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Foundation Stage 1

We had a great time on our trip to a snowy and cold Perlethorpe. The children made Christmas crafts and went on a trip to Bethlehem where they struggled to find a place to stay. Eventually a grumpy innkeeper let Mary and Joseph sleep in his stable and that is where baby Jesus was born.

On Thursday we had our Christmas party and had so much fun playing games and eating party food. We wore our home made party crowns and our gorgeous party outfits. I expect there will be some tired children by Friday evening!










The Christingle was such a lovely experience and the children learnt so much.

We know that:

The orange represents the world.

The red ribbon is a reminder that Jesus died.

The cocktail sticks represent the four seasons.

The candle reminds Christians of Jesus, light of the world.

The sweets or dried fruit represent all of God’s creations.

They were so sensible when we lit them. 



This week we were amazing in our Nativity production! The children looked fabulous and sang and acted their hearts out! Thank you to everyone that came to support and our amazing helpers that sold raffle tickets and helped dress the children in their costumes. We can't thank you enough! Thank you to everyone that came to see it and all the lovely blog comments. You are wonderful!





This week we have been reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood and we acted it out in the woods and sequenced the pictures. We also helped out the hungry birds by making them delicious bird feeders using pine cones smothered in peanut butter and bird seed. We hung them in the woods on our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure. The birds were tweeting excitedly as the saw us putting them on the trees! In numeracy we have used our apple tree and added different amounts of apples. We counted them 1:1 and found the number and Numicon shape to match. We also posted our Christmas lists that we had written to Santa which was very exciting! I do hope Santa has a large sleigh! Next week is our Nativity production and we are superb at singing and the F2s are great actors! We can't wait to share it with you!


This week we have been reading The Gingerbread Man and we acted the story out in the woods. The children are amazing at repeating the refrains from the story. We also made gingerbread men during our baking session on Friday. They looked very yummy!

In numeracy we have been counting out different amounts of children and adding them to our bus. The children sometimes had to take some off when they got off at a the Langold stop!

During phonics we have been using our listening ears and playing a game called Noisy Neighbor where our neighbor (Mrs Fenton) made different sounds behind a screen and woke us up! We weren't impressed with her. We had to identify the sounds she was making like laughing, yawning and stamping her feet. We guessed them all!

Next week we are reading Little Red Riding Hood and acting it out in the woods. I hope we don't see the wolf!



Last week was all about The Three Little Pigs and this week we are reading The Three Billy Goat's Gruff. We are getting so good at repeating the key phrases and using our story voices! Some of them are quite scary! 

We have used masks and costumes to act out the story as well as props in the sand and in the small world. But our children don't really need props as we can hear them in the woods, playground and foundation unit acting out the story with their friends!

We have been  counting 1:1 with pine cones, bean bags and pom poms and have been incorporating fine motor skills too by using tweezers to manipulate them. We have also been accessing gross motor skills activities to develop the muscles in our shoulders so that we are able to hold a pencil correctly. One of our favourites has been sweeping up soapy water in the yard with big sweeping brushes!

We are yoga masters now and enjoy following the instructions from Jamie on Cosmic Kids. We really listen to what she says and copy her moves. Our listening and attention skills are really improving and this was evident when we were discriminating between sounds in our phonics session. We could tell which instrument Miss Frisby and Mrs Fenton were playing behind the screen and we found the same instrument and played it back. Well done everyone!








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Week one has gone so fast and we have had so much fun in our learning. We read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and acted it out in the home corner (which was turned into the Bear's cottage) and outside on our stage area. The children are great at repeating the refrains in the story and we could hear Daddy Bear's voice in various places in the unit!

In numeracy we have been counting objects and seeing if we had the same amount as our friend. We also used water pistols outside to squirt a number that Miss Frisby shouted out.

The children have loved exploring the spooky cave in our shed and the witches hats and the broom sticks were a huge hit. The imaginative play was taken into all areas of the outside area and there were a few witches abandoning their broomsticks for the more traditional mode of transport; the bikes!

We have been working on gross and fine motor skills and many of our children have developed their pencil grasp with the activities that we have provided such as sweeping soapy water in the yard with large brushes, shoveling wet sand with spades and writing on our new blackboard table. Miss Frisby was so proud of the progress and how their muscles have developed!

Tree-mendous Tuesday was a spooky affair as we entered the woods to find witches, pumpkins, ghosts and spiders dangling from the trees. The children recorded their findings on a tally chart and we added them up at the end. We discovered a witches cave complete with her broom stick and hat and she even had a lit pumpkin for us to see! We ate Halloween biscuits and drank black juice! 

Baking Friday was all about pumpkin biscuits and they even had a smiley face on them much to everyone's delight!

I wonder what next week will entail.

