on our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure, Jacob, Jayden and Dasiy spotted lots of green leaves with little holes in so we know that there are lots of very hungry caterpillars in the woods too! We are also reading the story or ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and he munched so much food that he got very fat and then made a house called a cocoon which he stayed in for about two weeks and when he popped out of it, he wasn’t a caterpillar anymore but a beautiful butterfly!

We have acted out the lifecycle of a butterfly, which is called metamorphosis, and we were all little eggs on a leaf and changed our body shapes to be wiggly caterpillars, cocoons and finally butterflies! We are so good at using our imaginations! We will keep you updated on what is happening to our five friends and when they metamorphosise.

It was our sponsored Den Day on Tree-mendous Tuesady to raise money for Save the Children and also for resources for Foundation. We headed into the woods armed with sheets, duvet covers and curtains, kindly donated by our parents, and we worked together to make dens with our teachers. Mrs Fenton, as usual, was super competitive, but we will let her think hers was the best! Poppy was really helpful pegging the sheets together so they hung from the trees. Some of our dens had a roof and walls, one was a tee pee and another was made using a camouflage net so it was difficult to even see it! The children were eager to get inside and have a relaxing drink and biscuit after all the hard construction work they had endured!

Thank you for your donations and anymore would be gratefully received.

Next week, F1 are at the library on Tuesday and we have our sports day on Monday morning. See you there!

F2 - Den Builders

We have had a brilliant and busy week in F2! We are learning about lifecycles and have been looking at the lifecycle of a plant. We are growing our own cress seeds.

In number time we have been looking at money and solving problems using coins.

We have had more success with our gymnasts! Well done to Olivia, Oliver L and Sofia on achieving their Badge 8 and Proficiency Certificate.

We had a brilliant time on our Den Day. We split into teams and worked together to make different dens. There was a lot of excitement and wonderful discussions and language! One team made a castle, another had keys and one group had a ‘window’! We used an impartial judge to pick the best team - they chose the Red Group. Well done, Red Group! We then enjoyed some tasty treats before dismantling the dens. We had lots of super helpers. We hope we have raised a lot of money. Donations can still be given to the school. Thank you to all who have been able to donate.

SPORTS DAY - Weather permitting our sports day will be on Monday 19th June. The children’s PE kits are in school, so we will get the children changed here. Please bring a coloured T-shirt/item of clothing on the day.

We had some exciting additions to our classroom on Friday...Caterpillars! We were amazed, on Monday, when they had already doubled in size!!! Wow! They are growing so fast and we can’t wait to see them change into butterflies. Watch this space…

We have some budding musicians amongst us - just take a look at our ukulele players. Langold Dyscarr Community School has talent!

F1 - We Love the Rain!

Sports day may have been cancelled for Foundation but Tree-mendous Tuesday certainly wasn't because we love the rain and facing the elements. In fact, I was delighted that Emily, who usually grumbles about the woods beforehand (but never when she is in them!), had a massive smile on her face because I had sent a text about squelching in mud and splashing in puddles. She LOVED it! So did Isabelle, whose Mummy had told me that she was excited about our soggy adventure! The trees sheltered us anyway and we took the parachute to hang in the trees so we could enjoy our biscuit and juice as we listened to the pitter-patter of the rain above us!

The minibeasts also loved the rain as they came out in force to say hello! We found snails and a wiggly worm which we held carefully and said hello to. We are learning about them this half term so it was exciting to meet them face to face!

The afternoon children had much heavier rain to face so going across the field proved a challenge as there were no trees to protect us but don't worry we had a plan and covered them in a sheet of tarpaulin so they looked like a caterpillar moving across the field. However it was a very noisy one as the laughter was very loud as the wind tried to snatch away our cover!

What a great day full of fabulous language describing what they could see and how they were feeling, but the best thing was the noise of lots of laughter competing with the pitter-patter of the rain. Another unforgettable day!

On the last Friday of last half term, we had a Maths Day in school and in Foundation we really did rise to the challenge. Miss Frisby put lots of maths related challenges both inside and outside for all our friends to access. There were lots of maths stars that day. Sophie and Jacob both stood out because they used their maths reasoning skills to work out problems and explain why they had come to that conclusion.
In Foundation, we love numeracy and it is part of our everyday life. Maths is everywhere, in the home and at school and with the support of our amazing parents, children can grasp many mathematical concepts through their play.
Children will begin to:
• know and understand early maths language of measurement, shapes, spaces, positions, early numbers, order and patterns
• know the sequence of numbers
• begin to understand positional words, e.g. in, on, outside
• show an awareness of time
• be aware of shapes in their environment
• be aware of 1-to-1 correspondence when counting.
• acquire new vocabulary
• learn number rhymes and songs, e.g. one, two, buckle my shoe etc.
• be aware of conservation
and this all happens as they are playing and exploring everyday.

What a fabulous way to develop our numeracy skills and concepts!

F1 - Enjoying the Sunshine

This week, we walked into the woods covered in sun cream and wearing our hats because the weather was beautiful and not only were we going to enjoy the sunshine but we had another treat lined up! It was a celebration Tree-mendous Tuesday and we were having a picnic and parachute games in the farmer’s field.

Our friends had all brought lots of tasty food including smelly egg sandwiches, cakes baked by Sienna-Rose, tuna sandwiches (his favourite) from Mitchell and blueberries from Kayden as well as lots of crisps and biscuits that will keep us going for weeks.

We walked up to the farmer’s field spotting monsters, The Gruffalo and hearing the Big Bad Wolf lurking in the trees but we weren’t scared because we know it’s only in our imagination. Jack could even see sharks swimming in the long grass! Be careful next time you are there!

Mrs Fenton led the parachute game and there was lots of singing too and you know what? It didn’t scare the sunshine away! We sat on our picnic mats and tucked into our delicious food enjoying lots of lovely conversations with our friends about our pets, families and where we are going on holiday!

It was indeed a very Treemendous Tuesday. Well, aren’t they always?!

F2 - Superheroes

Our superhero theme continues this week. We have been describing superheroes and writing our own superhero stories. We have also been designing our own superhero badges!

As Sports Day is in the first week after half term (weather permitting), we have been practising our races on the field so that we all know what we need to do and which colour team we are in.

On Thursday, the Zebras thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the library. We listened to stories read to us; sang songs and played instruments, but our favourite song was 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed! Of course, we love choosing new books and sharing them with our friends and family. We love our library!

A big “Congratulations” to Darcie-Rae and Nicola for achieving their Level 8 Proficiency Gymnastics certificate and badge. Super Gymnasts - we are very proud of you!


F1 - Visit from PDSA

This week we had a visit from Kaya, a vet, who came to talk to us about the charity PDSA.
We learnt that they are a charity that helps people and their pets and she also talked about how to keep our pets healthy and happy.
Lots of our friends were surprised that rabbits shouldn't have carrots all the time and only as a treat and the best thing for their teeth is eating hay.
Also dogs shouldn't have large bones because as Kayden explained, they could choke.
Did you know that you should brush your dog's teeth with a special animal tooth brush?!
Annalise pretended to be a vet and had to put cream on the pretend doggy called Choccy as he had fleas! And Delilah had to brush a pretend rabbit and show her friends how to do it really carefully.
We learnt so much and all our friends showed really good listening. We'll done everyone!
We have also been looking at the story boxes that our friends made in the holidays. Annalise told us the story of
The Gruffalo and she had been to Sherwood Pines and Mummy and Daddy had downloaded the app onto their phone so it really looked like Annalise was with the Mouse, Fox, Snake and Gruffalo! Theo told us the story of Goldilocks and he even had a little bowl in his story box. Isabella had a story box full of the characters from the story 'Dear Zoo' and all her friends could help her because we have read this story in our literacy lesson. There was a chorus of 'we sent him back' after Isabella told us the characters names and why they were sent back. She even added new parts as the snake wasn't sent back for being too scary. Oh no! He was sent back because Isabella said he was too wiggly! I like that idea Isabella! Lexi-Jay and Freya told us the same story and couldn't wait to tell us about the wolf in their story of The Three Little Pigs who burnt his bottom on the boiling water in the pot over the fire. We decided that the little pigs lived 'happily ever after' but the Big Bad Wolf certainly didn't!!!

F2 - Ah Hoy, Me Hearties!!!

Another exciting week for F2. First, the PDSA with the lovely Kaya and then Pirate Day!

On Monday, Kaya was absolutely fantastic in F2. We learnt so much about how to keep pets happy and then we were given the chance to talk about our pets. We love talking about our own pets. After the talk, we played games which helped us remember what pets need.

On Pirate Day, we all came dressed as pirates. We had lots of exciting pirate activities to do in class! We made treasure maps and then took them out into the big playground; we went on a treasure hunt and we had a pirate colouring competition and we worked together as a class to write some very exciting pirate stories. We love to use our imagination in our play and learning. At lunch time we even discovered some real treasure in the bottom of our drinking cup!

F1 - Celebrating Regular Reading

This week, we have been celebrating our regular readers’ achievements, as we do every Friday. These are children in nursery who share a book at home with their parents at least four times a week and do this over a four week period. If they achieve their target in a week then they receive a stamp in their reading diary and when they have accumulated four stamps they get to choose a prize from Miss Frisby’s prize box and they are awarded a certificate. The children wait with baited breath as Mrs P gives them clues as to who has been successful this week and put their hands up saying, ‘Me! Me!’ even if it isn’t them!

Children in nursery are not able to read yet- this magic happens in F2! But in F1 we are building the foundations with parents at home by drawing attention and associating words with both pictures and real world objects, and then our children learn the importance of language.

Children love the sound of language before they even notice that there are words on a page. Reading books aloud to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word. When the rhythm and melody of language become a part of a child's life, learning to read will be as natural as learning to walk and talk.

So pick up a book and read with your child today and with your help your child will become an adult that reads easily and has a lifelong relationship with books! What a great gift to pass on to your child!

We have also been planting sunflower seeds that will be going home as soon as they have grown a little bit. The children were fabulous at following the picture clues in the instructions and each planted their own seed and found their name on the lollipop stick so they could put it in the pot to know that it was theirs. We introduced the instructions on Monday and the children did a fabulous job of using the new language we had introduced. I can’t wait to see whose grows the tallest!


F2 - Real Life Superheroes

What a fantastic week F2 have had! Our theme was ‘real life superheroes’; we have learnt all about the people who help us. Ms Ahmed organised a visit from the fire service. We were so excited! We had a talk from firefighters, who told us all about what they do in their job. We were quizzed with lots of questions. We were all so good at answering them that they left us lots of goodies to take home! Well done to all the team captains, Ethan, Olivia, Destiny and Sofia. Then it was Mrs Bailey’s turn! The firefighters dressed her in all their equipment—she looked just like a real firefighter! Then came the best bit—the fire engine! We looked around it, looking inside all of the compartments. Memphis and Kaiden were very enthusiastic! Perhaps we have some firefighters in the making? We then were allowed to climb in and sit on the back seat. Some of us tried the mask on that the firefighter use to breathe in a fire. Finally, at the end of the school day, (with a bit of encouragement from Mrs P and Mrs Bailey), the firefighters turned on the siren for us! It was really LOUD, but we loved it!!!

We have also been writing about what we would like to be when we grow up; we have lots of firefighters, police officers, vets and teachers—think big and believe in yourself!

We have also completed lots of reading assessments, this week. A huge well done to children who have worked hard at home, learning their keywords.


F1 - Mark Making

Gross motor mark making activities are great fun and a brilliant way to encourage early mark making skills. There are many stages a child needs to be able to accomplish before the skill of writing can begin; this starts with gross motor movements.
In nursery this week, lots of washing up bottles were filled with coloured water and large paintbrushes were dipped in water in the water trolley.
Children made marks which they talked about; Mykala traced lines that she found on the playground floor and Annalise and her friends wrote their names. They did squirt each other a little bit too, but it was just too tempting!

This week in our Merida chatterbox, there were some very exciting clues to the story we were reading. There was a cow, some beans, a mummy figure, a boy called Jack and a clue that we had to find outside - it was some giant feet coming out of the clouds in the sky! Have you guessed what it is? Yes, it’s Jack and the Beanstalk. Mrs Fenton and her friends painted boxes to make the Giant’s castle so that we could act out the story. The children were really confident in their ability to re-tell the story and they were able to sequence the pictures and talk about what was happening in each picture. There were lots of Giant voices heard in the continuous provision area shouting, ‘Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!’ Alaina was particularly fierce!
We are carrying on with this theme this week and in our
Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure there were lots of giants shouting about eating other children! Be careful if you’re in the woods this week!

We made medals in our final Forest School adventure with Alice and Jane and the morning children had to cross the stream carefully standing on the stepping stones, which was huge fun. The children also climbed on every tree stump and log they encountered and Freya found a beetle that she decided to pick up and befriend, as she giggled and told her friends it was tickling her!


F2 - Rainbow Fish

This week, we have been assessing children on their maths skills. They have to count 1:1 , order numbers to 20 and say 1 more or 1 less. We have also looked at addition and subtraction. We are good at recognising the symbols, but still get a little muddled applying our knowledge, eg for 4—1 = some children put up 4 fingers but instead of bending one down they add another one. Our children are trying very hard to grasp this tricky concept! We will continue to practise to put our fingers back down for takeaways. Maybe you could practise at home too.

Our theme this week is the Rainbow Fish. On the Giraffes’ walkabout we saw lots of changes in the wood! We kept stopping to answer questions on lots of different things to earn Rainbow Fish scales. We talked about what makes us happy; what makes us scared and what we do to make us feel better. What would you do if you saw someone crying? The Giraffes and Zebras had lots of wonderful discussions and the children's kind, caring ideas shone through! We earned lots of beautiful Rainbow Fish scales and used these to decorate our fish and make him beautiful again! Check out our F2 notice board to see some of the lovely things our children have been doing.


