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Welcome back everyone! We have had such a fantastic first week back with lots of exciting learning taking place both inside and outside. Welcome to all our new F1s who have settled in lovely and are already getting familiar with our routines. It feels like you have been here forever!

Our F2 new starter assembly was fantastic and Mrs P and I were very proud of you. Thank you to everyone for coming and celebrating your child's new venture.

Our topic is 'Ourselves' and we have had some lovely story boxes already and we have many more waiting to be shared with their new friends. Don't worry if you haven't brought one in yet because we are doing them over the next few weeks so there is no rush.

At home could you practise writing your child's name with them. When they are confident with their first name then practise their surname. Encourage them to hold their pencil correctly and form their letters using the correct formation.

Our trip to Sundown Adventure Land is on Monday 15th September so can you ensure that the form and money are handed in at school.

Next week we are labelling our body and listening for the initial sounds in the words. In numeracy we are counting different objects and then finding the matching number. In topic, Miss Frisby has bought lots of different foods to taste because we are learning about our senses.

It's going to be a fantastic week!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and have a word with us.

Below are lots of photos of our first week.smiley

Look how much fun we had!


Next week we are going to the shops to buy some fruit to taste. We are looking at foods that are healthy and why we need to eat them and we will be visiting Langold shops to buy our fruit  on Tuesday 16th September.

We have been making texture hands today. We talked about what we used our hands for and then we felt different types of materials and talked about what they felt like. One of our friends said the sandpaper was rough and another said the cotton wool was soft. We had lots of fun bursting the bubbles on the bubble wrap!

F2s had their first PE lesson and we talked about why we need to warm up before exercise. We moved around the hall like different animals and then played the hoop game where we had to jump in a coloured hoop when Miss Frisby shouted a certain colour! Tomorrow is gymnastics and it is the first time we have done it so it's going to be lots of fun!

Today we drew around one of our friends and then labelled the body. We thought about the initial sounds in the words and used our robot arms to chop up the whole word.

We also had gymnastics and we went to the zoo! We had to move like different animals. So we slithered likes snakes, stomped like elephants and then walk backwards like crabs. It was lots of fun!smiley

Today we have been learning about 'taste buds' and we have tried different foods. We have talked about whether they were sweet, sour, salty or bitter. The faces they pulled when they tried the lemon was very funny but it was all forgotten when they tried the sweet chocolate! 

Caterpillar Music was so much fun and we did lots of activities linked to our topic. First we talked about emotions and we pulled different faces. Then we introduced our self to the rabbit by singing our name. We had to walk along the coloured buckets and Ali gave us different instructions to follow when we stood on each bucket. It really tested our listening and attention skills! Lastly we played with the musical instruments and experimented with the different sounds that they made. We finished off with the bubbles. What a fabulous session! frown

Ask your child what they enjoyed the most.

Today we carried on looking at our senses and we talked about our sense of smell. Miss Frisby had four cups that contained different things and we had to smell them and guess what was inside. Look at our faces because we didn't like the one that contained raw onions! sad

We have had such a fun day at Sundown! We went around Story Book Village and retold lots of stories. Miss Frisby couldn't blow down the Three Little Pig's house that was made of bricks. sad

Lots of the children went into the prison in the witch's house. But don't worry they managed to escape.

Lollipoppet castle smelt of lovely sweets and we got really wet on the Jolly Pirate Boat Ride. We had lots of fun coming down the fast slides at Crash Landings in door play area and even more fun in the Angry Birds Play Area. Lots of children were so tired that they fell asleep on the bus. I think they will sleep tonight! no

We were learning about lists today and so we wrote one together for our visit to the shop. Miss Frisby said that we were going to buy some fruit because we are thinking about healthy eating. We decided on the fruit that we would buy and wrote our list. We thought about the initial sound of each word and chopped up the rest of the word to hear all the sounds. We also remembered our bullet points. Ask me to show you the action!

We walked past the chemist and we knew that we wouldn't find any fruit inside there although one of our friends told us that you could get medicine if we were poorly!

We are going to eat our fruit tomorrow afternoon. Yummy!

Today we tasted the fruit that we had bought from the local shops. Mrs P and I were super proud because every single one of you tried every piece of fruit. The inside of your body is going to sparkle!
Today we finished looking at our 'all about me' boxes. It was lovely to see what things were special to you and we feel like we know you so much better! smiley

Mr Hardy came in to Foundation today and worked with F1 and F2. We talked about it being 'good to be me.'

We sang lots of songs and had a very good time as we always do with Mr Hardy!

Today in PE we made shapes with our bodies. Can you guess what shapes we are?