Check out the blog to see all the learning that has been taking place.


Autumn 2 in F1!


Traditional tales and Christmas!

Welcome back to another fun filled half term filled with lots of new exciting experiences to ensure our children are motivated to learn. Please remember, our door is always open if you wish to discuss anything with me or Mrs Fenton. You can also email me at:

And don’t forget to visit our class blog as this is updated regularly and we would love it if you commented and told us anything that your child has shared with you at home about school. This will be added to their evidence folder and is a great way for you to show us how you are involved with their learning at home.


Once upon a time…

We are kicking off this half term looking at different traditional tales beginning with Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The home corner will be transformed into the cottage of The Three Bears and there are bear masks so that the children can act out the story with their friends. We will be collaging a Goldilocks to sit on the wall of the home corner so that she can see the bears eating the delicious porridge! We will also be reading The Three Little Pigs, The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff and The Gingerbread Man before we start our Christmas period. We will be joining F2 and producing a Nativity on Tuesday 5th December at 10am for the morning children and 2.00pm for the afternoon children. I hope you will come along and support us. Although I’m sure you wouldn’t miss it for the world!


School Trip

We will be going on our school Nativity trip on Monday 11th December to Perlethorpe. It will be a full day and AM and PM children will go together. We make Christmas crafts and act out the Nativity story and even go to Bethlehem! It’s a lovely way to learn about the Christmas story. Letters will be going out shortly.



Weekend Books

These are an amazing resource we can share with the children about what you have been doing at home. It can be going out for day trips, visiting family or playing at home with siblings; they love to share them with their friends because they love talking about themselves!

It help improve their confidence and communication and language skills so please fill them in and send them to school on Mondays.


Tree-Mendous Tuesdays

Tree-mendous Tuesdays  happens every Tuesday regardless of the weather and the children love all the various adventures we take them on. This half term we will be getting spooky during our first visit as we discover ghosts, witches and pumpkins hanging from the trees! We will eat Halloween biscuits and drink black juice and get a sticker to take home. Then we will be making sparklers from sticks and leaves to celebrate Bonfire Night. Next week we will have to help The Three Little Pigs rebuild their houses as the Nasty wolf has blown them down! Later on in the half term we will be making and hanging bird feeders to help the hungry birds during winter. There will be lots more going on but I won’t spoil the surprise!


Reading at home

Enjoying books and reading stories from a very early age is crucial in your child’s development. It helps with their ability to understand words, use their imagination and develop their speech, as well as being something they really enjoy. So please share a book at least four times a week and fill in their reading diary.



The Little Red Hen

This week we have been reading the story of The Little Red Hen and in our Beat Baby bag were lots of clues such as a lazy dog, a sleepy cat and a noisy duck as well as a windmill and some flour. The children have become experts in repeating the refrains from the story and talking about why the Little Red Hen's friends weren't kind because they wouldn't help her to make the bread.

We went to the allotments on our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure and were lucky enough to find The Little Red Hen who was living in Summer's Grandad's allotment! She even laid some eggs for us. On the way back we saw our friend the smiling horse who always has time to show us his teeth much to our friend's delight!







In our Beat Baby’s bag was different items related to Autumn. There was some conkers, a pumpkin (which the children were really excited about!) and some pinecones. We talked about what happens in Autumn to the leaves on the trees, which animals hibernate and which birds fly to warmer countries. We looked at what clothes we might wear and were excited about celebrations that occur like Bonfire night and Halloween.

In the woods we are collected leaves to make a hedgehog collage. We know that they hibernate in Autumn. We have learnt a lot this week!











Using our senses

This week we have been learning about our senses. We used our sense of smell to decide what items were hidden in the pots. The garlic was very smelly! On Tuesday during our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure we used our sense of touch and sight to look for different natural objects that we could stick on to our colour and texture foot pallet. Wednesday was all about using our ears to listen to instructions in yoga and on Friday was the best day as we used our sense of taste to sample our delicious cakes that we had made in baking!

Visit our blog to see everything we have done this week in more detail.






Autumn 1 newsletter

All about me!

This term in F1 our topic is 'All About Me' and we have been looking at our faces and painting pictures of ourselves and members of our family. Our new friends have brought their 'All about me' bags to share with us so we get to know what they like to do outside of school, who belongs to their family and what their favourite toys are.

This week we have been so busy because not only have we participated in Suretots which happens on a Monday afternoon and a Thursday morning but we have also been on our first Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure where we made faces in the woods out of natural resources. On Wednesday we even did a little bit of yoga which helped our listening and attention skills.

Friday is baking day and we all make a tasty treat to take home although they are usually eaten on the way out of the door!

Look at our F1 blog to see regular updates of what experiences we have been having.