F1 - Fire Starter!

This week in our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventures, our friends from the Children’s Centre made a fire in their fire pit so they could pop some corn to make popcorn for the afternoon children to see, but unfortunately the heavens opened at the same time as the corn started popping so we didn’t get many completed but it was fun to see. The rape seed crop in the farmer’s field has crown taller than us now as we discovered when we sent Evie H and Dylan into the field. We couldn’t see where they were, but we could hear Dylan laughing!

The morning children made bracelets and decorated them with natural things they could find in the woods like leaves, fallen flowers and grass. They looked so beautiful and the children were very bling walking through the woods showing off their jewellery!

In our literacy lesson, we looked at what was in our Merida box and there was a figure of a lady, a boy called Jack, a cow, a giant and some magic beans. Can you guess what story we are reading this week? Well we went outside and found a beanstalk going up through some clouds and climbing down it were two huge feet belonging to a giant!! We were scared though, well maybe a little bit as Miss Frisby shouted, ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum’ in a very loud giant sounding voice!

In Suretots, we have been moving along the apparatus in different ways. We’ve travelled through the tunnel, balanced on the beam and climbed over and under the poles. Then we followed different rhythms with our tap sticks which are quite tricky, but we tried really hard and were soon getting the hang of it.

In baking on Friday, we made Easter bunny biscuits with Mrs P and she had the great idea of putting little bunny tails on with icing. They looked and tasted amazing, although no one seemed to be sharing this week! I wonder if they can bear to share this week?

F1 - Easter Bonnet Parade

What a great start to our new term! We had an Easter bonnet parade and the children loved showing their creations off in our parade. All the names of the children were put into our Easter bucket and four winners were pulled out to receive an Easter egg. But our other friends didn’t miss out and we had some mini chocolate eggs which were yummy. It was a lovely end to our Easter celebrations.
The children were amazing in the woods, on
Treemendous Tuesday, and so full of energy! I think they had really missed our adventures; it was all so exciting and much easier to house our wellies in our new wellie house. We climbed onto the fallen log and now every single one of our friends is able to find a way to get onto it. Some like to go higher and move themselves along the log, although Poppy didn’t like the bumpiness! Our littler friends tackled the smaller end, but I know before long, they will be challenging themselves to go higher!
The morning children explored the woods and looked at all the new flowers that had grown since the last time we were here. The afternoon children made pictures on the floor with anything they could find in the woods. Zach made a mouse, Jayden made his daddy and Avah-Mae made a flower. Then they made a crown and decorated it with anything they could find on the floor of the woods to make it pretty. Our morning friends will be doing this next week.
They all ran under a tree and our new starter Evie shouted, ‘I’m the king!’ It’s like she has been here forever!
What a great day and we can’t wait until next week!

F1 - Bugs and the Gruffalo!

Tree-mendous Tuesday has been full of adventures this term. We discovered arrows and Joshua made his own - I wonder if they lead to some treasure. Jack spotted horse shoe prints in the mud which makes a change from our wellie marks! Daisy found a hole in a gate post and was determined to fill it with a stick but it had to be the right size, so Halle and Theo helped her to find the perfect stick. This was a problem solving activity that was totally devised by the child and solved with the help of her friends. The Characteristics of Learning were illustrated so well here and Miss Frisby had lots of evidence for their learning journeys. You do make me happy!
We went on a bug hunt and collected what we could find in nets and buckets and had a closer look with our binoculars and magnifying glasses, although we did have a shock when we had a closer look at each other!
We made sure no bugs were hurt in our investigations and were returned to their natural habitats.
We scoured the woods for natural resources to stick on our dream catchers and collected sticks (our favourite hobby!) to use to make the Gruffalo a shower curtain. Next we made perfume using natural resources we had found in the wood. Eat your heart out
Miss Dior and Channel our Eau de Toillete de Woods was so much more fragment and will be sold in perfumeries near you from Easter! This week we went on an Easter egg hunt in the woods. Miss Frisby and Mrs Bacon came running towards the children shouting with delight as they had met the Easter Bunny in the woods as he was delivering his chocolate eggs. They said he was big and cute with soft white fur and huge ears. They said that after he had hidden the eggs, he hopped off over the hedge to deliver more eggs! There were so many, so thanks to our Easter Bunnies at home for helping the Easter Bunny!
Finally, we had a challenge to climb over a log, which we all managed successfully, with the encouragement of our friends. How would you get all these experiences in a classroom? Our classroom is the outdoors and we learn so much and have loads of fun at the same time. We love Tuesdays!

F1 - Our Shed is Now a Garage!

This half term, our shed is now a garage and on Friday there were lots of mechanics busily fixing all the bikes. Even our new ones, much to Miss Frisby’s horror. How can they need fixing already?!
Freya noticed that a bike was in the way of the others because it had broken down and so she moved it so that her friends could get past on their bikes.
Daisy and Theo were very busy stopping every two minutes to check that their bike didn’t need any more attention to detail. Daisy told Theo that it was all fixed but as she set off, she got stuck in a dip and said to Miss Frisby, ‘Can you pull us’ and so Miss Frisby came to the rescue! Lucie said that her bike had run out of petrol and Jack fixed a bike because ‘it had a hole in it.’ He said it cost £50 to fix- not bad at all!
The children showed so many Characteristics of Learning in their play which is how they engage with other people and their environment. They were playing and exploring, actively learning and creating and thinking critically. All these things underpin their learning and support the children to become effective and motivated learners. It’s fabulous to see this happen every day!

Mrs Fenton was busy this week tidying up our Foundation garden ready for spring. Avah-Mae and Poppy were on hand to help her rake the leaves away. It looks so lovely and ready for some new plants after the holidays. Thanks to Delilah’s mummy for the daffodil bulbs and rhubarb plant, Avah-Mae’s mum for the bulbs and Joshua and Lucie’s grandma for the flower seeds that we sprinkled on the garden.
We are so lucky to have a lovely garden and by planting seeds and plants we develop an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time.



F1 - Fabulous Trip


Wow! What a fabulous day we had on our trip. We learnt so much about new life and even saw an actual baby lamb being born! There were lots of baby calves too that had been born that day and the smell of the farm yard was quite strong for some of our friends’ little noses!

We learnt how to make cheese and Delilah took it home but wasn’t very keen. However, Emily, and her sister Sophie, loved it! Ask our friends what they did to turn the milk into actual cheese! We looked at wool that Simon, our educational group leader, had found in the farm yard and talked about how it was turned into the wool we see in the shops. We then used this wool to make some lovely book marks and the children showed great skill by wrapping it around the sticky bookmark. These have gone home with the children to use when they are doing their fabulous reading after school.

We ate our lunch inside and there were lots of chocolatey faces that Miss Frisby had to clean before we sang happy birthday to Gracie-Mai, because she was four! Then we went outside to eat our cake and have a little run around before it was home time.

All the children behaved fabulously and the parent and carer helpers rose to the challenge, as per usual, and got stuck in to ensure the children had the best experience possible. So thank you to all of you and we'll see you on the next one in July!

F1 - Cooking - A Wealth of Learning and Development

Cooking in the early years is a great, fun experience which offers a wealth of learning and development. One cooking activity is able to promote all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and because children enjoy the experience so much they are not even aware they are learning about numbers or developing skills. As well as cooking developing all seven areas, it is a sensory experience often engaging all five senses, making it a more memorable experience and truly engaging the children during the early years. Cooking gives children knowledge about food, where it comes from and what is healthy and what is unhealthy. It is also gives them valuable self-help skills and they learn some delicious recipes along the way which they can share with you at home.
On Friday, the smell of chocolate cakes drifted through nursery and they smelt delicious! The children flocked to help Mrs P weigh out ingredients, mix them together, oh, and lick the bowl out!

We have also made banana cake, biscuits and cornflake buns. Friday is baking day if you want to pop in!

Tree-mendousTuesday was a different experience for morning and afternoon children this week as we are involved in a new Forest Schools experience, with Alice and Jayne from The Children’s Centre, with the afternoon children; the morning children will receive the same experience next week. It was all based around The Gruffalo story. We played a bingo game where we had to collect different natural items from the woods and stick them on our recording sheet. Then we made Gruffalo heads with clay and stuck them on the trees. The morning children visited the allotments and met lots of chickens and a few horses. Alaina’s granddad even gave us a few eggs, that the chickens had laid, and Miss Frisby will be making egg sandwiches tomorrow.

What another fabulous week full of exciting experiences. Look at our blog to see the daily learning and fun that occurs in nursery.





F1 - A Huge Thank You for Our Super New Bikes!

I just want to say a huge thank you to anyone that has sponsored foundation for any events this year or bought raffle tickets. Because of you we have purchased two shiny new bikes. They are amazing and one child can ride around our track with two of their friends on the back. Although they love the thought of transporting their friends, they soon realise that this can be hard work and requires stamina, so they soon swop over! So if you are one of these lovely and generous people, you might be responsible for part of a peddle, the spoke in a wheel or the grip on the handle bar! But you are all responsible for the smiles and laughter as they whizz around the circuit having engaging conversations with their friends and I’m sure you’ll agree that this is priceless! So thank you from all of us!

Tree-mendous Tuesday was all about the pancakes as it landed on Shrove Tuesday. We took our frying pans, we had three in total, and our friends knew they were small, medium and large in size. We also had pancakes (only play dough ones which was a relief as they landed on the floor lots of times!) and we had races. Some children decided to run as fast as they could and the pancake never left the frying pan but others flipped them and ran which is a very tricky skill- as we soon realised by the amount landing in the mud! Who cares? It was lots of fun!

Next we walked into the woods negotiating low branches and fallen logs and stopping to look at buds and catkins along the way. Spring is definitely arriving. It was extremely muddy, so we held hands and side stepped on the edge of the muddy puddle, just like little crabs. We successfully walked around the swampy puddle, although Miss Frisby could tell by their faces that they would have much rather waded through the middle with mud up to their knees!

The afternoon children even met a horse that a lovely lady was riding through the woods and we all said hello. Chocolate pancakes were devoured with relish and there were a few chocolatey faces but full tummies afterwards! What a lovely Pancake Day we had!


F2 - Porridge and Pancakes - Mmm…

With Goldilocks and the Three Bears as our story this week, we had to make porridge. We made three big batches. The Giraffes’` batch was a bit thick and sticky, the Zebras' batch was very runny but our third batch was just right and we all got to sample it - yummy! It was so delicious we learnt how to write instructions on How to Make Porridge. Why don’t you ask us for the instructions and try it at home and see if you can get it just right, too!

Porridge was not the only food we have been tasting! On Shrove Tuesday we loved trying the delicious pancakes. We also learnt about Lent - Miss Hopkinson is giving up chocolate for Lent and Oliver L says he is giving up crisps - good luck with your Lent challenge!

In number time we have continued our work on sharing - 1 for you and 1 for me! We are getting very good at being able to share. Why not ask us to share things out at home? Let us know how you get on. We had a very exciting time in Caterpillar Music when we brought book characters to life! “All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players;…”

We put our imaginations to the test and acted out lots of different scenes using props and instruments, and music to inspire us!

We’re Going On a Treasure Hunt...We’re Not Scared…

Our Wednesday Walkabout turned into a fabulous treasure hunt - even the rain could not stop us from having a fun learning time!

We marched into the wood singing Rain, rain go away as we searched for treasure - and what precious treasure we found - signs of new life wherever we looked! We tackled every obstacle valiantly, whether it was logs blocking our path, water or mud - we showed true LDCS resilience!

On Wednesday, Oliver B asked if we could play netball. We watched Year 5 in their PE lesson and decided we would have a go. We started by passing a ball around a circle of friends and then we sneaked onto the MUGA when it was empty. We had a go at shooting into the net. Miss Hopkinson was amazed at how high we could throw. There is no end to our talents…!


F1 are going to huff and puff and blow your house down!!

F1 has been turned into a zoo to support our new topic about animals. It looks fabulous and the children were so excited to explore it. But the most exciting part was the attached café which sells delicious sandwiches, a selection of cakes and jacket potatoes with various fillings. Come and have a look as one of our children takes your order as another one puts on their chef’s outfit to conjure up the culinary delight! Don’t forget to leave a tip!

Tree-mendous Tuesday was amazing because we had lots of jobs to do. We had to help the Three Little Pigs make their houses and hopefully keep out Mrs Fenton’s Wolf! The pigs had already begun their stick house so we added more sticks to finish the job. But the Wolf blew it down and we had to hurry along the path in the woods to the farmer’s field where we all made a house of straw. But again the Wolf blew it down so we put our thinking caps on and made a house that would be really strong out of stones. This did the trick and the pesky Wolf didn’t stand a chance! He did try to go down the chimney, but Avah-Mae made sure a pan of boiling water was underneath it and he burnt his bottom and ran off, never to be seen again! The story really came alive when the children actually used their senses to support the story by being part of it.

We have other news - all the food in our bird feeders has been eaten by the hungry birds, which we were all really happy about. We were very active too this week - well, there’s nothing new there! We found a fallen log and decided to climb on it. Miss Frisby encouraged the children to find ways to move along it and they used their arms to pull themselves along and then shuffled their bottom along. They were all really eager to have a turn and move themselves right up the log. The children were so brave and determined!

Look at our blog which has lots of posts about what exciting learning has taken place and please leave us a comment so we can share it with the children.

We also have a plea! Can you save any empty plastic washing up bottles for us and clear bubble bath bottles? Like the Radox ones as we are going to be filling the washing up bottles with coloured water to write with and the other bottles are being filled with pasta and rice to make our own musical instruments.


F1 - Muddy Adventure!