Today Miss Frisby and Mrs P set up the water world channelling set. The children had so much fun becoming mini engineers as they experimented and explored the different challenges that were set. They loved rolling the marbles down the pipes. Some children liked to see the marble run down the whole length of the pipes while other children liked to stop it half way.

Marbles were replaced in the afternoon with plastic balls which were just as much fun. Maybe tomorrow we'll have water in it or even toy cars! 

Today we had a GREAT DAY! Ask us about it. Lots of our busy bees buzzed onto the 'great day' flower and the children received a prize. Keep it up and let tomorrow be a GREAT DAY!nono

On Friday it was European Day of Languages and in Foundation we decided to be Italy. We learnt some Italian phrases like 'ciao' for 'hello' and 'arrivederci' for goodbye and we also learnt to count to ten. We tasted mozzarella cheese which some of us weren't too keen to try but quite enjoyed it! Mrs P showed us how to make a cheat ice cream with condensed milk, double cream and raspberry juice (Which was from the raspberries in her garden!) She whisked so hard that she broke Mr P's whisk. sadThe ice cream was delicious and was defiantly a hit! Look on the school website to see what other classes did as part of the day.

This week we have been reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In the small world lots of our friends have been retelling the story using the stick puppets. In the sand we have been making porridge for Goldilocks to eat and in the water lots of porridge was mixed into the water and the children were enjoying spooning it into the large, medium and small bowls. There have been some beautiful pictures painted of all the characters in the story. Miss Frisby and Mrs P really enjoyed looking at them. We have lots of budding artists in our Foundation Unit.

Outside the children had the most  fun mark making in the porridge mixed with water!

Next week we are carrying on our learning using the story of Goldilocks and we will be acting it out on the stage outside and in numeracy we will be looking at one less than.

Yesterday Mrs Bacon came in and helped us make chocolate rice crispie cakes. Every week different children will get an opportunity to make something for their friends. There was lots of mixing and lots of tasting afterwards!
In gymnastics on Tuesday we learnt lots of new skills. We can now put ourselves in different positions like the stretch, pike, tuck, and the straddle. We put the beanbag between our toes and did a 'rocking in pike.' We have lovely gymnast's toes, ask me to show them to you!

On Thursday we made porridge because we wanted to see what Goldilocks loved so much. Some of us weren't sure whether we would like it but with a little bit of syrup on, it went down a treat!

Lots of you have been telling your Mummies and Daddies  that you like it which is good because we know that it is really healthy. Good choice Foundation!

Special mentions was amazing and we were so proud of our children. It is so hard to choose because you are all wonderful and always want to have a 'great day!' Keeping trying hard and it could be you next time! no

Today we had a really fun session in PE. We played lots of games with the parachute and we were especially good at the cat and mouse game. We also linked PE into our story and we moved around the hall like bears and Mrs Frisby shouted different instructions and we had do different actions when she shouted the words. Ask us what we had to do for 'Goldilocks', 'Baby Bear', and 'Mummy Bear.'

We also played an attention and listening game where one of us was blindfolded and another child was chosen to say. 'Who has eaten my porridge' in the voice of Daddy Bear, Baby Bear or Mummy Bear. We were really good at listening!

Our favourite game was about Daddy Bear sleeping in the forest and we had to steal the bells from his back without waking him up!

Mr Tyson came through the hall during the parachute session and had to run under it. We were highly amused!

Our harvest festival was fabulous and we sang beautifully and performed the actions to both songs.

I know that Mummies and Daddies were singing too!sad

Miss Frisby and Mrs P were so proud that they decided to hold a party in the afternoon to celebrate!

Look at all our friends that read at least five times in a week over a four week period!

They all received a certificate and a prize. Reading rocks!

Today we went to St. Luke's church to learn about what happens when someone is baptised. We took our baby doll Fred and some of our friends were the Mummy and the Daddy and we chose two sets of Godparents.

Baby Fred was welcomed into God's family and Rev. Jane put a cross on the baby's head with water from the font.

We learnt a lot and tomorrow we will look at the pictures and talk about what we can remember.

Today we acted out the story of Little Red Riding Hood on the stage in the big playground.

We all retold the story together whilst our friends acted it out. It was fabulous!

The afternoon F1 children went into the woods today for an adventure! They made wolf heads out of clay and used lots of natural resources that they found in the woods to add features to his face.

On Monday morning the F2 children and the F1 morning children will be doing the same. Don't forget your wellies!

