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Sport Premium

Our Sport Premium allocation for the school year 2016-17 is £9,160.


Summary of spending (2015-16):

  • Karate coaching: £7,800
  • Gymnastics coaching: £6,525
  • Total budget: £14,325



As a result of this spending:

  • Karate gives all Y4-6 children the opportunity to develop focus, resilience and skill in a sport that would be hard for them to access otherwise. These attributes all tie in with our Golden Values. The school was also able to submit a team to compete in a karate competition in Sheffield last year which was an extraordinary experience for those who took part.
  • Gymnastics for EYFS-KS2 gives all the children access to skilled teaching that exceeds the level of most primary school teachers and is expensive to access out of school, thus limiting opportunity. Last year, the gymnastics team took part in a local competition against other schools and clubs in the area.
  • Both activities are thoroughly enjoyed by the children and increases their sense of well-being.