Hidden in Merida (our Chatterbox) this week were lots of clues about our new story and none of the children could guess what the story could possibly be! There was a teapot, a little girl called Sophie, a mum and a dad, and a plate of sandwiches that the main character ate. Our children ate all Miss Frisby’s sandwiches too and the plate of buns that were another clue. Finally, there was a tin of Tiger Food and a tiger! The story was The Tiger Who Came to Tea. The children loved listening to the story and could tell Miss Frisby all the things the tiger had eaten.

Tree-mendous Tuesday was yet again a muddy affair but we didn’t care because we were on a mission to feed the birds with the cheerio bird feeders we had made. Although Annabelle had her own mission - picking up lots of stones and mud and putting them all in the pocket of her lovely pink coat!!! She had so much fun exploring and transporting the objects she had found! 

Miss Frisby’s phonics group have been learning the ‘ck’ digraph and they have been writing it in different words. It’s been quite exciting, as it is the first digraph we have met, and we do feel very grown up that we are using it in different words!

In Caterpillar Music, we visited China and we were able to tell Ali lots of things that we had already learnt. We did another dragon dance with a Jack Parry dragon head and we even did some Kung Fu! Daisy also broke into a Chinese Fortune Cookie to discover our fortune - the prediction said: “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet!” How apt!

Mrs Fenton has been busy making a very exciting role play area for next half term to support our topic of ‘animals’. We can’t tell you anything just yet, but it will blow you away when you see it after the holidays!!


F1 - Facing the Elements - Nothing Stops Us!

What a cold a muddy Tree-mendous Tuesday this week! But that didn’t stop us because we like facing the elements and we wrapped up warm in our hats and gloves and off we went. When we arrived on the Yellow Brick Road, after stamping on every mole hill we could find, we stopped and Mrs Fenton positioned us in a line of pairs. We talked about what we had been learning about last week and Avah-Mae reminded everyone that is was The Chinese New Year and our friends remembered that it was the Year of the Rooster. Although we did make rooster biscuits on Friday, by the time they went home some of our friends had a different idea of what they were. ‘A chicken’ said Rylee and ‘a cockroach’ said Dylan! The Year of the Cockroach doesn’t have quite the same ring to it!

Dragons are of course legendary animals, but they are important to Chinese people who think of dragons as helpful, friendly creatures. They are linked to good luck, long life and wisdom. They are nothing like the fierce, fire-breathing Western dragons that carry off princesses and eat people. We had made a dragon’s head in nursery and Mrs Fenton had brought it into the woods with us so we could do the dragon dance like we had seen on YouTube. The children were covered in a parachute so that they looked like the body of the dragon. It was so much fun especially when the parachute was wafted up and down, much to our children’s delight!

After all that fun we went off for a rest, a biscuit and a drink. Thanks to our parents that have donated biscuits for our Tree-mendous Tuesday snack.

We had one last job to do and it involved numbers which we are getting really good at recognising now. We made them with play dough in the week and now we had to make them with sticks! Zuzanna made a number 4 and Poppy a number 5. Then it was back to the unit to get a lovely, warm drink of hot chocolate!

Next week we are going to be making more bird feeders but with a difference! Stay tuned to find out what they look like!


F1 - Chinese New Year!

This week, we have been learning about the Chinese New Year, finding out about what happens when it is this time of year and the traditions that follow in China. In Merida, our chatterbox, there were lots of different clues to help us work out what we could be learning about. There was some traditional Chinese clothing that Sophie tried on, a rice bowl, some chopsticks and lots of food. Halle saw the egg fried rice and knew the food was Chinese. We got to eat lots of it and our friends were really adventurous, especially Theo and Jack who both loved it! On Friday we are making rooster biscuits because it’s the Year of the Rooster. They will only be shaped like a rooster, but the taste will be delicious, so don’t worry!

In numeracy we have been looking at numbers on a number a line and Miss Frisby and Mrs Fenton hung their clean (!) socks on the line and we had to count them and find the number to match. We have also used Numicon in our maths in another fun way. One of our friends had a Numicon shape taped onto their back and their friends on the carpet had to count the circles (some of our friends could recognise the shape without even counting!) When our friend turned around they looked at their friends on the carpet, who were holding the correct amount of fingers in the air, and they had to say the number and then check the shape to see if it was right! We have some clever children in F1!

Phonics is amazing and the children in Miss Frisby and Mrs P’s group are working on a new sound each week and they are applying it in their Tree-mendous Tuesday books and in their independent writing. Avah-Mae and Evie labelled the food on the plate with the initial sounds all by themselves! They even got to splat a sound with a fly splatter which is huge fun and stir the alphabet soup and pick out a sound, say it and match it on Miss Frisby’s board. Mrs Fenton’s group concentrated on voice sounds as well as recognising and writing their name.

What a busy week but that’s F1 for you!


F1 - Muddy Adventure Fun!

This week we have been learning about shapes in numeracy. Miss Frisby’s group looked at 3D shapes and we had lots of discussions about our shapes. Did it have a curved face, corners or straight edges? Each child had a shape and had to talk about it using these new words. We also matched our 2D shapes to the ones Miss Frisby had drawn and we were very good at talking about their properties. Mrs Fenton’s group have been looking at 2D shapes and drawing them and looking at things that are special about them. We even made shapes out of sticks in the woods.

In literacy, Mrs Fenton’s group have been singing lots of nursery rhymes and Beat Baby was really helpful at introducing the characters from the songs. Our friends are getting excellent at singing them; Dakota’s mummy sent a video of her singing Twinkle Twinkle and we all watched it with delight, on the white board. I think she could be on The X Factor!

Miss Frisby’s group have been reading Handa’s Surprise; Merida (our chatterbox) introduced lots of objects from the story and we had to guess what the story could be. There was an elephant, a zebra, a goat and Kayden said that that was in our story - The Three Billy Goats Gruff. You’re right Kayden! I love how you make links with your learning! But we also had fruit which was a bit different to the ones we eat at snack time - a mango and a pineapple, but there was also banana and we eat them every week! By the time you read this, we will have tasted them! Yummy!

Tree-mendous Tuesday was a mud fest - a bit like Glastonbury but instead of live bands we had Daisy and Zuzanna singing for us! I think they could be on the Pyramid Stage! Lots of our friends did get really muddy but no one cared and they carried on with their adventure! I think lots of washing machines were whizzing around in Langold on Tuesday night! Annalise’s mummy blogged that hers was! Sophia in F2’s mummy had donated a hosepipe and Mrs Fenton hooked it up to the outside tap and washed all our wellies. She wasn’t very careful and splashed the children too! Another fun experience!!

Lots of our mummies blogged that our friends fell to sleep early that night and I bet there were lots of muddy filled dreams!

F1 - Rising to the Challenge!

Our new F1s rose to the Foundation challenge! What a fabulous week we have had meeting all our new F1 friends! We have had 14 in total and already they have become immersed in F1 life! On Monday, our new afternoon children were introduced to our Suretots programme and loved climbing on the apparatus, bouncing on the trampoline and balancing on the beam. Esmee was really good at moving her body to our favourite song (well Miss Frisby’s really!) ‘Tumbletots are great!’ Lucie was able to copy simple repeated rhythms using the tap sticks, which is really tricky! On Tuesday, we ventured into the woods, but before we even got there we had to dodge all the mole hills on the school field. Err stop Miss Frisby! Did you say dodge? As if we would ever dodge a great pile of soil! We are F1 explorers and so we all decided to walk through them, jump on them and generally have a jolly good time getting our lovely new, sparkly wellies very muddy. Annabelle loved them! All the children passed the F1 ‘get as muddy as you can’ test! In the woods we found a big log, but of course it wasn’t a boring old log. No! We decided it was a car and had to take it in turns to sit on it. Zac was in his element and off he went to the shops! Miss Frisby gave him some money and told him to buy her some biscuits, which he thought was hilarious! Miss Frisby thought she heard the Gruffalo in the distance and Isabella told her all about him and what he looked like as well as the Big Bad Mouse. It’s a good job we knew what to expect and were prepared if we met him! Saphia spotted an arrow on the tree and we were all intrigued as to where it would lead! Jordii made lovely music by hitting two stones together and Annalise was really impressed! Dakota was interested in the worm which Logan found, but wasn’t brave enough to hold it- I’ll give her a couple of weeks and she will! Wednesday was Caterpillar Music- are you exhausted yet?! We looked at our picture that we are studying for art. It’s called The Banquet and it’s painted by a man called Sir James Dromgole Linton - we did lots of activities around the theme. We made our own courtyard and danced inside it using silk scarves. Mykala really enjoyed using the boxes to make the courtyard and Theo was amazing at spinning round to the music. At the end, we had lots of instruments to play and George liked the shakers but Tommy was more interested in the Maracas. Finally, the bubble machine was switched on and Mitchell liked watching them float through the air, but Daisy was more interested in popping them! What a wonderful week, F1 - all the F1 newbies have settled in beautifully. My big F2s have also made me so proud because they looked after their new friends, showed them the right thing to do and were very patient and kind, but I never doubted they would be for a minute! We can’t wait for next week!

F2 - Open for Business and Wind Parties!

Need a hair cut, hair styling, grooming, beard trim? Look no further, the F2 Hair and Beauty Salon is now booking appointments—drop-ins also available! On Tuesday, F2 were treated to a hairdressing master class from Mrs Mallaby, proficiently supported by her glamorous apprentice, Mrs P. The children were totally engaged in the demonstration. Mrs Mallaby demonstrated how to massage a client’s scalp - Henry could recommend the treatment! Mrs Mallaby then trimmed and curled Miss Hopkinson’s hair, explaining the different techniques, step by step, and using lots of new vocabulary as she worked. The children were fascinated by all the different techniques and equipment. Of course, every exclusive and elegant salon has the appointment phone constantly ringing - the F2 salon was no exception! Mr Hays rang to book his weekly grooming appointment for a beard trim. The children were enthralled as Mrs Mallaby used the shears to trim his beard. The children asked many intelligent questions. The whole role-play generated lots of beautiful language. The children were making their own connections throughout. When Miss Hopkinson had her hair in curlers, Oliver B thought she looked liked the Queen (in the BFG); Henry thought that the spikey curlers were “like a stegosaurus.” The children also discussed and decided how much the clients should be charged. They agreed that Dexter’s estimation of £4 for Mr Hay’s beard trim and Hayden’s estimation of £10 for Miss Hopkinson’s cut and blow dry, were a fair price. Both clients left very satisfied customers, they were even given a cup of tea to enhance their experience in the F2 Salon! Why not share a role play activity at home with your child? It is such a powerful tool to help your children develop their language, imagination, artistic skills, understanding of the world and social and communication skills. The children in F2 have certainly tried to transfer what they learnt from Mrs Mallaby, in the Hairdressing Salon area - all the children become totally engrossed the moment they set foot in the Salon! If this were not enough, our F2 coiffeurs turned into scientists on Walkabout Wednesday when they investigated the wind! Dressed in lab coats, we all set off for the field. The wind was so strong that we thought that it would be fantastic to make a kite! Whilst Miss Hopkinson and Mrs P were busy making it, our box of resources blew away! We ended up with a strip of paper to hold in the wind - we learnt so much just from watching the paper dance: the way the wind changed direction and the strength of the wind. We loved being out in it! Ethan’s description of a ‘wind party’ was spot on!

F1 -  Amazing Experience at Perlethorpe

What an amazing experience we had on our trip to Perlethorpe Education Centre where we learnt about the Christmas story and made Christmas crafts. When we arrived, we ate our fruit and drank our milk to prepare us for the adventure that was about to unfold in which we were to be the stars of the show!

Evie was chosen to be the donkey and had to lead Mary (Poppy) and Joseph (Jacob) to Bethlehem where they had to be   counted. It took us weeks to get to Bethlehem and on the way we encountered some grumpy Roman soldiers (Dylan and Kayden) who made us pay our taxes and say our names. If we forgot to say our names, they got very cross!

We needed to find somewhere for Mary and Joseph to stay because her baby was due to be born, but every inn was full. Eventually, we met a very grumpy inn keeper who let us stay in the stable that was at the back of his inn. There were lots of animals in there too and that is where baby Jesus was born. Shepherds and Kings came to visit bearing gifts, which was very kind and F1, who were dressed as the characters, even sang a song from their Nativity ‘Whoops–A-Daisy-Angel’.

 We had a fabulous time and the children were great at saying their lines. Keith the education officer was so funny and kept all the children and adults thoroughly engaged and entertained. After all our hard work, we headed back to have lunch. In the afternoon, we made Christmas crafts out of pine cones and we used our creative juices to transform them into Christmas trees, snowmen and even fairies. We are so talented!

Thank you to all our helpers who were enthusiastic and eager to be involved.  Miss Frisby will write your name down for the next trip!

In other news, we had a very muddylicious Tree-mendous Tuesday when we got mud on our wellies, trousers and tights and even on Dylan’s hands as he fell in it! We loved squelching in all the muddy puddles and then attempting to clean (not very well!) our boots in the long grass and puddles. We also had a job to do which was to collect foliage, to make a leaf wreath. We are such busy bees and the fun isn’t over as we still have two Christmas parties to attend and a bird feeder to make. We will be ready for a holiday!

F1 -  We Are So Proud…!

I can’t even put into words how proud I was of each and every one of our children in Foundation. It was a huge achievement for them, not only to sit facing you in their costumes, but to sing and act too. They are only 3, 4 and 5 years old and they showed such courage and talent. There have been so many stand out moments throughout this process that has made me super proud to be a teacher in Foundation. Then there is you and your generosity in donating raffle prizes, buying tickets and coming to support. You really are fabulous! The Foundation team may have all gained a few grey hairs in the few weeks leading up to the performances, but everyone is worth it! I must also give a big shout out to Mrs P and Mrs Fenton who decorated our tree in the hall. They did a great job, I’m sure you’ll agree!