We are so proud of our friends that filled their sticker chart and received their bronze award. Stickers are given out for kindness, doing the right thing and being superstar learners. Lots of you are so close to filling your chart! Let's see if you can achieve it before we break up. crying
Another one of our friends received their 'Regular Reader' certificate for reading five times a week over a four week period. Well done!
We have been decorating biscuits with Mrs Bacon. We had lots of fun doing it and they tasted delicious!
More of our friends were awarded writing medals for producing some fantastic work! well done!

Four of our friends received a Reading Stars award for trying hard at reading and reading lots at home.

Keep up the good work!

F1 am children and F2 went into the woods to make their clay wolf heads. We had a lovely time collecting natural resources and walking through the autumn leaves.

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a fantastic holiday. frown

How are you getting on with your home work challenges? I have made a pumpkin lantern with my niece and nephew and I am going to have a go at making the bonfire toffee!

See you on Monday when we will be reading Hansel and Gretel and acting it out in the home corner. I hope you have your character voices ready!

Today we read the story of Hansel and Gretel and you were all super excited to act it out!

In PE we read the story and talked about the different instruments that we could use to represent the different characters. When Miss Frisby mentioned one of the characters one of the children had to play the instrument that illustrated that character. When the wicked stepmother was mentioned, the cymbals were crashed and when Gretel was mentioned, the maracas were shaken.

This week we have lots of superstar writers and learners. We are so proud of you all! frown

We have been busy making gingerbread houses out of boxes and decorating them with sweets. They do look good enough to eat!


We are going to the library on Thursday afternoon so can you send your library books back to us or drop them off at the library on Tuesday afternoon.

Thank you!

Children in Need day was lots of fun and we made superhero cuffs to wear and make us legitimate superheroes!

Lots of awards in F2 this week- writing medals, reading awards and bronze award certificates for superstar learning.

You make Mrs P and I so proud!

We are so proud of all our children who received special mentions this week. Carry on being amazing!

Diary dates:

5th December- Foundation Nativity. There will be two performances and tickets are limited to two per child and a letter will go out this week.

12th December- Christmas Jumper Day

17th December -Foundation stage Christmas party.

18th December – Trip to Brackenhurst.

Next week is going to be action packed in Foundation! We are going into the woods on Monday to see what Christmas items we can find. Dress up warm and wear your wellies please.

On Wednesday it is our Christmas party so wear your party clothes ready for lots of fun activities with Alison and then we will have our party. Any donations of food would be appreciated.

Thursday we go to Brackenhurst and again you will need to dress in warm clothes and put on your wellies because half of the day will be spent outside acting out the Nativity. The other half of the day we will be inside making Christmas crafts.

I hope you've got lots of energy!

We are having our nativity dress rehearsal this week and we are so looking forward to Friday when we can perform it to you. Although most of you know the words and some of the lines already! 'Flicker, flicker, go the flames in the fire!!'
We are so proud of all of you. You were amazing in our nativity. Well done!

Monster Mayhem!!


Next term our topic is 'Monster Mayhem!' We will be reading lots of exciting books about different monsters and we will be going on a monster hunt in the woods in the last week. Don't worry Miss Frisby, Mrs Hall and Mrs P will protect you. The Gruffalo might even invite us for a cup of tea in his cave!

In numeracy we will be counting, ordering and recognising numbers in lots of fun ways. We will also be adding and subtracting numbers and solving number problems. We will also be exploring the characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and using mathematical language to describe them. At home why don't you play peek-a-boo in which you reveal shapes a little at a time and at different angles, asking your child to say what they think the shape is and also what else it could or could not be.


FSU Packing So Much Into A Busy Week!

F1 pm children and F2 had a lovely walk to the library - for our F1 children it was their first visit; they coped really well with the walk— well done everyone! When we got to the library we were able to choose some beautiful books to share at home. The children enjoyed choosing their own book and then listening to Mrs Fenton who read them a lovely story. Thank you to all our helpers, too!  Why not visit the library with your child and spend a magical time sharing a book together?                                           F2 loved their walk in the deep and  very squelchy, muddy wood last week. We took some clay with us and foraged for leaves and twigs which we used to make a Gruffalo head. We also kept a very sharp eye out for the Gruffalo - we spotted a log-pile house, searched the trees for an owl and some of us were sure we spotted the Gruffalo!

We love Dyscarr Wood and getting muddy! 

In gymnastics we have been perfecting our gymnastic shapes - we have some fantastic  gymnasts - champions in the making!   In literacy, we have been writing some amazing sentences and labels all about the Gruffalo.

In numeracy, we have been studying different shapes and using them to make a shape picture.

What  a busy week - we even found a little time to play!                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

What A Monster Party In FSU!