In other news, F1 have shown so many amazing light bulb moments in their learning this week. I don’t know how their brain managed it with all the Nativity words and songs they had to learn! There have been baubles in the water and the children have been catching them in a sieve and then counting them and finding the digit to match. They have been shouting me over to share what they have done and of course they insisted that I took a photo! There has also been lots of imaginative play in the mud kitchen where Jack made me some soup and Annalise made a cup of tea. They are great chefs! Logan, Sophie and Lexi-Jay found a ball outside that was covered in ice which sparked lots of lovely conversation about Jack Frost, who they had met the week before on Tree-mendous Tuesday. Everything we do in nursery contains a stimulus for discussion, questioning and theorising. We never stop reacting to our environment and learning from it. What a fabulous way to learn!

F1 -  Letter from the North Pole!

F1 received an amazing surprise this week when Miss Frisby showed them a letter that was addressed to them.                 Lexi-Jay said that it had a stamp on it and you know what? It had come all the way from the North Pole! Miss Frisby opened it and it was only from Mr Clause himself! We couldn’t believe it! He said that it was snowy where he lived and the elves had been really busy making and wrapping all their toys. In response to this comment, Miss Frisby was bombarded with lots of little voices shouting out, ‘I’ve been good!’ Let’s hope so! He also asked us to leave some carrots or apples out for the reindeers that have a very strenuous job of pulling the sleigh through the night sky. I’m sure you will all remember!

Santa asked us to write our Christmas lists so he knew what we would like. There were lots of suggestions including some requests for bikes, dolls and a couple of Doggy doo games! Lovely!

This week’s job is to write our lists and send them in the post box in Langold to reach Santa in plenty of time!

Our continuous provision has a very Christmassy theme but we had challenges too, because Miss Frisby likes to make us work! In the water we had to fish for Christmas baubles, count them and match the amount to a numeral that was also hidden in the glittery water! The home corner was a very Christmassy place to live with a little tree, stockings and lots of costumes to dress up in. Freya loved the star costume and Joshua and Aurora dressed as Santa. In the shed was a Santa’s grotto complete with presents that were only pretend, but I wonder if they remain intact, empty or not - something all wrapped up is far too tempting to ignore!

The children also used their cutting skills to cut out lots of delights from the Christmas catalogue and stick them in a stocking but they had to put their name on too, or how else would Santa know which house to visit in Langold!

Tree-mendous Tuesday was a delicious frosty affair and our children were able to mark make in the sparkle that Jack Frost had left behind! I do hope we get some snow before we break up so we can make footprints and snow angels for everyone to see! Keep your fingers crossed!


F1 -  Dough Disco

Dough Disco is a fun activity which combines the use of play dough with a series of hand and finger exercises designed to improve fine muscle control. The movements develop children’s fine and gross motor dexterity, hand eye coordination and self-esteem.

The children all had a piece of pink sparkly play dough, that Miss Frisby had made, that smelt of strawberries and we all joined in with Shonette Bason Wood to do the dough disco! Take a look at the link and join in with the fun!

In other news, we have had two very successful parent Numeracy Workshops where a parent or carer made a numeracy activity with their child and Mrs Fenton and myself showed them different ways to use them at home to consolidate and extend their child’s learning. Thank you for all those who attended!

Tree-mendous Tuesday was a muddy and puddle-filled child heaven! I know the saying is ‘as happy as pigs in mud’ but our children were ecstatic as they stood in the muddiest puddles ever and then in even bigger rain water filled puddles to wash their wellies! We also met a huge slug that a lot of our friends were keen to hold! Also, we spotted lots of fairy houses on the trees. We think the fairies had moved in for winter. However, when we knocked on the doors no one answered, but Miss Frisby did see one fly up to the top of the tree! I don’t think they felt like having visitors that day - maybe they hadn’t cleaned up!

Look on the blog to see our super phonics, fabulous maths, delicious baking and our energetic, sponsored obstacle challenge. Another action-packed week in F1!

F1 - Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge?

This week we have been reading the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff which is another traditional tale. Miss Frisby took the masks of the Troll and the Three Billy Goats into the woods and we acted it out because there was a little bridge which was perfect for Kayden Troll in the morning, and Avah-Mae Troll in the afternoon, to hide under! The Three Billy Goats walked over the bridge and were stopped by our menacing Troll growling, Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge?’ Each goat told the Troll to wait for their brothers because their brothers were much bigger, but Annalise and Jacob Big Billy Goat weren’t scared and lowered their horns and butted the Troll into the water and that was the end of him! The children were fabulous at retelling the story and used different voices for each character. I think we have a few West End actors in the making!

Mrs Bacon left her mat next to a tree in the Secret Garden and had to go back for it. When she hurried back to meet us she said that she had felt little eyes were watching her in the Secret Garden. One of our friends thought it could be the Troll, but Mrs  Bacon said that she wasn’t scared and it was a nice feeling, so off we went to investigate! We walked very slowly into the woods to see if we could see who or what had been watching Mrs Bacon. On the bridge we saw it, a little stone like creature called a Rocky and he wanted to be friends with one of our children. Lexi-Jay decided that she would be his friend! The other children began searching for more because they all wanted one to take home to be their friend! They were hiding in piles of leaves behind rocks and even in trees! Some had two eyes and Halle’s had one big eye. Jayden’s had eyelashes and was very beautiful, but he decided that he wanted a boy one so Avah-Mae said she would love to look after the girl Rocky and put it carefully in her pocket! Delilah named hers after herself! What a fabulous idea! Maya named hers Rainbow and Emily called hers Mummy! They were all tucked in pockets, hidden in gloved hands and were taken home to cherish. I wonder if you will see any Rockys’ next time you are in the woods!

Well done to our Reading Olympians who received their gold medals. We are so proud of you and everyone who shares books with you at home. Miss Frisby read an article which said, ‘Reading is the most powerful gift we can give a child: it puts stardust in their imaginations, the tingle of possibility in their minds and the knowledge of facts in their brains!’ Our children have  fabulous imaginations because they have shared lots of books; it fuels their story telling and develops their language! You area amazing!

In numeracy we have been comparing numbers by building towers of bricks and sticking them on the number line to see which is bigger. We know that a number that is bigger is further along our number line. Annalise, Sophie and Maiya decided to make up their own game, ‘Give me a number’ Sophie who was dressed as Elsa asked Annalise (also dressed as Elsa) to give her different numbers that she shouted out! Maiya also joined in but without the fancy dress. They worked cooperatively until they had recognised all their numbers to 10, and fingers and Numicon were used to support their learning. Miss Frisby was so impressed! I wonder what new game they will make up next week!


F2 -  Skills Galore!

F2 have shown some fantastic skills in so many areas of the curriculum this week…

In gymnastics, they worked on their balance, posture and poise as they tackled the apparatus obstacle course; some parts were quite daunting for some of our children, but all of them faced their fears, and with a little encouragement from Emma and their teachers, they completed the course! They even attempted it sideways on! Miss Hopkinson said that F2 were showing some of the skills that Year6/6A had used at Kingswood - she is so proud of F2’s efforts! Our gymnasts are certainly gaining in confidence and are making very good progress. Emma was delighted with their attempts this week.

In phonics and literacy, some of the children have excelled this week. Sofia produced some beautiful writing, spelling all her words correctly without any help - she blew Mr Pullin’s socks off!!!

In numeracy, George worked out that if you weighed a 10 Numicon on one side of the weighing scales and a 1 Numicon on the other side you could make the scales balance by adding a 9 Numicon to the 1 Numicon. You are definitely making links in your learning George!!! I think we have a mathematician in the making! Weighing, comparing and using mathematical language has been based around the balance scales this week. Why not do some weighing at home with your children and see if they can predict  whether something is going to be heavier or lighter or the same weight as something else? Charlie B has been having a splashing  time getting to grips with capacity. Learning is so much fun!!!

Throughout the unit the children have been engaged in lots of different activities. Their artistic skills have been on display as they made their fireworks pictures; the pictures brighten up our unit - we have our very own fireworks display on our washing line! The dark Bear’s Cave has proved very popular - using torches the children have been reading stories to each other or acting out role play.

Ms Ahmed and Miss Hopkinson have been assessing the children’s reading this week and they have been impressed with the progress that some of our children are making. Reading or sharing a book with your child every day helps so much, not just with their reading but with their language, understanding, imagination and problem solving. Please share a book with your child and engage in the magic!


F1 - Making links in our learning...

This week in F1, we have engaged in so much fun learning, as always! We are reading the story of The Three Little Pigs and Miss Frisby made our friends guess the story by revealing a series of clues from her bag. There was a brick, some straw and sticks - would you have guessed the story?  Then appeared three little pigs and a scary wolf! Poppy guessed it as soon as the little pig came out! We have learnt that a traditional tale often starts with the phrase ‘Once upon a time,’ and ends with, ‘and they all lived happily ever after’, well all except for Mr Wolf! Ask our friends what happened to him!

There were lots of other activities out in the unit for us to engage with. We had to paint a picture of one of The Three Little Pigs and Lexi-Jay painted a fabulous one and then she went over to the white board and drew all of the characters from the story. Her Mummy wrote on the blog that when she got home she also drew all the characters. I think she must have loved the story! Avah-Mae and Poppy also drew the characters and Poppy’s Three Little Pigs were at a BBQ!

The whole story was represented in our Small World area. Kayden took his time and built the brick house and Miss Frisby could hear Esmae saying, ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!’ as she held on to the character of the wolf. We also had pictures to sequence from the story. They had to be cut out first, which is a skill in itself, and then stuck down in the right order. Finally we had to re-tell the story to Miss Frisby. All our friends were eager to have a go. We do love glue and scissors in F1!

We really enjoyed the Egg Drop Science Day, although F1 did it a day earlier in the woods. We talked about how we could protect our eggs from cracking. Jack said it would crack on stones and Freya told us that if you fell on stones that it hurts your knees and Poppy added that they were hard and that’s why the egg would crack. They were right and as one of our friends dropped it onto the stones we watched in delight as it cracked! But we needed to protect it! Oh no! We thought about it again and earlier we had been lying in the leaves and Kayden said that when he fell on the leaves they protected him so we decided to make a bed of leaves to drop our egg into. We thought it would be like a bird’s nest. This was a great idea and the egg sank into the leaves and it was protected. How fabulous are we at making links with our learning and making predictions?

We are amazing scientists! What’s our next challenge?

Read our blog to see all the other fabulous experiences we have had to ignite our learning! 

F1 - Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo...

This week, we had a truly Tree-mendous Tuesday in the woods because Miss Frisby and Mrs Fenton had an extra surprise in store! But before we even left the school grounds, we ran up the little hill near the trees in the big play ground and kicked the leaves. Then we collected huge handfuls and on the count of three we all threw them in the air! Oh what fun it was!

We walked along the ‘yellow brick road’ but it wasn’t yellow anymore as Avah-Mae pointed out as it was covered in leaves! There were green ones as well as yellow, red and orange ones too; they were even falling on our heads as we walked along! Annalise pointed out that they were falling on Sophie’s head! Esmae and Freya picked up twigs with leaves attached and counted how many they had on each and then Esmae pulled them off and said that there was zero.

We walked out of the wood near the Lake and Jack told me that there was a park near here. Sophie saw the skate board park and said that her brothers went there! There was a really steep hill and Mrs Fenton and Miss Frisby showed our friends how to walk down it carefully but when we got to the bottom we let our little legs run really fast and we had huge smiles on our faces when we reached the bottom! We went to Andy’s Café and we were treated to some delicious hot buttered toast by Yvonne, the owner. How lovely and kind! It was delicious and we then had to sing happy birthday to Miss Frisby and Mrs Bacon who have both celebrated birthdays this week.

In phonics, we have been following the Halloween theme by making a special broth of different letters. We had to wear our witch’s hat and say the magic spell:


Let’s make some alphabet stew.

Choose a letter from the pot and make the sound you’ve got.


Miss Frisby was very impressed with how confident we were at recognising all our sounds.  Look at our blogs and comment on all the learning that has been happening in F1.


F1 - Happy Autumn Days

This week autumn has come to F1 and we have been looking at what happens in this season. We talked about how the days are shorter and it gets darker earlier. Halle said that it is dark when she wakes up! The children learnt lots of songs relating to      autumn like ‘The leaves are falling down’ and The Little Hedgehog song’Ask them if they can sing you one! We walked into the woods for our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure and the weather was certainly a lot colder than it has been! However, our children ran along the paths in the woods eagerly pointing out things they had discovered, so they soon warmed up; the hot chocolate on their return to school soon made them forget their little cold noses! In the wood this week we found a huge den made of branches and we thought maybe the Woodland Trust had been in there creating the masterpiece. We contributed by adding a few sticks!

We collected lots of leaves and told Miss Frisby which one was small, medium and large because we needed to fit in our   numeracy lesson whilst we were there! Then we collected lots of leaves in many beautiful, autumnal colours to make a collage of a hedgehog, who now sits proudly on our nursery wall. What fun we had working together to make our little hedgehog which we called Harry.

Caterpillar Music was also autumn themed. The children loved making the autumn leaves jump on the parachute as they listened to Vivaldi’s Autumn, from his Four Seasons work. They also leaned lots of interesting facts about autumn and how some animals get ready to hibernate in winter. They were fascinated by the spikey chestnut cases and conkers. Of course, everyone loved expressing themselves with the musical instruments and moving to the different tunes!

In phonics, Miss Frisby was very proud of her group who have been working on the sounds ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’ and ‘p’. They had to listen for the initial sounds of some objects that Miss Frisby had on a tray and then match the object to the initial sound on the cards. Then Miss Frisby gave all the children a fly swatter, much to their delight, and when she said a sound they had to splat the correct sound on the card!  We have been writing the initial sounds using chalk, our magic pens as well as writing with our elbows and our bottoms! Then we had a go at writing the sounds on our white boards. Miss Frisby was super proud, especially of Jacob, who talked to his pen as he was writing so his pen knew where to go!

F1 - Action-Packed and Smothered in Fun!

This week has been action packed in nursery, full of learning and smothered in fun! We have demonstrated lots of amazing moments in phonics with Miss Frisby, where we have been learning new sounds. Not only are we listening for initial sounds and identifying what they look like, but we are able to write them! Mrs Fenton’s group have been sound making in front of a mirror (which they loved!) to see how their lips moved; if their teeth and lips touched, or if their tongues popped out!                                                                                

In maths Esmae, Maiya and Avah-Mae have been independently matching the Numicon shapes to the correct digits without Miss Frisby asking them to do it. You are fabulous!                 

On Fridays we have started to bake because not only is it fun (and tasty!) but we need to use lots of skills to ensure we are successful. We have to use maths to carefully count out the amounts of different ingredients and use the scales to ensure the measurements are correct. We even know what 100 looks like because we needed 100g of cornflakes in our cornflake cake  recipe.  There are always lots of new words that we have to learn and Kayden wanted to know how butter is made so Miss  Frisby put a little video on the whiteboard to find out. We love discovering new things! We have to use our listening ears to make sure we put the right ingredients in the bowl when Mrs P tells us! Then, of course, we get to take our ‘Bake Off’ signature challenges home! On Friday, Freya also had her scooter to go home on. Her Mummy commented on the blog that Freya didn’t know whether to go on her scooter or eat her bun because obviously this is a difficult choice as they are both amazing things to do! In the end she compromised and had a scoot, stopped, had a bite of her bun and then another scoot! I like your style Freya!Suretots was fabulous this week; we are getting very confident on the apparatus and are using our arms to help us balance. We sing lots of action songs and use tap sticks to tap along to regular rhythms and beats. Miss Frisby especially loves the action song ‘Tumbletots are great'.

Last, but definitely not least, we had our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure! This week autumn has certainly arrived and the leaves on the trees have turned lots of different colours. There were even horse chestnuts covering the woodland floor. They looked like tiny hedgehogs and many of our friends held one in their hands although Henri said, ‘It’s hurting my fingers!’ and Jack said, ‘It’s spiky!’ Delilah wasn’t too sure, but her finger edged towards the one Mrs Bacon was holding and she finally dug deep and found the confidence to hold it. She was super proud and so were we! We named it Hammie Hedgehog after her pet hamster! We all had a footprint cut out of card, with a sticky strip down the middle; we collected lots of natural objects to stick on it and tried to find as many colours as we could. What a busy day!

Our friends are only 3 and 4 years old but they manage to really engage in so many learning opportunities and are growing into learners for life! You are the best!


F1 -  What’s New…?

This week we have been very busy in F1.” What’s new?” I hear you cry! We had a very artistic Tree-mendous Tuesday where we walked into the woods and did some bark rubbing, but first we felt lots of trees to see which one we wanted to get a print from. Poppy felt one and told everyone it was ‘bumpy’ and Avah-Mae felt a ‘smooth’ one. However, before we even got to that part, there were a million other things that we observed and talked about. Lexi-Jay saw a spider in a web, Esmae stood in the mud which she thought was fabulous and Kayden was very interested in the school gardeners who had come on their big lawn mower to mow the school field. They also had a ‘pick-up truck’ which he proudly pointed out to everyone! But what was the burning question? It was, ‘Why is the man wearing headphones?’ (ear defenders). Kayden thought he could be listening to music, but we think that they were to protect his ears from the loud noise. Well, everyone was happy with that and off we went again!

There was also a lot of discussion about rabbits! Jack has a pet rabbit called Sparkles, Sophie has a pink one and Annalise told us the whole story of Peter Rabbit and Mr McGregor. She also sang the song! Talking of singing, Alaina sang Twinkle, Twinkle... to us, Jacob crooned Humpty Dumpty and Avah-Mae sang anything for the whole three hour duration! That is not an exaggeration! Zuzanna found a nut which she put in her pocket and Gracie-Mai collected anything she could find! We also talked about the blackberries on the bushes and Mrs Fenton said she might make us a crumble! It was quite windy and Dylan said, ‘Look at Halle’s hair’ as her bunches flapped in the wind! Joshua threaded a small leaf through a bigger leaf and made an aeroplane.  You see! I said we had been busy sharing ideas with our friends, observing our environment and making memories! What a lovely way to spend a Tuesday!

On Wednesday it was our European Day of languages and we decided to go to Italy. We got on the plane (in our imagination!) and arrived in a very warm Italy. We looked at what shape the country was; it looked like a boot! We also examined the Italian flag and named the colours. We learnt how to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in Italian and sang a very authentic Ring a ring o’roses.(Giro giro tondo). Then we made a Pizza Margherita with delicious fresh basil and mozzarella.  We had lots of amazing chefs and many more food tasters! Rylee, Jack, Freya and Logan came back for thirds! Buonissimo!

F1 - Exploring the World Together

It was a very wet Tree-mendous Tuesday but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits! We are an all-weather F1 group and we take rain in our stride. In fact, we love the rain because it means we can find lots of puddles to walk through and in the afternoon we found a huge one. Everyone walked through it and some went back for seconds - didn’t they Henri? Kayden put his hood up and he exclaimed, I’m all snuggled up!’ He certainly looked as snug as a bug in a rug! We noticed that our environment is starting to change as autumn is creeping in. Lexi-Jay pointed to the leaves which had started to turn red and Poppy noticed that some were changing to a yellow colour. Sophie looked at the floor and said it was ‘mucky’ which it certainly was as the rain had started to turn our path into mud which Rylee found out when he took a little tumble and had muddy hands much to his horror!

Miss Frisby decided that we would use our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure as an opportunity to use our listening ears to see what we could hear in the woods (if we managed to be quiet enough for two seconds to listen, which is almost impossible when there is so much to see and talk about!) Halle heard lots of birds, Annalise, Rylee and Dylan heard an aeroplane, Avah-Mae heard the rain and Kayden heard the other children! Mrs Fenton stamped her feet to make a loud noise which    Logan thought was funny! Freya found an acorn and so did Evie. We love to collect things in the wood. Zuzanna collected sticks and Joshua and Gracie-Mai collected stones. Some of them were quite big and she stuffed them in her pockets. I hope you check her coat before you wash it, Mummy! Maiya, Sophie, Esmae, Joshua and Henri spotted a slug which was huge and we all had to take a closer look. Evie, Poppy and Daisy picked the dandelion clocks and blew off all their seeds. I hope they made a wish! Lexi-Jay and Delilah were happily chatting away and Lexi-Jay excitedly told me that she had seen Delilah in the King Billy pub which is very exciting news! Delilah was also happy about that and she was eager to tell Mrs Bacon about her hamster, Hammie! Halle talked about her pet dog, Marvin, who used to be naughty but isn’t anymore! The conversations they have with each other are fabulous and they are learning to listen to what others are saying and respond to them too. We learn so many life skills in the woods and it’s not just about exploring! Inside the woods the rain wasn’t too bad. Avah-Mae said it was because the leaves stop the rain. So we put our mat down, sat on it and had a drink and a party ring biscuit, kindly donated by Mrs Bacon. Yummy! Halle said it was half past seven! I don’t know where the times goes so it was time to head back and lots of singing was heard through the woods as a children sang Rain, rain go away’, ‘1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive,’ and ‘I hear thunder. Do you think that is why it rained harder?! We got back to school for our fruit and hot chocolate and Poppy said, ‘When I get home, I’m going to take all my clothes off and put my PJs on!’ What a super idea, Poppy!

Why don’t you look at our blog to see all the fun learning we have been having in F1? Please leave a comment.



F1 - Tree-mendous Tuesday Adventures

It’s like Mother Nature knew it was our last Tree-mendous Tuesday of this year and she brought Mr Sunshine out to celebrate and ensure our day was super special. All the children had shiny little faces due to the copious amounts of sun cream that had been smothered all over them in preparation for the scorching heat and their heads were crowned in summer hats and caps. But we weren’t in the sun for long before we made it into our second home and the trees were, there as always, to protect us from the sun’s glare.

Lots of our favourite memories were shared during our walk. Hayden and Dylan sang the Bear Hunt and accompanied our chatter about our favourite Tree-mendous Tuesday adventures. Avah-Mae talked about making Gruffalo heads out of clay and Darcie remembered using sticks for his purple prickles.  George reminisced about the pitter patter of the heavy rain on our  parachute that protected us from the elements; Ollie talked about eating a biscuit ‘with all his friends’ on the hay bales that the farmer had kindly left out for us to take a rest on! Lexi liked making the bird feeders ready for the hungry birds to feed on, Sofia loved the toast at the café and Olivia talked about running down (and up) the hill! Charlie M’s favourite adventure involved mini beast hunting which is no surprise because he is our very own Dr. Doolittle and today he reinforced this by delicately holding a worm and later on in the adventure a snail! I know the mini beasts of Langold woods will miss your chatter as you ambled along their habitat stopping to say hello!

Today was filled with a new experience as we sat on our special Tree-mendous Tuesday mats in the shade and Mrs Fenton  produced hot dog sausages in bread rolls with red sauce, accompanied by juice and then we set up our tee-pee and sat inside to eat a biscuit. We had talked about the different types of butterflies before we left school and looked at a huge identification mat so we knew the types we were likely to find. We saw lots of Marbled Whites and Ringlets. In fact they followed us along as we walked through the meadows making sure we were happy and then they would fly away in the sky to look for their friends. This year has been so amazing and the children have gained so much confidence from their Tree-mendous Tuesday explorations, as well as learning lots of new vocabulary. We have been physical by running through the woods and climbing logs, we have used our socialisation and communication skills sharing conversations and experiences with our friends and our imaginations have come to life as we dreamed of monsters, dragons and trolls that were obviously behind every tree and in every stream. We used our problem solving skills to cross little streams, climb logs, build animal habitats and fairy houses and we learnt to be kind to each other, living creatures and our environment. We have learnt so many life lessons to carry with us throughout our lives!

I hope these amazing experiences stay with you when you are big and grown up and you’ll never lose your sense of awe and wonder.

Good luck next year to our big nursery children. We know you’ll be amazing in F2 and to our smaller children, we will see you on the same Tree-mendous day next term!

Big hugs, Miss Frisby, Mrs Fenton, Mrs P and Mrs Bacon x


F1 - Aston Springs Farm Trip

Last week we visited Aston Springs Farm on our final trip. It linked in with what we love in F1 which is exploring the outdoors and facing new challenges.

Pond dipping is something that we have never done before so we were all up for the challenge and what a fabulous time we had! We used our fishing nets and dipped them into the water with the help of Miss Frisby, Mrs Fenton and Mrs P and when we took our nets out we had lots of creepy crawlies in them. We emptied them into a plastic ice cream tub, that you kindly  supplied, and identified what was in there using an identification sheet.  We found tadpoles, some smooth newts and even some water boatmen. The children were amazed by what they could see and Sofia found the biggest tadpole which made her day! They were all so engrossed and captivated by what they put into their tubs. They showed their friends and then put them back in their home to swim away.

We all got creative and went to the pottery studio and met Sarah, who helped us make our very own clay animal. We had to roll out our clay and use leaves to make patterns in it. We then cut out a square and made an animal of our choice. Ava made a pig and there was a donkey, too. What animals can you recognise? Go on the blog for a closer look.

We got to meet all the animals on the farm including the donkeys, chickens, goats, sheep and pigs. We even got to feed them and Kate, one of the friendly members of staff, was on hand to tell us lots of interesting facts about them all. Ask me and see what I can remember?

Some of our friends got to hold a chicken and I'm sure the chickens loved the cuddles! The goats were eager to meet us all and were very greedy and tried to eat all our food! One of them nearly ate Stephen's hat! The piglets were so cute and ran up to the fence to say hello, although Charlie B and Kayden K liked the Daddy pig the best. Oink oink.

Thank you to all 22 helpers that came along to support us and ensure that things ran smoothly. Also, thank you to all the staff at Aston Springs Farm who were so kind and went out of their way to make it so enjoyable. And finally , I have to mention our F1 children who were fabulous and well behaved. They took so much from this experience and made many more F1 memories to store in their amazing brains!


F1 - Tree-mendous Transition!

Our F1s were fabulous when they spent the day in their new F2 classes. Miss Frisby, Mrs Fenton and Mrs P have been noticing that they were getting F2 ready in their work and their general attitude to learning and you could often hear, ‘You are F2 ready’ echoing through Foundation. So much so that Lexi-Jay was adamant that she was going and she has another year to spend with us in F1. I’m not giving you up yet, Lexi-Jay!

The children met their new teachers and they either had Miss Hopkinson, who is the Giraffe teacher or Ms Amed, who is our Zebra teacher. Then the fun began! They showed off their skills by writing their names and drawing a picture of themselves and then they went to explore the continuous provision. Henry was so excited to play with the cranes, Ava loved the beach hut, Ethan, Dexter and Lola were dressed as pirates and Sofia, Brooke, Eadah and pretty much everyone else went and played in the ice cream shop! Miss Frisby was only passing and must have eaten about ten delicious ice creams! They have to walk past the ice cream parlour in F1 when they go to the toilets and always stare longingly at it and say ‘I am looking with my eyes!’ Well now you have actually been there and touched it with your hands!

They also got to have a gymnastic session with Emma. How grown up is that?! Although they are fabulous in Suretots and have now progressed to the huge apparatus, the gymnastic moves were something they loved! Ollie L did a demonstration for his Mummy and Lexi’s Mummy blogged that Lexi told her about naughty toes and good toes and showed her a star shape and some balancing skills, but Jake was a bit disappointed that he couldn’t do the teddy bear role like his sister, Summer, who is in Year 1! It won’t be long Jake!

They all had another delicious dinner that Eadah really enjoyed, even though Stephen isn’t keen on custard! Then they went into the big playground and Ollie L was amazed that there was a wood in our playground. He told his Mum that it was ‘crazy!’ Lots more fun was had - just look at the blog to see how busy they were. Then it was time to go back to F1 and get ready for home. Miss Frisby did miss you so much but she knows that you are going to be amazing in F2 and she and Mrs Fenton are always available for cuddles. Plus, you have Mrs P with you now for four days! Stephen’s Mummy blogged that he fell asleep within two minutes on the car journey home and Nicole fell asleep at the kitchen table. It’s hard work being at school all day, but you loved it!


F1 - We’re going On A Bear Hunt...

We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re going to catch a big one… Well that was our intention when we went into the woods on our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure this week. There was lots of thick oozy mud (it is a tradition for Langold Woods!) We couldn’t go over it and we couldn’t go under it and usually we go around it but not today! The F1s know the story too well so we had ‘to go through it!’ Squelch squerch’ they exclaimed as they made their way through the sticky mud!  They were so excited and about 52 of them (oh yeah, that’s all of them!) pretended to get stuck and there was much hilarity pulling each other out. A few children maybe pulled a bit too hard (they have strong muscles from trying all our fruit at snack time), we had a couple of casualties with muddy hands but they wiped the mud on their coats (!) and off they went again! There wasn’t a clean child insight which is just the way we like it on a Tuesday. We saw the deep cold river but we didn’t go through this because it looked a little bit too deep so we made the noises instead and pretended! ‘Splash splosh!’ We also saw a fallen log and the children decided if they wanted to go over, under or around it. Most of our dare devils wanted to go over it and scaled it effortlessly. Many of them decided to stand on it and jump off landing safely on the other side. You are great at taking calculated risks and doing what you feel confident doing and also attempting it safely. I am really proud of how far you have all come, the way you face a challenge and take it on with     confidence showing how proud you are, of your achievement, by the smile on you face! But you’ll never guess what? We saw a shiny wet nose, two big furry ears and two big googly eyes… it was Sofia’s bear!!! And off they all ran screaming but came straight back for a drink of juice and a chocolate finger! A bear doesn’t put us off our snack and we let the bear share it too!

There aren’t many more Tree-mendous Tuesdays left so we talked about the different memories we had from Fairy house building to bark rubbing and hanging homemade bird feeders.  We have had the most amazing times and Miss Frisby has something up her sleeve for the last one. There will be more photos on the blog. Please comment because it makes Miss Frisby’s day!

We would like to say a huge well done to all our F1s who are going into F2 in September. They have had their transition lunch this week and amazed Miss Frisby, Mrs Fenton, Miss Hopkinson, Mrs P and Mrs Bacon by eating lots of their dinner and trying a little bit if they weren’t too keen. They used their knives and forks to cut their food which is quite a skill when you are 3 or 4 years old. They were kind to each other and polite. We will be sad to see you go but watching you all eating your dinner, I am happy to let you go because you are F2 ready!!


F1 - Worm Vue

This week we had an exciting delivery to Foundation, it was our very own worm vue. Well you know how we love mini beasts in F1! This will give us the opportunity to have an even closer look at worms, although Sofia, Charlie M and Destiny-Marie pick up our wiggly friends on many occasions to say hello! They don’t need a worm vue!

Mrs Fenton set up the worm vue with the help of her friends and put layers of soil and sand inside because when the worms wiggle about we can see them mix up the soil and sand. But we had no worms! What good is a worm vue if you have no worms to view?! Well, Miss Frisby already had a master plan and of course it involved a Tree-mendous Tuesday exploration because we are good at these! In fact, in the holidays, Dylan’s Mum told us on the blog that on the Tuesday Dylan really missed his  Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure. I wonder what you are all going to do in the six weeks holidays? Maybe we need a Tree-mendous Tuesday holiday club!

So off we set with a rucksack full of trowels and a container to put our new friends in, on the short journey back from the woods. Then they would be put in their new worm vue home so we can observe them.

Some of our friends suggested using sticks to dig the soil with too. What a good idea! We love sticks and have found them so useful this year to build fairy houses, to use as a pencil to write in the mud and as a body to hold our clay Gruffalo head. Who needs expensive toys?

Did you know...?

Þ Worms are soil magicians, turning rotten food waste, leaves, twigs, grasses and other decaying earth matter into rich soil (referred to as earthworm castings). They do this by eating, then secreting.

Þ Earthworms have five hearts.

Þ Worms have no lungs or noses. Oxygen from the air or water is taken through their moist skin.

Þ An earthworm can grow new parts.

We went into the woods- climbing over fallen trees as we went. We also nipped into the farmer’s field to see how his rapeseed crop was getting on and do you know what? It was bigger than us! We had to put our hands in the air so we could be seen!

We got to work digging for worms with our trowel and Myles put his foot on it like it was a big spade. Rylee J told us he liked the ‘muddy mud’ as he pointed to his mud covered legs! Amie said ‘we will find 5 worms, no 10 worms, no lots of worms!’  Daisy made up her own song about wiggly worms and muddy sticks. How wonderful, Daisy!

So another Tree-mendous Tuesday filled with adventure and we have some new friends living with us. I wonder what next week will bring? Miss Frisby has her thinking cap on so don’t worry, it will be as Tree-mendous as ever!


F1 - The Call of the Wild - Den Building!

What a fabulous den building day we had! It might have been very muddy and the rain may have fallen out of the sky a couple of times but it didn't dampen our spirits; I don't think anything could do that on our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventures! Mrs Fenton, Miss Frisby, Mrs Bacon and Mrs P all had big rucksacks filled with supplies and resources to help build our tents and feed us up when our demanding job was done. But first, before we could even pick up a stick and blanket to make our den, we had to walk through hundreds of very muddy puddles which we absolutely loved! In fact Daisy went back through the same puddle about ten times! Then we had to pick up and investigate millions of mini beasts that had come out to support us on our strenuous den building job. Of course Charlie M was in the bushes hunting the mini beasts and so was Destiny, but we didn't have to look too far because lots of worms were wiggling around our feet. Sofia picked one up and had a good look and Jacob and George were equally fascinated by a big black slug that had decided to sit on our tarpaulin.

After all this exploring we were ready to build our dens. Mrs P, Mrs Fenton and Mrs Bacon thought they were Bear Grylls as they got stuck in, with the help of the children, they used the string to support the tents and Lexi-Jay was pegging away. She must have put about five in one space but it's all good support for our fine motor skills.

Mrs Fenton was showing off making a tepee for her friends, but Charlie B couldn't wait and stood under the frame before the blanket was even on! Mrs P's den was massive and was supported by two trees and ran along the whole width of the path. Everyone helped and when it was secure they put the tarpaulin underneath to sit on. Mrs Bacon's was a 'snug' design and the children helped her tie string to the trees and then peg the blanket up. They all looked very snug like bugs on a rug! Of course Miss Frisby was the foreman making sure everyone was working hard!

Then it was time for refreshments of biscuits, crisps and a drink of juice which went down a treat! We talked about why we were making the dens and raising money for Save the Children and where some of the money would be spent - helping children who aren't as lucky as us. Thank you for all your donations of yummy food and resources for our tent building. It was a huge success and another day filled making Langolden memories to treasure forever!



F1 - Our Fairy Friends!

You will never guess what happened this week in nursery. Well I shall tell you! Miss Frisby emailed the Queen of all fairies called Queen Kate and asked her if one of her fairies would like to move in to our Foundation Unit. Queen Kate said one of her fairy friends would love to and she sent us a magic door and a small magic key. Our fairy is called Trixie. The key was so tiny that we could barely see it. Off we went on a mission to find our door and it was outside. ‘It’s here!’ screamed Amie!! We had to leave the keys by the door and also promise to abide by some rules. One of them is not to touch the fairy door because some of the magic is lost if we do. Also do not block the door because Trixie will not be able to get in and out. When the key is gone, we know that she has arrived.  From then on Trixie will keep the key with her at all times.

Do you know fairies can eat human food and they like raisins but they can’t eat cheese puffs because it turns them orange?

· Fairies are good at blowing away bad dreams.

· Fairies have a mild strawberry scent so if you walk into a room and smell strawberries, they are probably somewhere close by!

· A fairy’s eye colour will change according to the weather.

· Fairies can speak every language in the world.

· Fairies bring good luck wherever they go.

· Fairies experience their humans’ emotions.

· Tooth fairies have to sit 3 exams.

Fairies love shiny things but they don’t like human money and that’s why they give it away.

And above all if you want a fairy to come and live in your home there are 2 simple rules you need to obey:

You must love your fairy

You must believe in your fairy.

We all agreed to everything and are now waiting for her to arrive.

In the meantime we took to the woods on a very sunny Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure to make some fairy houses in the woods because Queen Kate said lots of fairies are looking for homes. Those fairies will be spoilt for choice because our houses are deluxe with grass roofs, stick walls, bark doors and acorn beds with leaf bedding. Miss Frisby is tempted to reserve one for herself.

So if you go into the woods be careful where you tread and remember if you feel like someone is watching you, they probably are!

F1 - A Walk by the Lake

What a fabulous day we had at Langold Lake! The sun was shining, the wildlife was out and Mrs Bacon brought us lots of treats! But we did work really hard for them. We must have walked a hundred miles around the Lake and I'm sure there were some very tired little legs that night!

As we walked along, we looked up and there wasn't a cloud in the blue sky and we had hats and sun cream on and we were ready to spend time with Mr Sunshine, we couldn't have picked a better day! We walked across the school field and into the wood that was still a little bit muddy and onto the lovely stone path. Brooke and Olivia collected moss from the woods but it got cold in Brooke's hand so she threw it on the floor! As we carried on walking we could smell the strong scent of the wild garlic. I wonder if we should try it in our mud kitchen recipes!

Then we were at the entrance to the Lake and our adventure really began! Eadah spotted a duck with a purple face and soon lots of other ducks and swans came to say hello but they soon got fed up with us because we had no food for them (but we had plenty of food for ourselves!) The swans had a baby with them. See if you can find out what they are called.

We had a talk, before we walked around the Lake, about the dangers of water and how important it is to stay away from the edge. And all our children were fabulous because it is so different to being in the woods when the children have more freedom to explore. They listened and kept to the boundaries. Miss Frisby heard Memphis say, 'My Mummy said the water is very deep' as he kept his partner safe away from the water.  I wouldn't want to go in the water anyway because Isaiah said there were sharks in there. Other children said they saw sea monsters and crocodiles. We even saw a pirate ship and Brooke said that the piece of grass in the middle of the Lake was an island! Oh how vivid imaginations are! Wouldn't you love to live in the world of a three or four year old where anything is possible?

As well as the birds singing in the trees, the ducks quacking and the geese honking, Ava and Hayden were singing, 'There's a worm at the bottom of the garden' and Poppy and Nanny Val were crooning, 'Five little Ducks' what lovely sounds were all around.

We had many pit stops to re-fuel because walking around the Lake is hard work you know! Mrs Bacon supplied ice pops which were very refreshing in the heat of the sun and she also brought some delicious sandwiches. Later on we had another stop for a biscuit and another for an apple and a drink. Our energy levels were soon back to normal and we were able to run after the huge bubbles that Mrs P and Mrs Bacon were producing from the massive bubble wands Mrs Bacon had secretly stashed in her rucksack! The children spotted a baby frog which Mrs P picked up so we had a closer look and then released and Isaac said it had gone back to its Mummy and Daddy.

We are so lucky to live near such a fabulous environment where we can explore the wildlife and surroundings.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped on our adventure. We really appreciate you!

I wonder how we can top this adventure... don't worry Miss Frisby has her thinking cap on!



F1 - Exploring our F1 World

Early learning is about exploration and F1 are masters at it!

Exploration in the environment, exploring a process, exploring new tools, exploring different ideas and exploring new concepts.

I have been looking back on everything we have got up to this half term and exploration is definitely something that our children have been doing lots of. We have been observing caterpillars turning into butterflies. We had five chrysalises on Wednesday morning and by Wednesday afternoon we had two butterflies! We have been planting seeds and seeing them grow. I know that Ava’s beanstalk is huge because her Daddy told me and I have seen photos of lots of others in our friends’ homes.  We also have been examining mini beasts in the woods. In Tree-mendous Tuesday this week Mrs Fenton shook a tree to see what fell out! There were  insects galore!

We are interested in what children learn and that is important but how they learn is even more important if they are to become learners for life in today’s society.

Exploration is the path towards building new ideas, problem solving, communicating,  thinking, and it gets the children invested into the process in a way that is more meaningful to them.

That is why the development of our outside area is so important. It is looking amazing! The fence has been painted by some of our daddies; we have sourced tyres from a local garage and they have been filled with: sand and the Small World farm animals,   a variety of herbs so the children can explore using their senses. We are aiming to put a bowl with water inside another one because our F1s love transporting water. The flower beds have been dug and plants, that have kindly been donated, have been planted by the children so they can develop an understanding of growth, decay and change over time.  Maybe a few of the flowers have been picked, but they do look so pretty! We just explain that once they are picked, they won’t be able to grow. You see there are lots of lessons being learnt! We are going to plant some vegetables, too so the children will be able to eat what they have grown and it will hopefully encourage some children to try things they haven’t tried before.

Children learn through their experiences and with all the open ended experiences that F1 are exposed to daily, I’m sure you’ll agree that there is a whole lot of learning occurring in F1!



F2 - Amazing Things Are Happening!

What an exciting week this has been for F2. We have packed in so much fun-learning  and  our children have  amazed all the teachers with the progress they have been making! Some of our readers have jumped several levels! Others have produced some beautiful written work, whilst some of our children have created lovely models which they have been able to describe in great detail. On Thursday we discussed mini beast habitats and decided to make Bug Hotels. We examined the ones we have in the quad, made a list of the materials we thought we would need and then went off to the woods to collect as much as we could.  We took all the materials back to the unit - some of us worked inside  whilst Elliott (the project manager) and his team, Ella-Mai, Seren and Ben set to making a 5* Des Res Bug Hotel in our Foundation garden. They did a fantastic job - architects,  planners, designers, much talent!

When we came to school on Monday, we found that our butterflies had hatched - we released them during the week; we are looking out for them in our garden, we’re sure they will be back.

Meanwhile, on our Talk Station, our tadpoles are growing bigger by the day and slowly transforming into froglets. Lente is writing a daily report on the subtle changes she can see in the tadpoles. Her Frog Diary is coming on beautifully and all her diary-writing is independent - our own David Attenborough!

In gymnastics Emma has been so impressed with the progress the F2 children are making - some children are VERY close to receiving their level 8 Proficiency Badge and Certificate.Wow!

Caterpillar Music was so much fun, packed with learning about all the “eccentric  things we do in May”: Maypole dancing, Morris dancing, Hanky Dance, rolling a truckle of cheese, Stick dance, Apple Jack Day and Well Dressing. We love finding out about our cultural heritage!

It’s all happening in F2! Watch this space...


F1 — Facing The Elements With A Smile!

As Kayden walked outside the Unit in his wellies he was singing, 'Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day!' But he didn't really mean it and neither did any of the other children. We LOVED the rain and all the new experiences it provided because we have never experienced heavy rain the whole time we have been doing Tree-mendous Tuesday. You just need to see the smiling faces in the photos to understand the joy of being in the rain! Maybe you think we have been unlucky, but we think we were very lucky today to see the rain fall and allow us to splash in huge muddy puddles - Alaina, Gracie-Mai and Miss Frisby loved running through them! George and Esmae put their heads back and caught the rain drops in their mouth and Gracie-Mae put her hand under the guttering to feel the water whoosh through her fingers! We wondered why we weren't getting as wet in the woods and Sophie told us it was because of the trees! You are right, Sophie! The trees protected us from the rain.

The day before was glorious sunshine and Miss Frisby had planned to lay on the ground in the woods and look up at the clouds and see what shapes and patterns we could see. But the only clouds in the sky on Tuesday were big black ones! A quick rethink then! Umm can we still lie on the floor? Yes, with our special mat. Can we still look up to the sky? Yes, but we might get a bit wet! So we took a parachute and made a canopy (our new word) Ask Eadah! And we lay and listened to the rain pitter pattering on to the parachute. And we had a biscuit supplied by Sofia!

I wonder if Mr Sunshine will come and visit us on one of our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventures because Mrs Bacon has ice pops that she bought for today which are now waiting patiently in the freezer for a warmer day. Oh, and we have a new big tee-pee tent that we bought, because Mrs P saw it and knew her F1 friends would love it!

But do you know what? Rain, shine, wind or hail, F1 are ready to face the elements head on with a smile on their face, a hot chocolate in one hand and a marshmallow in the other. It's what memories are made of!


F2 - What a Fantastic Week for Writing!

We are sooooo proud of F2 and the writing that they have produced this week. Miss Hopkinson, Mrs Parker and Ms Clarke have been assessing the children’s writing and they have been so impressed with the progress that the children have made. When Elliot showed Mr Pullin his work Mr Pullin thought it was fantastic! Mrs Parker wants to know what Elliott has been eating that has made him so good at writing. Elliott puts it down to eating Weetabix! I think we will have to buy some for snack time! Miss Hopkinson loved showing F2 parents the super progress made in writing. We have fantastic children in F2!  They were asked to retell the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar in their own words - there were some super sentences - here are a few: The caterpillar transformed into a beautiful butterfly. He nibbled his way out. He had belly ache. He ate a juicy leaf and turned into a butterfly.

Lente wowed us all when she read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar in Dutch! Fantastic, Lente!

Our entomologist, Nic, arrived at school on Monday to discover that the  cocoon he had found the previous week had hatched over the weekend. Unfortunately, the bug that had emerged had died. The children were fascinated to see what had emerged from the cocoon and we all tried to think of a reasons why the bug had died: perhaps we should have left some food for it, or maybe we should have put the container in the shade? Can you think of a reason why it may have died? Please let us know what you think. The bug that emerged from the cocoon looked like a small wasp - we haven’t identified it yet, but we will let you know if we do.

We were very excited when we transferred our cocoons to the big net. We can’t wait for our butterflies to hatch!

In numeracy we have been using the stop watch to find out how many things we can do in  one minute - a minute can seem a very long time! We have also been completing lots of different number activities linked to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

In gymnastics we now know two new moves, happy cat and angry cat, which help with our front support. For our back      support we start in a pike position. We love gymnastics and we are making very good progress!! Will we be ready for the Olympics 2028?                                                                                                                                                                                                       


F1 — Making Sense of the World!

In F1 we like to make our learning real and make links between different experiences so that our children can make sense of their world.

We have real caterpillars in the Unit and they are growing fatter by the day. The children know that they will soon form a cocoon and then a butterfly will emerge. Miss Frisby found a lovely activity on the internet where children could experience this by actually being the caterpillar, then wrapping themselves in a blanket to make a cocoon and finally breaking free and becoming a butterfly using scarves as wings. First though, we had to get Mrs P to model the activity... Oh my goodness! She was munching away at the children, much to their delight,  and she did indeed emerge into a beautiful butterfly that flapped around the Unit! The children were soon eager to try the metamorphosis process themselves. Can F1 get any better?

Another Tuesday and another day of fabulous experiences. We went on a mini beast hunt with our magnifying glasses to see what we could find. We lifted up logs to see which insects were hiding underneath. Kaiden W saw an ant and said, 'That's a mini beast!' Ava spotted a spider, Poppy had a ladybird crawling in her hair and lots of our friends picked up worms. But they were very gentle and after they had said hello, they placed them carefully back in their home in the soil. Jayden was shouting at the top of his voice, 'I found it! I found it!', as a worm wiggled away beneath his feet. Alaina found a slug and picked it up for a closer look. Would you be so brave?! Gracie-Mai spied a huge bumble bee that was happily sitting on a flower and she waved goodbye to it as we walked past. We are reading the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' this week and as all our friends settled down to a biscuit and a drink on our lovely new picnic mat, that Mrs Bacon has kindly bought us, Mrs Fenton read us the story. But we weren't  allowed to be lazy. No! We had to help Mrs Fenton count all the food that The Very Hungry Caterpillar had eaten. No wonder she had a tummy ache. On our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure we walked along the path, to where the fallen down tree blocks our path, and our friends are getting so good at finding ways to go over or under it. They don't need any help anymore and assess all the possibilities and then choose the way that suites them best. Miss Frisby, Mrs Bacon and Mrs Fenton commented on how good all our friends are at problem solving. What a fabulous skill you have learnt in F1 to help you all the way through school and in your grown up life too.  What another exciting Tree-mendous Tuesday!


F2 - Metamorphosis and More!

F2 have had a very busy 2 weeks discovering, amongst other things, some scientific wonders of our world around us! Last week we put our literacy and gardening skills to the test. We followed instructions on how to plant a sunflower seed; we have started a Sunflower Blog where we hope to post information on our sunflower’s progress. We will have to use lots of mathematical skills  when we measure and compare. Please visit our blog and see how we get on. Not only have we planted a seed to take home, but yesterday all of F2 planted a sunflower seed in the Sunflower Bed in our Quad. We can’t wait to  see  how our flowers will compare to others planted by the rest of the children in the school. Whilst we were planting the seeds, Nic Parkin, (our eagle-eyed entomologist) spotted and recognised a  black cocoon! Nic and Mrs Parker used the internet to try and find which species it belongs to. Nic thinks that it might be a Sphinx Drupiferamrum, a Large Yellow Underwing or Darapsa Pholus.  Nic made a viewing receptacle  to keep it in, making sure it had holes in the lid to enable it breathe (thank you Mr Tyson for drilling the holes!). We will let you know what hatches out.  Watch this space…

This last week has been very exciting as we have been monitoring our caterpillars - they have been eating lots and growing lots, just like The Very Hungry Caterpillar we have been reading about. Not only have they grown into big fat caterpillars but they have all built a cocoon ready to metamorphosise. If you don’t know the meaning of metamorphosis, just ask our F2 scientists to explain it to you. Jack drew a cocoon in the soil, in the  tough spot, with a caterpillar in it - he certainly understands the meaning of metamorphosis!

In number  we have been trying to solve word problems: If my flower had 5 petals and 2 were blown away, how many petals are left?

In gymnastics we have been working hard towards the level 8 Proficiency Award and Badge -  some of us are getting very good at balancing, forward rolls and jumping and landing like a gymnast - will we see any of F2 in future Olympics? Anyhing is possible!

We travelled back in time, in Caterpillar Music this week, to The Land of the Dinosaurs and The Wild West—Yee Hah! What fun we had!!!

What fun learning is  on the menu for next week?


F1 — Another Prince ...

Oh no! I made a mistake! It's not the end of our fairy tale. Another Prince is living in the Kingdom of Langold and he has also come to the rescue of the children in Foundation and made us an outstanding water feature which will be the catalyst for building concepts, developing language, and promoting social skills.  His name is Prince Chris and he is Lexi’s Daddy. It cost no shiny golden coins because her Grandpa, Prince Paul, donated lots of wood - the finest wood in all the land. This will make our outside provision even more exciting! We are so lucky!! 

Over the holidays the children were set some homework challenges and they certainly rose to the challenge. Our topic this term is Down at the bottom of the garden’. Some of the children made collages of mini beasts. Brooke made a spider and a butterfly, Lexi-Jay also made a butterfly collage, Stephen collaged lots of different mini beasts and Avah-Mae’s model snail was called Bob. They also had to look after their bean plant that we had planted at school. Some of them are enormous and are ready to plant in the garden. I think Memphis and Junie might be able to climb theirs soon! Kaiden was busy writing his name and Sofia, Hayden and Junie were practising their numbers. You will all be so ready for F2!

They also took a tub home (that many of you donated after you had eaten your yummy Chinese takeaway!) But it wasn’t any  ordinary tub. No! It was a story telling tub. Our friends had to fill it with props to help them re-tell a story that they loved, one they had made up or a nursery rhyme. Lexi’s favourite story of all time (that she listens to every night at bedtime!) is The Tiger Who Came to Tea.  She used her props to tell the story (word for word) using lots of different voices. It was mesmerising! Poppy re-told the story of Rapunzel and she had an amazing Rapunzel with very long hair. Sofia told us the story of ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt.’ She used fabulous story language when she re-told it to all her friends.

We would like to say a huge Langold Dyscarr Community School welcome to all our new F1 children who have joined us this week. They have been superstars and have settled in really well to our busy, fun filled nursery life. It’s like we have known them forever. Say hello if you seem them in school.

Tree-mendous Tuesday was really tremendous and we went on an ‘adventure’ as Ava stated, as we set off. Miss Frisby was inspired by Michael Morpurgo and a book she read by him in the holidays called ‘Where my Wellies Take Me’ and she decided that we all would do that. Find out what happened by looking at our blog and leaving a comment.

F1 - Once Upon a Time…

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin...                                                                                                                                         Once upon a time there was a teacher called Miss Frisby who worked in a wonderful school in the Land of Langold. She taught lots of gorgeous children with the help of many wonderful teachers including Mrs Fenton, Miss Hopkinson, Mrs P and Mrs Parker. Her children’s lives were full of exciting learning and they always had a smile on their face. One day Miss Frisby thought: We need something outside to help our children use language to recreate roles and experiences in their play. Something that is really exciting… something that links into our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventures… something truly amazing! Then she had an idea! A mud kitchen! But alas, they cost lots of golden coins and Miss Frisby didn’t know how they would ever save enough to buy the magical kitchen. Then she had an idea! I wonder if we could fund raise with the help of the wonderful Foundation parents in the Kingdom of Langold, maybe then we could reach our goal. So the children put on their wellies and walked hundreds of miles on a sponsored welly walk and they raised enough golden coins to buy one!! Miss Frisby began to look for the perfect kitchen but the search proved very difficult.  But one day, on her walk to the library with the children and some of their lovely parents, a Fairy Godmother appeared. It was Sofia Simpson’s Mum, Tracy, and she said. ‘Don’t worry Miss Frisby, I know someone who will be able to help you, my husband Prince Rob.’ Then our very own resident Fairy Godmother Mrs Bacon said, ‘We have some pallets at home that you could use!’ and her husband Prince Pete chopped them up for us.  Prince Rob did an amazing job and a truly magnificent kitchen was made. It was the finest kitchen in all of the land. And the children had a resource that fed their already active imagination, developed the use of expressive language, helped them explore texture, weight and capacity and supported their mark making. And they all lived happily ever after and were covered in mud!

The end.

Thank you to everyone that made this happen and all your donations of utensils! You are amazing!

We also had an amazing Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure featuring lots of learning like measuring puddles with a stick, making friends with worms, finding treasure, spotting Gruffalo footprints and finding a new path! But you need to go on our blog to find out more and of course leave us a comment!


F1 - Fuelling the Imagination!

Miss Frisby decided that we were going on a Gruffalo hunt today after we spotted a log pile house, last week, belonging to the snake from the story. We took our animal friends with us and decided that we would make a home for them in the woods because we are nice like that! However, Miss Frisby was very shocked to see 21 Gruffalos in the morning and 16 in the afternoon! But don’t worry, they were only Gruffalo heads that we made out of clay and stuck lots of natural resources in to make his features.  The children manipulated the clay until they had it the exact shape of a Gruffalo head and then their creative juices went into over drive!! Darcie-Rai used moss for the prickles, Brooke used a leaf for hair, but Jessica used grass. Reggie put a catkin on the top of his head for hair and Esmae used stones for eyes. They all looked so scary and the children were so engrossed in the activity with many tongues poking out as they concentrated really hard on their master piece! But in typical F1 style, the children’s imagination began to work overtime and Poppy’s turned into a dragon, Dexter’s was Batman and Brooke’s was a  spider! I love the way they think!

We were so good at making homes for our animal friends to live in. We made a log pile house for the snake, an underground house for the fox and a nest for the owl in a tree top. They all looked very cosy in their new homes! We all needed a treat after working so hard and Mrs Bacon treated us to some Easter biscuits. They were yummy and were all different shapes like eggs,  carrots and rabbits. Some of our friends decided that they wanted to sit down on a log but it was a little bit too high to get on so, like last week, we decided to solve the problem.  Dexter said we could use a stool but unfortunately we couldn’t see one in the woods. George said use some steps which was really good thinking but again there were none in the woods. Casey said we needed a high thing and so we looked around and found a smaller log. It did the trick and the children were able to get on the log and were very happy! Sophie B was a little bit worried about getting off but we showed her how and she was so proud of herself and said, ‘I’m a big girl!'

The children were happy to be in the woods today, as they are every week, and they made music by banging on a log with their stick. Sofia was very tuneful and Isaiah pretended he was playing the drums and was a rock star. Kaiden picked up a log and pretended it was a guitar. We could definitely form a band, but I wonder what we could call ourselves? Joshua could be on the microphone with Charlie B because they never stopped singing! I wonder what is in store for our adventure next week. We’ll keep you posted. Look at our blog for more pictures of our exploration and leave us a comment.


F2 - What an Eggceptional Week of Learning and Fun!

We have been very busy in F2 this week! We have been learning all about the Easter story and retelling it to our friends and teachers using pictures - some of us were able to write some super sentences about it, too! In numeracy we took control of our own access to learning. We were all given a maths challenge booklet which we chose when to  complete - we felt very grown-up making the decision when and what to access.

On Tuesday, there was great excitement as an eagle-eyed child spotted a frog in the drain in our playground - everything came to  a halt as Miss Hopkinson and Mrs P took the lid off the drain and then Miss Hopkinson pulled out the frog. The frog was a very handsome specimen! We tried to work out why it was in the drain, how it had got there and where it wanted to go. We stroked the frog and used some lovely adjectives to describe its skin: slimy, squashy, cold, wet, smooth and squelchy. We decided that it ought to be released into the quad pond. Mr Pullin thought that Miss Hopkinson should try to kiss the frog to see if it turned into a prince! Miss Hopkinson wasn’t too sure!!!

In gymnastics we have been working towards our Proficiency Badge and Certificate Level 8; lots of us could tick off some of the challenges.

In Caterpillar Music, we had lots of fun with the Spring theme, bursting back into life! We sang some lovely songs, taught the baby chicks how to fly (with the enormous parachute) . The egg and spoon race was a huge challenge, too! And of course we played our instruments to the Easter Bunny Hop! What a cracking session!

We were very lucky on Wednesday when Miss Ives joined us and helped us make some chocolate Easter nests, yummy! We loved making and decorating our own Easter decorative salt dough eggs. We have some eggcellent artists in F2!

Of course, we never forget to share with our friends and teddies. Last week we had a lovely Teddy Bears’ Picnic - we were able to tell our teddies all about healthy food and how not-so-healthy food is ok, in moderation! We think our teddies were very impressed with all the fresh fruit and sandwiches which were on offer. A BIG thank you to Sarah, our cook, who made lots of delicious sandwiches for all of us and our teddies to share!    


F1 - Life is an Adventure!   

This week we have been learning about spring but we are experts on the different seasons because we actually explore the changes in the environment and talk about what is different when we are out and about on our Tree-mendous Tuesday.

We looked at what happens in spring and we already knew about blossom, buds and catkins appearing on trees because we had seen them all on our travels. We just need to see a few baby lambs next week and we will be happy!

In numeracy we have been learning about shapes and looking at the different properties of different shapes and asking questions like, ‘Why isn’t a square the same as a rectangle if they both have the same number of sides?’ Ask someone in F1 and see if they can tell you! Miss Frisby hid lots of shapes in a box and they peeked out of the top and the children had to say what shape they thought it was and why. Miss Frisby tried to trick the children but they were super at guessing the correct shape.

We had a fabulous time at the library, but walking there and back was an adventure in itself- well it is F1 and life is an adventure! Olivia saw an aeroplane in the sky and told us that she is going on holiday, Lacey talked about her Cinderella dolly and lots of  children proudly pointed out where they lived. George said, ‘I live in Langold.’ We saw lots of building work and a pile of sticks that obviously belonged to one of The Three Little Pigs said Memphis, but that Big Bad Wolf had been up to his tricks again. Miss Frisby was a little bit worried because we had encouraged a couple of our children’s grandmas to come along and you know that the Big Bad Wolf has a thing for grandmas! Well, he did in the story of Little Red Riding Hood. But Olivia and Eden’s grandmas didn’t seem to be worried.

At the library, Sonya the librarian was so happy to see us and she had chosen a lovely book for the morning children called Blue and Bertie. Ask the children to tell you about it. The afternoon children were read a book called Bears Don’t Read.  It is a story that encourages children (and bears!) towards a lifelong love of reading. Then we all chose new books to take home. Myles chose Kipper’s Birthday and Hayden came up to the counter and said, ‘I’ve got a lovely book!’ It was The Little Red Hen, and you’re right Hayden.

We were in fine voice and sang lots of nursery rhymes and were particularly good at the actions. Then it was a slow walk back to the Foundation Unit but Miss Frisby accelerated the pace with the promise of hot chocolate and marshmallows ! What another busy week full of amazing imaginative language.  Thanks to all our helpers! We appreciate all you do!


F1 -  Just A Perfect Tree-mendous Tuesday!   

Another excellent day on our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure. The morning children had to endure a little bit of rain but it only meant the puddles that we were intending to splash in were a lot deeper. However, the afternoon children were treated to sunshine so we could chase each other’s shadows;  Amelia decided to stand on Mrs Bacon’s head (but only the head of her     shadow)! Darcie compared different puddle sizes and she found a bigger one so we splashed in that and then walked through another one to wash our muddy boots; although the children were quite upset that their boots were still a little bit muddy! We loved the mud and the children thought it was hilarious to pretend to get stuck and shout to their friends for help to rescue them. Joshua said the mud was sloppy and Dexter said he didn’t like the sticky mud because he got stuck! Miss Frisby pretended that she couldn’t get out of the puddle and Charlie B thought it would be funny to leave her there! Lexi told us that she heard rain when she was in her Mummy’s bed the night before and she was in there to escape the Grinch! There was so much imaginative language and the children certainly used language to imagine and create experiences in their play. Dexter saw an anaconda in the woods and Sophie B found a snake. It was actually catkins, but what a lovely idea! At one point Mrs Fenton pretended that we were lost. We asked the children for ideas to find our way home and Myles said he would ask Spiderman to help and immediately started shooting webs from his hands. I felt so much safer! Hayden recited the whole of The Bear Hunt story complete with actions and lots of intonation in his language. Oliver found a cross on the floor made with sticks and said, ‘X marks the spot!’ We speculated if there was any treasure hidden underneath it. Perhaps we need to take a metal detector next time to find the treasure! We saw lots of trees that had blown down in the wind but that is too obvious and boring for F1s active imaginations! No, they thought a giant had lifted the tree out of the ground; or Dexter and Ollie said a big bad wolf had done it.

There was a lot of singing in the woods and it wasn’t just the birds! Memphis was singing, ‘Rain, rain go away, come again another day!’ Kaiden pretended a spider was climbing up the tree and sang the nursery rhyme, Incy wincy spider, We all sang ‘Row, row, row your boat’ when we saw a stream. And Amelia sang’ ‘We’re following the leader’ as we walked single file through the squelchy mud! I’m sure our singing made Mr Sunshine come out! Lexi-Jay made up her own song- it goes, ’splish, splash, sploshI’m sure it will be in the top 40 charts on Sunday!

The children were very observant about their environment. Lacey saw some holly and Codey saw some moss on a tree and told his friends that it felt soft. We also saw fungi on a tree and Lacey said we couldn’t eat it. Olivia and Brooke saw raindrops on the fence and caught them on their fingers. Dylan saw the Three Little Pigs house (It was a stack of fence panels but what a super imagination!) and then Charlie M blew it down!

We ate ginger bread biscuits as our snack in the morning and all shouted, Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me. I’m the Gingerbread man!’ I’m sure the Gingerbread Man wasn’t doing much running because our friends bit his legs off first! How rude! The afternoon children had Jaffa cake bars and there were many chocolaty faces, but very happy children!

Another full on day filled with lots of splashing in lots of puddles - what a perfect day!



F1 - What a Half Term!!!

Tree-mendous Tuesday this week could possibly have been the most fun that we have ever had! Mrs Fenton took us on a very muddy walk through the woods and there were a few casualties along the way! Dylan fell in the mud and Junie got very muddy hands but no one was worried because we were having far too much fun!

On the way, Lacey could hear the birds singing in the trees and Memphis joined in singing, ‘Here we go, here we go, here we go!’ I bet the birds were impressed! Ollie could hear some dogs barking and Myles spotted a very big cat and Esmie told us it was black and white. We passed the ‘Top Shop’ and Oliver said, ‘Look! the chocolate shop!’ George said that it also sold milk. That’s always good to know, George, but a shop full of chocolate sounds much more exciting! Eadah counted the puddles - there were lots but Eadah didn’t mind because she is an excellent counter!

We went to Andy’s Café near Langold Lake and they treated us to buttered toast. We are so lucky to have such kind neighbours in Langold. The photos prove just how much we enjoyed eating it and we all had another slice! Sofia’s Mummy treated us to some biscuits for when we walked back to school. I think we deserved them! We ran up the huge hill and all the way down it with the sound of our laughter echoing around Langold. One of our friends was very cautious about walking up the hill so Ryan went to help her. What a lovely thing to do, Ryan!

I’m sure there were some very sleepy children on Tuesday night who went to sleep feeling very happy. I know Miss Frisby, Mrs Fenton and Mrs Bacon couldn’t wait to go to bed!

Thank you to all the parents who commented on our blog. It is so lovely to hear what the children say to you about our wonderful activities and what parts they remember. In their Tree-mendous Tuesday writing books, lots of children were talking about us going to visit Myles’ Nana at the cafe!

This week has been a food themed week because we learnt about the Chinese New Year and tasted some Chinese delights; of course it was also Pancake Day so we obviously had to eat some pancakes with chocolate spread or golden syrup- it would be rude not to! Chocolate spread was the favourite choice and there were many chocolatey faces around to show their appreciation!

On Friday we are having a Rainbow party to celebrate the end of our Colourful topic. Pictures will be on the blog and on next half term’s newsletter.

How can we top the fun we have had this half term? Miss Frisby has some ideas, don’t worry!


F1 - Our Amazing Trip to Perlthorpe

Our school trip to Perlthorpe was amazing! School trips are seen as a powerful and positive teaching tool that help enhance the social, personal and emotional development of all learners. This was certainly evident on Tuesday.

We went on a Traditional Tale Trail and we used our imagination in so many ways and were still buzzing about it the next day! Some of our friends were characters from the story of The Three Little Pigs- have you met Stephen Parrish Pig? He was inside the brick house all smug, laughing at Kaiden Walker Wolf who tried to blow his house down. Mrs P and Miss Frisby were stood next to the house and heard a little voice (Stephen Pig) say ‘Go away!’ He was a very confident little piggy! Lexi-Jay Pig wasn’t so confident because the Big Bad Junie Wolf blew down her stick house! Oh no!

After the wolf ran away having burnt his bottom on the fire, our friends moved along to the bridge over the river and became The Three Billy Goats Gruff. They trip trapped over the bridge and were fearless against the menacing Troll!!

Next they could see Cinderella in her castle but the wicked witch wouldn’t let us get any closer to meet her. How rude!

Lunch at Perlethorpe was another amazing experience for our F1 friends. They had taken their own lunch and were eager to get stuck in as soon as they got off the bus - being on a double decker bus for twenty minutes does make you peckish!

During the second half of the day, we took part in lots of activities in The Church Woods. It was like a second home to us after our adventures on Tree-mendous Tuesdays! F1 love experiences that take us outside away from our traditional classroom and help us improve our independence and teach us lots of new life skills.

We made homes for woodland animals - don’t worry, they were only cuddly toys but we treated them with lots of love and attention and made them super homes. They thought about where the animals would want to live and made sure they were very comfy. It was like a woodland hotel!

The mini beast hunt proved to be exciting and many logs were upturned to see what we could find. We saw worms, a slug, woodlice and even a new mini beast with a name that Hayden invented - it was a ladypede! Be very careful in the woods when you visit with Hayden because you never know what you will find!

We walked along the trail going over, under and through lots of obstacles. Finally we made magic potions using natural        resources like pine cones and leaves. Our magic wands were the finest sticks in the woods. Ask me my magic spell and see what happens to you - if you dare!  Junie made a potion to turn her into a dog; Jake invented a potion to make him fly and Lexi-Jay’s potion turned people into frogs!Eeek!

On the way home there were many tired little people who had such an amazing day filled with magical adventures. Poppy said, ‘Miss Frisby, I have had a really nice day.’ I think that goes for everyone. A big thank you to all our helpers who got involved with all the activities and made our day even more special. The staff at Perlethorpe were also fabulous!

At the end of our day we had our obligatory hot chocolate and huge marshmallows. Delicious!

When’s our next trip?!